LED Traffic Lights

New traffic lights to save energy in 46 Valencian municipalities

January 2nd 2009
The Valencian Energy Authority (AVEN) is to provide 46 municipalities with LED traffic lights. These are more highly visible in sunny conditions and consume 80% less energy than traditional ones. They will result in overall savings of 262,000 Euros per year and reduce the carbon footprint by 538 tons. Replacement of the lights will incur a high initial cost to the Town Halls, but will result in long term savings. Twelve towns in Alicante will receive the new lights, including the Alicante, Alcoy, Benidorm and Catral. This project is promoted by AVEN as part of the “Save Energy” programme, which aims to reduce energy consumption in public lighting. The overall project to improve energy efficiency and use of resources includes 36 measures directed at seven sectors: Industry, transport, building, public services, equipment, energy transformation and research in this area. With these measures the equivalent of 63,560 fewer barrels of oil will be consumed by the Comunidad Valenciana per year, which translates into savings of more than 35 million Euros.

From Las Provincias: Nuevos semaphoros de bajo consumo...

LED Traffic light
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