March 2012 News Headlines

Campaign to bring the "Minister's House" into public ownership

March 30th
The Esquerra Republicana de Xàbia has organised an on-line petition to ask for the "Minister's House" - sited on the important remains of a luxury Roman Villa at the Arenal to be brought into public hands, as it forms part of Xàbia's historical heritage, and is located on coastal land subject to the Coastal Law which favours public use of the coast over private. People can sign the petition on: See article below for a description of the site.

The "Minister's House" was once a luxury Roman Villa

March 28th
The Town Hall will present an unfavourable report concerning the request of the Navarro-Rubio family that a new boundary should be delimited for their property known as Finca de San Rafael, or "The Minister's House" located on the tip of Arenal point (on the sea side of the Parador). The Town wishes to bring the house under Municipal control. This is mainly because it is the location of unique Spanish archaeological remains. An expert from the MARQ Museum in Alicante described the site as one of the largest remnants of Roman fish tanks in the Iberian Peninsular, and are part of what was then a luxurious sea side villa. The so-called "Baños de la Reina" was actually a pool for fish farming, a sign of distinction, and its construction required precise knowledge about the mechanics of ocean currents and fish rearing conditions. Often these constructions, which were common in the Neapolitan coast, but found here also in Calpe and Campello, cost more than the villa in which they were located. The possession of such facilities was a huge status symbol, and it seems likely that the original Roman Villa was owned by a Senator. Ironically the Rubio family, particularly Dolores Serrellés was instrumental in preserving many of the artefacts because they were on private land. The part of the site which was on public land was destroyed decades ago when people considered the tosca stone more valuable than its history. From XAD: La Finca de San Rafael....

Amjasa repairs major leak overnight

March 28th
Last night Amjasa worked through the night until 5.30 am to repair a sewer main on the Carretera del Portitxol. The supply affected some 700 houses and the repair meant that one lane of the Cabo de la Nao road had to be closed. The stretch of faulty pipe is very old and has sprung leaks many times. They are therefore proposing to replace the worst stretch, the problem being that the road is under the jurisdiction of Alicante Province. The idea is therefore to combine this work with the construction of the future Tossalet roundabout. From Press Release.

Dead Arenal Palm trees replaced

March 27th
Jávea's Department of Environment and Services and has removed dead palms from the southern end of the Arenal beach and replaced them with Washingtonias. This part of the Arenal is very vulnerable to wind storms and it is not the first time that trees have had to be replaced. Washingtonias are said to be a hardier species. Since the palms are on the coast (under the jurisdiction of the national Ministry of the Environment), the mayor hopes to get external funding for the replanting. (From XAD: Retiran....

Friday night concerts in the Old Town

March 26th
The Old Town Business Association, in collaboration with the Town Hall is organising Friday evening concerts throughout the Spring. Most will take place at the Plaza de Baix or the Casa del Cultura. "Los viernes que no pare la música" (Fridays do not stop the music) is an idea to accustom people to finding something to do in the Old Town every Friday, as well as stimulating the general area. This campaign could be extended during the summer. From XAD:Conciertos todos....

Maroc Challenge rally hits the road in Jávea this Saturday

The first spring edition of the Maroc Challenge Rally is making its final preparations before the upcoming start-off. On Saturday 31 March, the majority of the 53 teams who have entered in this low-cost rally will hit the accelerator of their cars in Javea, from where they will travel in motorcade to Almeria. From there, the cars will get on board the ferry to Morocco, where the rally starts, with the finish line at the beach of Essaoira. But before that, the motor racing fans who come to Javea will be able to get an up-close look at these specially adapted vehicles prepared to travel through 2,000 km of dirt and gravel off-road tracks and back roads of Morocco. For more details see Javea Amigos: Maroc Challenge rally....

Xàbia has a cash surplus of €3.5 million

March 26th
Jávea's municipal accounts are healthy with a cash surplus of some €3.5 million Euros. This means that the town can settle the 91 bills outstanding to suppliers at the end of March, totalling some €1,753,720. They will also be able to implement the proposal for a bus station, costing some €150,000 This proposal was selected by the citizen's forum of Agenda21 by public vote. Despite this surplus, the town still owes some €14 million, most of which (12.1 million) is a loan to pay for the underground car parks. The rest are hangovers from other earlier capital projects. These debts will be gradually amortised. The cash surplus for 2012 is expected to be €6 million. This means the Town will not have to use the bail out plan from the Central Government. The AMJASA accounts are also fully balanced. From XAD: Xàbia tiene....

