Let's Talk Javea May 2009

We discussed and poured (perhaps should that be 'pawed') over Jute bags.Jute wine bags are here due to a Costa Blanca Wine Society initiative and selling well at the cost price of 3€.

Three sizes of Jute shopping bags are almost on their way, helped by a temporary financing loan from Barclays bank.A logo of 'Xabia Ecologica' will be printed on one side.( See: http://xabia21grupos.wikidot.com/medio:proyecto-bolsas-de-yute-jute-bag-project)

A non-profit Agenda 21 Association will be set up to help promote this and other Agenda 21 local initiatives.

A firmer capital base for this Association will come from a grant from the Town Hall, but that may take some time yet. It is hoped that an initial supply of the shopping bags will be available for U3A shoppers at the June 24th Open Parador meeting.

Professional Project Management is a valuable resource that currently (and historically) seems absent from the Town Hall, evidenced by substantial overspends and over runs. It was suggested that examples of courses run by Colleges and Universities ( no, not the U3A) should be researched through the web and passed to Pepa Chorro, as sponsoring councillor for Agenda 21.

A more professional approach is likely to be needed very soon to evaluate the real need for a municipality-wide scheme for a network of connections to a sewage collection and treatment at (whose?) considerabe expense. Acciona, a multi national professional operator, sniff valuable business (60milion €) to be had here.Is this scheme really needed, and if so is Javea's poor record about to be exploited yet again?

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