Let's Talk Javea

This English-speaking group is part of Javea's University of the Third age (U3A). Interested U3A members get together to brainstorm ideas and discuss the issues under consideration by the wider Agenda21 process.
Co-ordinator : Tim Ladd

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Notes on the groups' meetings:

November 2008 - on parking, Action plan, moorings and plastic bags.
January 2009 - on the Port, Padron and new municipal projects.
February 2009 on Jute Bags, Hablemos, European funding, and Pedestrianisation
April 2009 on Concerts, the Port, Jute Bags, Welcome pack for newcomers
May 2009 on Jute Bags, Project Management, Sewerage scheme

Update on Jute Bags and Sewerage July 2009
[[| Notes on Otober 2009 Meeting on Urban mobility, sewerage, Padron and Jute bags

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