March 2013 News Headlines

A surfeit of abandoned puppies in Calpe


March 29th
Over the past three days, three litters of puppies have been found abandoned in Calpe. The first litter consisted of five, month-old pups in a cardboard box left outside the private house of the municipal vet; the second was a litter of six, week-old pups, stuffed into a plastic bag and dumped in a rubbish container on the La Fossa beach. The third, like the first, consisted of five puppies left in a cardboard box outside the vet's house. They are all being looked after by the asociación Protectora de Animales. These incidents occurred despite the presence of an animal collection service and the town plans to launch an awareness campaign after Easter. From Diarioinformación...

Xàbia receives advance of €5 million

March 28th
The State Government has advanced 5 million Euros to Xàbia Town Hall to enable it to pay money owed to suppliers. This is an advance payment of part of the €7.4 million which the state must pay to the town on the basis of its population census. The advance has been granted given the extraordinary economic situation and documented evidence of savings and efficiencies already made by the Xàbia administration. Now, payments owed to suppliers can be settled and the and payments system return to normal. From Press Release and Diario Información...

Talk for Brits on Health care in Spain and European Health Card

March 25th
As part of the initiatives to support foreign residents in Jávea, the Oficina de Atención al Residente Extranjero (Help Desk) has organised a special meeting with representatives from the British Consulate who will make a presentation on health matters concerning British citizens living in Spain. The meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 23rd April and as with the past meetings provided by this initiative, attendance is free although interested parties will have to pre-register. for details see: Jávea Amigos

Three million in extreme poverty

March 24th
A combination of the economic crisis and government spending cuts is hitting Spanish society so hard that family incomes have fallen to the levels of 10 years ago, putting three million people in extreme poverty. At the same time, spending power, 18,500 euros per capita in 2012, is lower than it was in 2001. For full story see: El Pais in English

The Windiest Winter on record

March 25th
Regional newspapers reported over the weekend that this winter was the windiest since they modernised the wind-measuring equipment in the 1980's. Coincidentally a large mountain forest fire was reported from the Barx / Montduver area - apparently initiated by a firework, and fanned by high winds. Report on the fire in Las Provincias

Better acknowledgement of the role of yacht clubs

March 25th
The regional Councillor for Infrastructure, Isabel Bonig, has said that she will include representations from the Association of Yacht Clubs of Valencia in the drafing of the new Ports Law. Hopefully this will enable clubs to compete with private initiatives in bids for concessions. It is acknowledged that non-profit yacht clubs contribute a lot, both to society and the sport of boating as well as the development of sports tourism. There are 10 "Club Nautico"s which do not currently have administrative concessions, instead only having temporary occupation permits. Since they haven't had their concessions renewed, they are unable to make investments. From XAD: La Consellera....

"Sir Thomas Lipton" Sailing race 3rd-7th April

March 25nd
The Club Náutico Jávea has announced details of the seventh edition of the Trofeo Sir Thomas Lipton Grade 2 ISAF Match Race, a prestigious international sailing competition which will attract the elite in its class to the bay of Jávea between 3rd and 7th April. Teams are expected from Australia, Denmark, Russia, Poland and Sweden amongst others. For full story see: Javea Amigos

Xàbia Crime Rate below average

March 22nd
The Policía Local de Xàbia has released its annual report for 2012 which has shown that despite a large increase in requests for service, the overall crime rate for the town remains below the average for the province of Alicante. For full story see: Jávea Amigos

Town Hall invites bids for two stalls in Municipal market

March 22nd
Two stalls in the Abastos Municipal Market are up for tender, each costing a minimum of €1855.96. The dealine for bids is April 4th. Proposals will be evaluated on a points basis: financial proposal (45 points), being unemployed (15 points), diversification of activities (25 points), provision of furniture and materials amounting to more than € 3,000 (5 points), and other improvements such as home delivery service (5 points) and card payment (5 points). From Press Release and XAD: El Ayuntamiento....

Government gives backing to fracking

March 22nd
On March 1, the Spanish government approved draft legislation permitting exploration for shale gas via the controversial method of fracking; the process of drilling and injecting water into the ground at high pressure to fracture shale rocks and release natural gas contained inside. The draft legislation requires energy companies intending to investigate fracking to present an environmental impact study. For full story in English see: El Pais in English

Xàbia promoted at Moscow Tourism fair

March 22nd
Xàbia Town Hall is promoting the municipality at the most important tourism fair in Russia: Moscow International Travel & Tourism (MITT) which is celebrating its twentieth event in 2013 and expects 90,000 visitors. A member of the Xàbia tourism department is working on the counter of the Costa Blanca’s stand on behalf of the town. She has with her promotional material about Xàbia which has been translated into Russian. The municipal employee has the assistance of Miguel Angel Perez a native of Xàbia who has lived for many years in Russia and works in the sector, who has selflessly offered his services to help his municipality in this new emerging market. Xàbia’s presence at this fair was approved by the Municipal Tourism Committee. Given the Town Hall’s policy of reducing expenses no councillor has travelled to the fair, and an application has been made to the Costa Blanca Tourist Board for the expenses relating to the shipment of the promotional materials. (From Press Release)

Need surgery? Come to Spain

March 19th
A world-class health system, prices below the European average and temperatures above it: Spain has all the ingredients to establish itself as a leading international healthcare and medical tourism destination. But it has taken an unprecedented recession to finally prompt the country's private clinics to begin trying to attract wealthy foreign patients either willing to pay for cosmetic surgery out of their own pockets, or have medical insurance that covers treatment in other countries. For full story see: El Pais in English

