Let's Talk Javea January 2009

Notes on Meeting January 21st 2009

1. The list of projects as proposed by the Town Hall to be funded by by funds allocated directtly by the central government for economic anti-freeze to municipalities. This list can be found on the wiki site http://agenda21-xabia.wikidot.com/ under State Investment Projects.Among the more noticeable schemes will be the long-awaited roundabouts to replace the traffic lights on the Avenida del Pla /Cabo de La Nao road.The roundabout near the Carrasco was mentioned as requiring further consideration as to its layout. Several street lighting projects are featured. Let's see !
2. This central governmant funding scheme is based on the local population figures as derived from those on the Padrón. We discussed the fact that there are still quite a number of foreigners here that have not registed their names, for one reason or another. The result is that Javea is misssing out on its fair share of funding from this as well as regular annual funds, together with a commensurate level of other services that are also based on Padrón numbers. We agreed to somehow persue this point (and these defaulters!) further! An earlier summary of the issues for both the Padrón and Censo is attached.
3. Chris B-J brought us up to date on her efforts to obtain quotes for an intial suppy of jute bags, with the aim of kick starting this environmentally friendly way of reducing the usage of plastic bags. Originally anticipated for launch pre Easter, this now looks more likely for the summer season.
4. Tim L. explained in outline the issues to be confronted in evaluating the alternatives to expanding the harbour/puerto, the latter being something to which Agenda 21 had expressed their opposition. An outline of the main headings is below

Xàbia/Jávea Puerto…Reflections of Different Aspects or
Caras Distintas en el Espejo

The Issues surrounding the Puerto in Xàbia/ Jávea have become somewhat of a Polemic, to the extent that it becomes difficult to separate facts from the many opinions. The latter depend very much on the standpoint of the individual: - whether as a resident of Duanes, of the municipality, as a large or a small boat Fisherman, as member of the Club Nautico, as a user of one of the public moorings, or as an aspirant to a mooring. Alongside and, in effect, hard to consider apart, there is the Canal del La Fontana and the views of those who have or aspire to a mooring there.
So what do we have at present?

Puerto: -El Generalitat de Valencia, who have devolved to the Club Nautico de Javea until 2016 (?) the concession to manage private moorings.
Public moorings are also available on the Levante (seaward) quay, on application to (?)
Canal de La Fontana: -

Current Situation

Public moorings Puerto 148 + canal ?

Club Nautico moorings ?

Trawlers 12?

Small Boat Fishing Fleet 40?

Fishing Catch ?tons per annum

Dry moorings….At Puerto ?

Slipways I at Puerto + I at ccanal

Expansion of Puerto Potential extra moorings ?
Reorganization of Puerto Public moorings + 171 Club nautico + ? Total
Expansion of Canal Proposal Extra moorings
Less removal of canal side moorings Net total
Saladar Proposal Extra moorings + ?
Moli Blanc Concept Extra moorings + ?
Transfer of trawler fleet to Denia to increase capacity for ? extra moorings
Dry moorings Puerto ? +Canal Moli Balc ? Saladar ?
Total potential moorings without Puerto expansion

Next steps

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