Let's Talk Javea meeting February 2009

Over some plastic mugs of tinto, LTJ met on Wednesday February 18th to update ourselves as usual on

1. the progress of the 'official' Agenda 21 process, and
2. how we might add new thoughts as a group.

Chris B-J explained how the project to promote the use of jute bags (as a sustainable and more environmentally friendly action) awaited means of funding for a trial run.The latter is now being considered with the involvement of the Javea Rotary.

It was felt that the success of such introductions elsewhere would be emulated in Javea, once the initial spark of interest could be ignited locally.

The eco food movement was slowly gaining ground, especially now as many folk had lost manual employment in the local building industry, due to the financial 'crunch', thus other opportunities were being actively explored.

Contacts were being made to enable a paper to be prepared that summarised the many schemes that had evolved in recent times to obviate any expansion of Javea's Port.The intention is that such a paper would be available for consideration by those Petition Committee MEPs that will receive Javea's Petition against the port expansion that the Alcalde is due to present in Brussels in the near future.

The 'Hablemos' programme for informal two way language conversation groups had got of to a positive start. Some members of LTJ had participated and felt that the format augured well as a basis for more intercultural contact.

The mayor/alcalde has attended a meeting on getting European funding for municipal projects. We recalled the A21 idea that someone should be employed in the Town Hall, or a relevant company contracted on a no-gain no-fee basis, to search out funding and draw upwell drafted project applications etc.

The question was raised about the status of the report due from Sr. Martinez of Elche as to how Javea should move ahead.This issue will be investigated.

A councillor from the PP has been appointed to new post of responsibility for the Arenal. It was hoped that she could make an early start after years of this key tourist area being ignored by succesive local administrations.

Members were urged to read Xabia Al Día to improve their Castellano and knowledge about what was going on in the town. Published as a monthly glossy, XAD has revamped its website that also includes some translations of articles into english, while it is updated regularly throughout each month.

The Casa de Cable. A member who goes there regularly advised that the exhibitions were poorly signed with inadequate labels on the pictures. Such simple improvements would make exhibitions far more attractive and relevant to visitors.

It was noted that the Javea Business and Services Guide produced by the Tourist office was seen to have been useful, but had not been updated for three years.

The concept of a web based Welcome Package for Newcomers as proposed by Cesc Camprubi was thought to be very good and to encouraged.

Discussion on pedestrianisation in the Old Town veered off into opinions on the poor usage to date of the two underground car parks. It was felt that visitors to the Old Town would be encouraged far more were these two car parks to adopt the same daily 'free hours' as those that apply in parking meter zones, especially in respect of the early afternoon. Such a scheme,combined with with the 'parking charge subsidy' tickets that many businesses in the Old Town offer to their clientele, would be an incentive for visitors to both shop and stay on for meals/refreshments in the Old Town.

With agreement that this suggestion and others be raised elsewhere, the meeting closed on a positive and happy note at around 6.15pm!

To enjoy a change of outlook, it was agreed the next meeting of LTJ would be held in the Artisano Bar, with the same timing of 5pm until 6.30pm, for Wednesday 18th March.

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