Last Council Pleno 2011


Javea commemorates its 400th anniversary as an incorporated Town in 2012

The municipality will also remember the attack and looting by French troops that occurred 200 years ago

Javea. Friday, 30 December 2011. At last night’s regular plenary session, the Javea Town Council agreed to commence the preparation for the celebration in 2012 of two anniversaries of historic nature. In the first place, they will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Javea’s official incorporation as a Town (or Villa), which allowed it to become a differentiated municipality with its very own Town Hall. Philip III was the king who granted this distinction on July 2, 1612. Four hundred years later, the town council believes that it is important to remember "and to commemorate this anniversary with the citizens, to strengthen the pride of belonging and promote our history, which is the key to our cultural heritage and guarantees our identity." In the unanimous agreement reached yesterday in the plenary session, the Department of Culture was commissioned to organize a special programming of events to celebrate this important milestone and hold an extraordinary plenary session on 2 July 2012, which will mark the exact date when Javea received the title of Villa and became an incorporated town 400 years before.

Also approved by unanimous decision was the motion by the Bloc Centristes municipal group to commemorate another episode in local history that occurred 200 years ago during the "French War". The motion refers to the attack to the parish church, convent and private homes on August 28, 1812 by French soldiers, the general looting of the town and the execution of several xabieros, as well as the destruction of the castle of La Fontana, occupied by British troops. The plenum also agreed to prepare a special programming to commemorate the historical event that has passed from generation to generation, almost becoming a legend of sorts after the historical archives were destroyed.

Other agreements

In the last plenary session of the year that began with a minute of silence for the death of father of Councillor Juan Ortolá, other matters were authorized, such as the new general ordinance of urbanisations and the rejection of an application of a real estate group to obtain a license to develop the sector Saladar 1 through administrative silence. Also, on the basis of a report by the Secretary-General, the request logged some weeks ago to change the spokesperson for the Partido Popular was denied, with a warning that such requests should be handled from within the Municipal Group.

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