Suggestions - Town Planning and Environment


List of proposals put forward as of 29/11/2005

TP= Town Planning; Ser = Services; Econ= Economy; Env= Environment; C=Culture; Sports=Sports

1. Construction and management of an Environmental Field Centre (TP)
2. Reclassification of land from “Unprogrammed Urbanisable land” to “Non Urbanisable common land” (TP)
3. Reclassification of Saladar, or the main part of this area. (TP)
4. Ideas for the possible tourist or leisure use of the Saladar area (TP/ Econ)
5. The construction of an open public swimming pool in the land north of the Parador (TP/Ser/Sports/C)
6. The construction of a cross “the Dawn of Spain” on the summit of the Montgó (Env)
7. The construction of a bus station at the other side of the petrol station of the old town (to the south of the Camino Barranquet)(Ser)
8. Creation of a Marine Reserve from the Cabo de San Antonio to the Port of Moraira, prohibiting leisure and commercial fishing. (Env)
9. To use the space in the port for Yacht and commercial leisure boat moorings in place of commercial fishing boats (Econ)
10. The extension of the Canal de la Fontana for more private moorings (TP)
11. The creation and development of an arts and crafts village (TP/Econ)
12. Creation of a transport network, including urbanisations. (Ser)
13. Connection with the piped Natural Gas network. (Ser)
14. Unblocking of the route to the south via Benitachell(Ser)
15. Construction of a bridge at the south end of the Via Augusta which crosses the Canal de la Fontana (Ser)
16. Construction of a network of cycle paths (TP/Ser/Sports)
17. Provision of pedestrian zones in the Port (TP/Ser)
18. Provision of adequate places for local bus-stops (TP/Ser)
19. To make and manage municipal golf course (TP/Sports)
20. The provision of sports grounds for alternative sports: e.g. boules, trinquet, cricket.etc. (TP/Sports)
21. The construction of a municipal auditorium (TP/Culture)
22. Construction of a Classical Theatre (TP/C)
23. More green Zones and public parks (TP/Env)
24. Creation of a Botanic Garden (TP/ Env)
25. A more effective management of the issuing of licenses, the IBI (rates) of new dwellings and of the LRAU
26. There is a very long list from the International Civic Society of Javea which perhaps deserves a specific presentation to the participants of the Agenda 21; although some of the suggestions have been included above.
27. Campaigns of Environmental Education aimed at all the general public. (Ser)
28. The construction of a Composting plant to get rid of green waste (Ser)
29. Accessibility for the disabled in streets and public buildings(Ser)
30. Create the infrastructure necessary so that the purified discharge from the sewage works can be used to irrigate agricultural land, public gardens and golf courses. (Ser)
31. Rubbish containers with adequate location , sufficient quantity and accessibilty, labeled with the type of rubbish for disposal; establish in the PGOU that new developments must include an adequate space for rubbish and recycling containers to avoid them encroaching on the road or sidewalks, or that there is not enough space for them, or that they are over 200m away. (Ser)
32. To fine or sanction all those who do not dispose of rubbish correctly (Ser)
33. Municipal orders to control garden refuse. (Ser)
34. Creation of a voluntary environmental task force (Env/Ser)
35. Remove heavy lorry traffic from urban centres (Ser)
36. To control sound pollution with municipal orders and a sound map of the municipality. (Ser)
37. Correct road signs, road and country lane cleaning and repair. (Ser)
38. Water paper bins in green zones(Env/Ser)
39. Environmental guidelines which regulate green zones, parks and gardens(Env)
40. Creation of “Adopt a roundabout” where garden centres manage and run individual roundabouts (in return for advertising) (Env)
41. Create a “Classroom” for the interpretation (appreciation) of the Montgó natural park(Env)
42. To avoid the Montgó natural park being turned into an ecological island , to respect the migratory corridors (for animals) establish by the PORN (DOGV 8/11/2002) (Env)
43. Protection of all the coastline as a LIC zone (Lugar de Interes Comunitario) or other legal entity. (Env)
44. For the Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio, a permanent patrol to avoid continual incursions into the same. (Env)
45. A plan to revitalise the Agricultural Zones which includes:
1. Workshops of ecological agriculture for the public on a manner which includes a final management of the product.
2. Creation of a cooperative to regulate and exploit ecological products, as well as the creation of a “denominacion de origen”
3. To look for European and regional grants
4. An itinerary of horse-riding, cycling and walking trails.
5. To favour practical training courses which specialise in gardening; the practical work could be carried out in fields ceded through an agreement with the town hall or Conselleria as appropriate (Env)

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