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Insult Translator

Very useful !
Also have a fun "Bad Translator"

But really …you need to practise with real people !


Informal groups of Spaniards and English speaking people meet to converse in each others languages. Also arranged for French and German speakers. Download the info (in English) from Javea Town Hall via the link below.

Hi Tec Help

Portable Global Translators - give up and let a machine do it for you.

Translation software - which speaks (in a UK or American accent)
Personal Translator 14
The intelligent SmartTranslation™ process, up-to-date dictionaries and an optimized user interface make for excellent translation results.
Available now with 7 languages.

Translating web pages and electronic documents:

Note: Quality of the translation depends upon the quality and clarity of the original (Garbage in / Garbage Out) !

It is worth comparing diferent engines e.g. Google with rule based Systran which is used by Babel Fish, AOL, and Yahoo|en|

Google uses its own translation software. Google Translate, like other automatic translation tools, has its limitations. While it can help the reader to understand the general content of a foreign language text, it does not always deliver accurate translations. Some languages produce better results than others. It does not apply grammatical rules, since its algorithms are based on statistical analysis rather than traditional rule-based analysis.

Google Toolbar Translation option

This needs to be activated to work (click on the little Spanner in the Google toolbar / Options / Tools

Babel Fish translation button can be added to the Google Toolbar (didn't work with me!)

FoxLingo Translation toolbar

Gives a huge variety of different translation engines for many languages Also links to dictionaries, translation services and on-line lessons.
But it seems to have a conflict if you use the Google toolbar translator..

Bing Translator

Bing Translator - Microsoft's own

Useful because the translation and original can be viewed side by side.

Convey This
Combines different engines.

Word Reference

For idiomatic use of words and phrases

Writing letters / e-mails:

To be sure you have not made a mess - translate in both directions

Using Google special Translation tools
From here:
- You can upload a document for translating.
- Translated Search - translates a search phrase, checks it out, and translates the results into your language. Clever !
- Toolkit : - For people who translate articles and web pages to/from different languages. You can see both version side by side and can edit the Google translation directly.
- Tools and Resources: Includes code for embedding into your web page and one click translation.


There are many firefox add-ons for different languages:

Spanish Language Specific Google Search
Google search; not country-specific, but language-specific. Spanish language, to be precise. Searching with this plugin only returns
Spanish-language websites for results.

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