Local police report May 2012


The Javea Local Police augments its fleet with two cars and two motorcycles

The municipal security force has attended over 10,000 cases in 2012

Javea. Tuesday, 29 May 2012.
The Javea Local Police recently added two new minivans and two motorcycles to its fleet of vehicles, an improvement on their resources that will help the agents to offer more effective and efficient service. The two cars have been leased, resulting in a savings of 10% in comparison to purchase, as it includes monthly maintenance, insurance and possible repairs.

According to the Councillor for Public Safety, Juan Ortolá, the fleet of vehicles is especially important to our police due to the wide extension of the municipality (Javea is 68 square kilometers in size), which requires the police to be on the move constantly to be able to give quick response to emergency calls for service. In fact, each police car racks up over 100,000 kilometres per year, making renewal of the vehicles necessary in order to ensure the safety of the officers.
In this regard, Ortolá pointed out that the two cars they have replaced with the newly acquired minivans, will remain in service for the occasional brief trip such as to secretariat or intervention. As for the motorcycles, these will be used to redouble the neighborhood patrols that will put special focus this summer on the Arenal.

At the presentation of the new vehicles, the Councillor took the opportunity to offer a report of the interventions that the local police handled last year, which total 10,000 for 2011. Of these, 37% were administrative, 17% healthcare, 25% related to public safety and 21% related to traffic.
This number of interventions is 10% higher than the previous year, to which other services such as regular patrols and special services related to holiday, sporting or cultural events must also be added.

As for emergencies in 2011, 1,152 incidents were attended through the 112 emergency number for the local police. Of these, 34% were to do with public safety services, 24% to assist health services, 14% to attend accidents, 10% interventions in fires and 4% to assist in rescues.
The Public Safety Councillor congratulated the police for keeping their safety record above the provincial average, despite the hardships of attending a population of 32,000 people - that swells to 200,000 in the summer - with a workforce of 92 officers. In this regard, Ortolá stressed that with proper coordination and close cooperation with the Civil Guard, Javea has been able to reduce its crime index and make it "one of the safest towns in the province."
And to further improve the coordination, Juan Ortolá has advanced that the Municipality will soon sign the "COMDES" agreement with the Regional Government to manage emergencies more effectively.

The Mayor of Javea, Jose Chulvi, congratulated the security forces for providing such good results and emphasized the government's commitment to strengthening the resources available to the police, as safety is an issue of utmost concern to the public, as well as a decisive factor for tourists when choosing their holiday destination.

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