Another meeting to coordinate control of the Red Palm Weevil

March 23rd
The Town hall services department has called another meeting for gardeners and pest control professionals to exchange experiences on the fight to control the Red Palm Weevil. The meeting will be in the meeting room of the Soler Blasco Museum at 8.30pm on Tuesday March 27th.

San Juan "Nit dels Focs" now an official Valencian tourism attraction

March 22nd
The Valencian Government now lists Xàbia's June 23rd San Juan "Nit de Focs" as a "Fiesta de Interés Local de la Comunitat Valenciana." This follows representations by Xàbia's Tourism department and collaboration of the two main Peñas involved: El Gerrot and l'Escladà (the traditional groups which organise the proceedings). For more on this fiesta and the campaign to have it recognised see: Nit dels Focs

Javea's two secondary schools to educate their students on the rational use of water

Amjasa signs a cooperation agreement with the schools and exempts them from payment of water bills

March 22nd
The Muncipal Water Supply Company of Javea, Amjasa, has signed a collaboration agreement with the two secondary schools (or institutos) of the municipality: IES Antoni Llidó and IES Number 1. With agreement, Amjasa will stop billing these schools for their water consumption (100 cubic meters per month approx). In return, the secondary schools will incorporate curricular activities aimed at educating the students on the need for rational water use and raising awareness about the cycle from all its perspectives: drainage; wells, waste water, purification and desalination systems. For full Press Release see: Amjasa water agreement with schools

Xàbia Photographic Association purchases a specially trained dog for an autistic child

Social Services encourages associations to dedicate a small portion of their budgets to social causes

March 22nd
The Xàbia Photographic Association (AFX) has donated 350 euros to the family of an autistic child towards the purchase of a special service dog. The dog is a Golden Retriever specially trained to assist people with autism and help them gain independence, self-esteem and help them carry out normal daily activities The donation was made possible with the proceeds of the photographs that this group sold at a charity exhibition during the Christmas holiday. The Department of Social Services wishes to acknowledge the efforts of the Agrupació Fotogràfica Xàbia and express their gratitude for this humanitarian gesture. They would also like to encourage all the local associations to dedicate a small portion of their budgets to social causes, especially in these difficult times in which the economic crisis is deepening and affecting more and more families in our town. From Press Release.

Exhibition and campaign to revive the Central Cinema

March 21st
The association “El Generador Cultural", in collaboration with the Javea Town Hall, will open the exhibition "The Central Cinema: Past and Present" on Friday. This is a collection of photos and memorabilia of what was once the most iconic buildings in the town's social life from the 50's to late 90's. The exhibition is in the Soler Blasco Museum and will remain open until 27 April. Its aim is to remind everyone of the place and re-open the debate on converting it into a cultural centre or headquarters for associations. The building that once housed the Central Cinema is in the Old Town and was originally used as a storehouse for almonds, until the Ortuño family bought it and turned it into the second cinema for the town. In April 1955 the Central Cinema opened its doors with a screening of the Oscar-winning film "The Greatest Show on Earth" by Cecil B. DeMille. In 1990, it closed after a 35-year run of projecting films, hosting the first film club and - thanks to its stage and excellent acoustics - hosting children's festivals, plays and skits, fiestas presentations and even music concerts. In 1998 it was acquired by the Town Hall and has remained closed for 14 years. From Press Release.

Plant a tree in Granadella - Sunday April 1st

March 21st
The Red Cross has joined forces with "Xàbia Viva" association to organise a tree planting day on Sunday April 1st between 10.00am and 2.00pm. Everyone who is interested to participate is asked to turn up at the Granadella park entrance from the Cumbre del Sol - near the horse riding centre. From XAD.

