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"Hablemos +" (“Let's Talk +”)

October 30th
This slogan launched an initiative which will create a lot to talk about. This is a project launched by the Department of International Relations, Citizens' Participation and Intercultural Relations of Xàbia Town Hall in order to boost exchanges between mainly English and Castellano speakers.
The aim is to promote integration while enabling participants to improve their standard of English or Spanish through conversation. This initiative is also open to other languages. But one can already see that this pilot project is likely to be a success because it has already been very well received by the English community and students of English at the Official School of Languages of Xàbia.

In fact, as has been suggested by the Councillor for Intercultural relations, Kika Mata, that a hundred English people have already signed up, mostly from the local branch of the University of the Third Age. An association which has more than 900 members in the municipality.

As explained by the Councillor of Citizen Participation, Pepa Chorro, starting next Monday interested people can register by completing an application at the Casa de Cultura, the Centro Social or the Municipal Library. Over a period of two weeks, the Town Hall will collate the applications and bring together the applicants to form exchange pairs. The Town Hall Council will act as moderator between them to ensure their skill levels are compatible, but the students will have total freedom to arrange appointments for their conversations.
Chorro has suggested that "it would be useful if Xàbia bars who would like to get involved with this initiative, give some sort of discount to participants in return for which the establishment would be given a distinctive sign."

This project is part of a group of initiatives which are being launched with the aim of promoting the integration of all citizens, knowing that learning the language is a necessary condition to achieve this. Following this vein, other local initiatives to try and strengthen ties among citizens through the teaching of language are the "Voluntariat pel Valencià" and the course of Castellano for residents, subsidized by the Diptación (Alicante), which has begun this week.

Those interested, should call the Town Hall at 96 579 0500, extension 1205

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Wednesday, 05 November 2008

JÁVEA residents get ready to start talking

“Hablemos +, Lets Talk…“ is a Javea Town Council initiative which will bring together citizens in a language exchange project, an inter- cambio, which is about talking, and lots more. The council will match up pairs of people who would like to practice speaking in another language, starting with Castellano and English.
Hablemos + is part of a series of initiatives in the town aimed at increasing the integration of all citizens and in October a free course of Castellano teaching began in the Municipal Library. The projects are jointly organised by the departments of Intercultural and International Relations and Citizens’ Participation.
Until 14 November anyone interested in taking part in the pilot inter- cambio project can register on forms available in Casa de Cultura, the Library and the Social centre in Javea town. The organising team will then match up people who will meet each week to talk - they will try to match up time availability, level of knowledge, interests etc. The Council are also approaching local cafes and bars to see if they would be interested in offering discounts to participants in this scheme,
If the scheme is over subscribed then forms will be held to the next wave of the scheme and, if the pilot scheme is successful, the Council hope to extend the languages covered and include French, Dutch, German and Valenciano speakers.
For more information about the intercambio telephone Sally Skelton on 96 579 05 00, ext 1205.

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