International sailing race in Javea from March 28th - April 1st

March 20th
The Javea Nautical Club has organised this year's Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy Match Race, an international regatta that will see some the best sailors such as Bjorn Hansen and Keith Swinton. This race, which counts towards the Campeonato de España Grado 1, will take place along Javea’s coast from Wednesday 28th March to Sunday 1st April from 11 a.m. each day. José Maria Bataller, the marina's technical director, explained that the Lipton event follows the same format as the America’s Cup in which yachts of ten teams of the highest international standard face off one-against-one. The top four teams will then qualify for the semi-finals on Saturday 31st March, which will determine the final two teams to compete against each other on Sunday 1st April. In order to bring the full excitement of sailing closer to land, the Club Naútico will install a race village on the coast for spectators to follow the race as it unfolds, with live broadcasts by a sailing commentator. This year's race village will be located in the Montgo di Bongo. People can keep track of the race via the Club's new website ( ), which includes the GPS location of the boats, commentaries, weather reports and results. From Press Release

Ban on terraces in parking areas to be delayed

March 16th
The Advisory Committee for Planning and Environment endorsed bye laws for occupation of public roads that the Department of Public Works is currently drafting. As agreed at the previous session, these regulations prohibit the installation of hospitality terraces in areas intended for parking, thus putting an end to the floorboards and fences surrounding tables and chairs from bars and restaurants in spaces allocated for cars. Nevertheless, representatives of the associations taking part in this advisory body (residents and business people) proposed that the Local Council should allow a transitional period so the new regulations are not so damaging to the establishments that have recently invested in these terraces. This moratorium, the details of which have yet to be finalized, will come into effect once the new ordinance has been approved and will allow these terraces to stay at least until the end of the year. From Press release . For full text see: Moratorium on road terraces

Jávea does not need Government help to pay its debts to suppliers

March 21st
Jávea will not need to use central Government help to pay its debts to supplier, since this is included in the municipal budget. The total oweing to various suppliers is 1.7 million, while there are 1.2 million outstanding to ECISA. The town is alos obliged to pay a TV company 38,000 for a programme produced by the last PP administration. As regards debt with banks, the town owes some 38 million (mostly in connection with purchase of the underground car parks and construction of the ring roads) , but the amortisation of these loans is budgeted for at an annual cost of some 6 million. From XAD: Xàbia no necessita...X

Torrential rain ends a very dry winter

March 21st
Over 10 inches (260mm) of rain fell in the Montgó area in 24 hours on March 20th, bringing to an end an unusually dry winter. Under three inches (73mm) or rain had been recorded since last December, while last night more rain fell than the average for the whole of March. Police cut access to the Camí Vell de Gata and the Arenal area. The storm drains there had become overwhelmed by the volume of water and around 30 camer vans parked on the plot next to Avenida Tamarits had to be evacuated for their safety. The fishing fleet also remained in port. From XAD: Xàbia dal la bienvenida...

Port Church is open to visitors

March 15th
Contrary to previous reports, the Church in the Port is not closed to visitors, though it is being repaired (see below) (Source: Regular churchgoers)

New viewing point overlooking the Port

March 14th
The Town Hall has set up a new viewing point in la Caleta, a street above the Port which was used previously only by residents. Walls on the edge of some of the rather dangerous bits have been rebuilt and a wooden balustrade installed. There are 5 benches and two wastepaper bins, and access is by two footpaths up from the Port level. From XAD: El Ayuntamiento...

The second Mirador Challenge takes place on March 26th

March 12th
The Mirador Challenge is a medium-distance endurance walk passing through all fifteen of the official miradores / viewpoints of Jávea. It is an established route of 27 kilometres with a total ascent of 770 metres passing along a mixture of rough track and road. The time taken to cover the route which was established in 2011, the first run of the challenge, was 8 hours and 22 minutes. The Mirador Challenge is open to groups of between 3 and 6 walkers aged 16 years and over. Registration is limited to 20 teams and the closing date for receipt of entries is Monday 26th March 2012. There is an entry of 7€ per person which includes insurance and a light snack and refreshment at the midway point (Creu del Portitxol) and the finish-line (Els Molins). Completed registration forms can be submitted by hand to Michael’s Second Hand Shop in Avenida Lepanto in Jávea Port or Base:La Rulla Sport in Ronda Norte in the old town. For more details see: Jávea Amigos website

Urban allotments moved to Arenal area

March 14th
The urban allotments, previously located in Avenida Augusta have now been set up near the Arenal School in the Morer area. There are 32 plots of 45 square metres, each fenced for securitry and supplied with irrigation water. People who have been Javea residents for more than 5 years are entitled to apply from in the Oficina de Atención Ciudadana (Publc attention office) (Avda. Amanecer 2) from 20 to 31 March. There will be a draw to see who is successful in getting a plot on Thursday April 12 at 11 am at the Town Hall. Successful bidders will have to pay €50 to comensate for water, and will have the plot for 1 year (renewable). Two plots will be reserved for NGOs or to host workshops. From Press Release.

Tourist promotion bus


March 15th
The bus which transports the Town's football team about has a new livery consisting of some of the most eyecatching views and landscapes in Jávea. Since the bus takes the team to away matches, it will be seen all over the place.

Javea Police give warning about presence of a group of "Electricity Worker" scammers

March 14th
Javea Local Police has issued a public warning concerning a group of scammers operating in the municipality as bogus electrical company workers. In this case, the bogus electrical company representatives call unannounced to "replace" the electrical meter, demanding payment in cash for the job. In this regard, the police would like to clarify that no such company is presently operating in the municipality and would like to stress that these services are never to be paid for directly, but are to be charged with the next electricity bill. In addition to issuing this warning, especially aimed at seniors, the police would like to remind all those who have been victim to a scam or have information that may help to apprehend these criminal, to contact the police as soon as possible.

Electricity meters are due to be changed as part of Iberdrola's Smart Grid programme. (STAR)

March 15th
There will be a talk about the coming changeover in the Museum in the Old Town on Thursday March 15th at 7.00pm STAR stands for Sistemas de Telegestión y Automatización de la Red and information about the project (in English) can be found on Iberdrola's website.. According to the "Frequently Asked Questions" on the site, consumers will not be charged for the new meters.

Table of Contents

Sewer pipes in the Port to be replaced during resurfacing

Old Triana Bridge rediscovered and reinforced


March 14th
The resurfacing work in Jávea Port has revealed problems in parts of the sewer system between Calle Doctor Fleming and the crossing with Avenida Lepanto. This pipeline has deteriorated resulting in leakage which has in turn caused subsidence in the road surface and pavements. The Town Hall has decided to take advantage of the asphalting works to replace the damaged pipes and avoid serious problems in the future. The Local Council will have to shoulder the cost of pipe replacement, estimated at around €50,000. Scraping old asphalt on Avenida Jaume I uncovered the old Triana bridge (built in 1935), which was sealed in the 70's with the old mouth of the rio Gorgos, when the course of the river was re-routed to the Montañar. Engineers found the span under the buried to be empty. After a survey of the situation the gap was reinforced with large rocks and concrete as a safety measure before the street was repaved. Despite the setbacks, the Town Hall hopes is to have the works on Jaume I, Cristo del Mar and Plaza Almirante Bastarreche finished by the end of the week, although the stretch where the sewer pipes need replacement will remain pending. From Press Release.

Amjasa revives Gata water filter works

March 14th
Amjasa has decided to improve the clarity of water from the Ocaive wells (in Pedreguer) by refitting unused facilities purchased from the former Institute of Agricultural Reform and Development (IRYDA) in the 80's. The building, next to the N332 in Gata de Gorgos, was fitted out with water filters in 2003, but was not used because of a design flaw which never repaired. Now, preliminary work to prepare the facility has begun. The land has been cleared and the buildings, visible from the turn-off to Javea on the N322, have been painted. All the machine parts are currently being repaired followed by a minor change in the pipe layout. If the current drought continues, this machinery will be very useful to Amjasa during the summer. Should the water level in the Ocaive and Oquins wells become low, well water mixed with the water from the desalination plant will become cloudy and will need to be filtered before entering the network. From Press Release.

Marina Alta police collaborate on SMS alert system

March 9th
A regional forum of police has agreed to implement an alert system for businesses so that information on incidents of theft, fraud or counterfeit payments can be sent by SMS to regional business and neighbouring police forces. They also reported: a) signing up with COMDES 112 network which coordinates emergencies such as fires and floods when the phone system may fail b) agreement with the Diputación de Alicante which will edit information for citizens in 6 languages; c) training for security forces now to be carried out locally instead of sending officers to Valencia as before (this year they will tackle how to deal with large crowds, children and citizen services). From XAD: La policía comarcal...

Tourist activities for San Jose holiday weekend

March 9th
Coinciding with the San Jose holiday weekend, Javea's Department of Tourism will inaugurate a new season of outdoor activities next week. These include dramatized theatrical routes through the Old Town and the Port and guided trekking tours through the various nature reserves found within the municipality. On Saturday, 17th March the first dramatized theatre route through the Old Town, entitled "The Treasure of Javea" will debut (90 mins). The tour will take visitors along a route of emblematic buildings with famous historical figures such as the Architect Urteaga, Sant Vicent Ferrer, pirates, an eighteenth century mayor, and the Lady of the Spirits. To book: (Adults: €6 , children: €3 ) visit a Tourist office or phone 96 579 4356. On Sunday, 18th March, there will be a free guided hike to the top of the Montgó. Pre-registration not required. Departure 8.00 am at the Javea shooting range (on the road to Les Planes). The trek is mid-to-high difficulty and about five hours, so you need boots, water and something to eat. Scheduled tourist activities will resume at Easter with the début of a new dramatized theatre route through the Port. From Press Release.

The Javea International Festival Association is organising its fourth flea market

March 8th
The Javea International Festival cultural association is organizing its fourth flea market (vide-grenier) on Sunday, 18th March. The stalls dedicated to second-hand articles will start setting up at 9 am on Avenida de la Libertad (near the Marmara shopping area) and will remain open until 5.00 pm. Those interested in reserving a stall should pre-register and pay a 10-Euro subscription fee (only 1 Euro for children under 10). To register please contact Dominique Bouvard (619 82 66 85) or Mireille Rebillard (620 39 51 55). From Press Release.

Javea committed to recovering the agricultural sector to create employment

March 8th
On Friday, March 16th there will be a one day workshop (from 9.00am until 2.00pm, Casa del Cultura) which will analyse the present and future prospects of the agricultural sector and look at first hand experiences of experimental agriculture in other areas.Speakers will look at the difficulties of smallholdings, competition with Morocco, experiments in agriculture, organic farming and novel distribution methods. The local Council is studying a series of agricultural projects, including the possibility of land-owners offering suitable unused land to interested parties who would be prepared to cultivate it, encouraging organic farming and creating a unique brand that could be marketed through new forms of distribution and direct sales. Councillor Cardona claimed such an initiative would make Javea a pioneer in Spain and, with willingness and cooperation, agriculture could become a major asset to the local economy. For more details see: Terra Verda Xàbia

Xàbia seeks help from Alicante to rehabilitate the Central Cinema

March 7th
A visit by Alicante Socialist representatives provided Jávea mayor Chulvi with an opportunity to ask for support for a number of town infrastructure projects. Firstly, rehabilitation of the Central Cinema in the Old Town, which was once a cultural and entertainment centre and has now fallen into dis-repair. Several different groups are working to rescue this building (Eds note: Later this month there will be an exhibition of photos of the Ciné in its heyday and now) and the Council will include discussion on use of the building as part of the Strategic Plan. They hope to make an estimate of the job and ask Alicante for a grant of 65% to be included in the 2013 plan of Works and Services. They'll also ask for urgent works to be carried out, beginning with the asphalting of the Jesus Pobre road, the installation of speed limiters, and the replacement of signage before the summer. Also expected to be included in the next provincial infrastructure plans are the roundabouts of the Pla / Avda Arenal junction and and Tossalet . A pre-requisite was that Xàbia should find 50% of their cost in its 2012 budget. The town has fulfilled this obligation, and the chances of receiving aid are high, since there are few municipalities that can make such financial commitments. From XAD: Xàbia pide.....

German classes for unemployed start in Javea

March 7th
German courses for 40 students have started. These are aimed at unemployed xabieros and taught by native speaking volunteers. Classes will be given in the morning on the premises of the Permanent School of Adults (EPA) and will last until May, with total course duration of 60 hours. Students that attend at least 80% of classes will receive their diplomas. The course was oversubscribed. The new German courses are an addition to the English courses that have been offered in Javea for several months and have achieved wide acceptance under the same volunteer teacher scheme. The collaboration of the native volunteers is being managed by the Foreign Residents Department, under the direction of Oscar Anton. It is a formula that allows local government to continue to offer free training despite the shortage of funds of agencies such as the Creama. for details see: Language courses spring 2012

Asphalting in the Port starts March 7th

March 5th
The asphalting of 19 roads in the Port will start on March 7th. The programme has been funded by the regional Government's Productive Investment Plan. They hope to have completed calle Jaume I, Cristo del mar and the Plaza Almirante Bastarreche by March 16th so as to not interfere with the San José long weekend. From Press Release

Urgent repairs for Port Church

March 4th
From Monday March 5th, the church in the Port (Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Loreto) will be closed except for mass because of urgent repairs to the roof, exterior woodwork and electrical system. All collections made at mass during the last weekend of each month will go the repair fund. In addition various groups will be organising fund raising activities as well as promoting the possibility of tax deducted donations. XAD: Obras urgentes....

Proposals to regulate terraces on the streets

March 4th
The Advisory Committee on Town Planning and the Environment has come up with a number of proposals to control the spread of restaurant and shop terraces on the streets: 1. Terraces should only be authorised on pedestrian streets, plazas and pavements. They should not exceed 50% of the pavement (with a limit of 6m) and there should be at least 1.8m to allow pedestrians to pass. 2) Tables and chairs should be removed at night and their style should conform to agreed standards and colours.3) Licenses should be for the entire year. 4) In addition to fines, there should be an option to withdraw the license or temporarily close a terrace. These suggestions will be incorporated into the draft bye law and further discussed by the Town Council. The next meeting on March 15th will look look at planning regulations and the Territorial Forestry Action Plan of the Valencian Community. All welcome. For more see: Street terraces

Town Hall and Navarro-Rubio family vie for posession of "The Minister's House"

March 4th
The Finca de San Rafael, also known as "The Minister's House" is situated on the edge of the sea next to the Parador on the "Punta del Arenal" - Arenal's rocky headland. Several times in the past, Xàbia Town Hall has requested this property to be transfered to public ownership and earmarked for public use because it is located slap bang on top of an ancient Roman fish factory. The situation is complex because of the involvement of the owners, the Town Hall and the Ministry of Environment (Costas). Jávea Town Hall must justify its position by April 2012. For details of this convoluted story see: Finca de San Rafael

Jávea crime rate below Provincial average

March 4th
Jávea's crime rate, at 22.76 per thousand, is ten points below the provincial level, which is 32.51 per thousand inhabitants. While crimes rose slightly in 2011 (739) over 2010 (725), there has been a decline in the number of offences: 882 in 2011, down from 919 in 2010. Police efficiency has also increased with 189 arrests in 2010 and 272 in 2011. The Police have also increased opening files for infractions in different areas from 255 in 2010 to 653 in 2011. from XAD: La tasa de....

Proposal on Saladar put to Valencian Parliament

March 2nd
The polictical group Compromís" has put forward a motion to the Valencian Parliament that the Saladar should be declared a protected area. According to the motion, several experts in botany, archeology and tourism agree on the importance of preserving this area, highlighting the need to preserve the flora which includes three species on the Valencian Catalogue of Threatened Plants, namely Parentucellia viscose, Limonium interjectum and Cressa cretica. Moreover, four ecosystems found in the Saladar are protected by the Habitats Directive of the European Union. from XAD: Compromís pide....

Flexible Municipal Tax payment on the way

March 1st
Xàbia will soon allow taxpayers to design their own payment schedule. Thus far, residents can only pay municipal taxes at fixed times: rubbish collection and vehicles in April and IBI in October. This places a burden on both residents and the Town Hall which needs monthly liquidity. At present the council has to borrow to cover monthly expenditure. This generates interest payments of €1.5 million. From next May,a new system is expected to be in operation. Then the taxpayer may choose when, how and where to pay his taxes, monthly, quarterly, cumulatively, whichever month you want; using a card, cheque, via direct debit, cash or via an Internet payment gateway. People who pay promptly will be rewarded by a bonus which reach up to 8% in some cases. From XAD: En Xàbia se podrán.....

Ideas to promote local economy include a local currency

March 1st
The second meeting of the Mesa de Empleo,a think tank to develop ideas to promote the local economy came up with a number of interesting ideas including a local currency the "XàbiaEuro" to encourage residents to shop locally (See:; housing for senior citizens with all services laid on using perhaps an unsold development in the Via Augusta; a catalogue of work and apprenticeships suitable for young school drop-outs; learning by doing programmes, (following the example set by Vilafranca), geared towards local conditions e.g. sustainable forestry, expert cookery using local products, waiters knowing several languages and tour guiding. Fome XAD:La mesa de empleo....

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