Javea Amigos organises 2013 Mirador Challenge for April 7th

March 19th
The Mirador Challenge is a medium-distance endurance walk of approximately 27 kilometres which links a network of 15 viewpoints located along the wonderful coastline of Jávea. The concept behind the development of the Mirador Challenge was primarily to open up this official network of "miradors" to many more people who would be otherwise unaware of their existence. The secondary aim was to create a timed endurance walk covering many different types of terrain that would complement Jávea's excellent sporting and leisure calendar. For details and how to register see: Javea Amigos

Exhibition on Cova del Barranc del Migdia in MARQ Museum, Alicante

March 19th
The Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) has announced details of an exhibition which highlights the important archaeological discoveries uncovered during excavations in the Cova del Barranc del Migdia between 2009 and 2012. The exhibition will be open until April. For more see: Jávea Amigos. MARQ aricle (in Castellano) on: MARQ website

Group to promote "GastroXàbia"

Match 18th
Antonio Miragall, Councillor for Tourism, has agreed to create a special group to focus on the development of the "GastroXàbia" project which aims to promote local cuisine and products. The group will include the Department of Tourism, Department of Economic Development as well as retail and hospitality associations, food businesses such as carniceria Pichi and cerveza Xàbiga, as well as promoters of the organic farming initiative "Terra Xàbia". Miragall also mooted the possibility of allocating some 15% of the tourism budget (around €32,000) to Gastroxàbia projects. From XAD: El Consell...

AMJASA closes 2012 with surplus of almost €800,000

March 17th
At a meeting on Friday the board of directors of the Xàbia Public Water Company (AMJASA) presented the management report for the fourth quarter of 2012, confirming the satisfactory economic situation by closing the year with a surplus of 794,996 euros, even better results than the previous year, when the profit was 138,336 euros. The result reflects the policy of making savings in operating costs, an increase in water sales and improving all round efficiency. for full press release in English see: Amjasa 2012 accounts

Town Hall aquires ownership of five of the La Plana windmills

March 15th
The Town hall now has the escrituras for five of the windmills on La Plana - those numbered 1,2,3, 7 and 8, which form a striaght line from Puxol to the lighthouse. The current councillor for heritage, Antonio Miragall, had been astonished to find that the windmills did not appear as municipal assets, and therefore the town had no power to initiate their conservation and protection. He therefore discreetly started the process of aquiring the title deeds, a process which finished successfully some weeks ago. The windmills can now be conserved and developed as a municipal heritage and tourist attraction. From XAD: El ayuntamiento...

Arenal Promenade open to the public

March 15th
The renovated promenade at Xàbia's Arenal beach will be open to the public from Saturday 16th in time for the SanJose and Easter fiestas. Although the works are not quite finished, only small details remain, and the Town Hall has decided to commission the project and will take over maintenance. The official opening will be on April 5th, featuring tennis player David Ferrer, after whom the promenade will be named. From Press release and XAD:El nuevo paseo....

European Court rules Spanish mortgage law is abusive

March 14th
The European Court of Justice on Thursday ruled that Spain’s mortgage law is incompatible with a European directive on abusive practices in consumer contracts, opening the door to more legal protection for households facing eviction from their family home. The ruling comes in response to a question posed by a Barcelona court in connection with the eviction of Moroccan immigrant Mohammed Aziz from his home in January 2011, after he failed to meet mortgage payments on a 138,000-euro loan granted to him by savings bank CatalunyaCaixa in July 2007. The court wanted to know if the eviction breached Aziz’s rights. The European Court ruled Thursday that the process of ousting him from his home infringed the European Union’s 1993 Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts (93/13EEC) directive on consumer protection. For full story see: El Pais in English

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A case of daylight pillaging

March 13th
A Civil Guard operation has led to the arrest of retired villager Ricardo Granada. He is thought to have dug more than 4,000 archeological items up from Celtiberian sites. Everyone in Aranda de Moncayo knew what Ricardo Granada Pérez did for a living. He used metal detectors to find old helmets, coins, vases and armor at the numerous Celtiberian sites in the area. In this village of 198 residents, steep streets and harsh winters in Zaragoza province, Granada's activities were certainly no secret. Nor were they in the nearby municipalities of Illueca and Jarque, where people saw him come and go as he pleased. "I've seen him with the metal detectors more than once, but since the authorities didn't say anything about it… He's been doing it for 30 years, but we didn't know whether he was finding anything," For full story see: El Pais in English

Process to define 2014's Participatory budget begins

Everyone invited to attend meeting on March 20th

March 14th
The Citizen Participation Department of Xàbia invites all citizens to attend the next meeting of the A21 Forum on Wednesday 20th March at 8.00pm, in the auditorium of the Soler Blasco Museum (entrance in Calle Mayor), to start the process of defining the participatory budget for 2014. As explained by the department led by Cesc Camprubí, the intention is to involve the public right through the decision-making process. Firstly by determining the basis for deciding which projects may be submitted and then what criteria should be used to select those which will eventually be carried out. The goal is to enable direct participation of all residents in the development of municipal budgets, giving the process greater transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. In the past, the people's forum has simply prioritised projects from a pre-defined list. The meeting is open to all residents of Javea. From Press Release and XAD: La Agenda 21....

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier's plastic

March 8th
A dead sperm whale that washed up on Spain's south coast had swallowed 17kg of plastic waste dumped into the sea by farmers tending greenhouses that produce tomatoes and other vegetables for British supermarkets. Scientists were amazed to find the 4.5 tonne whale had swallowed 59 different bits of plastic – most of it thick transparent sheeting used to build greenhouses in southern Almeria and Granada. A clothes hanger, an ice-cream tub and bits of mattress were also found. For full story see: The Guardian

Cala Blanca Footpath finally in the public domain

March 14th
After more than 40 years of legal wrangling, the coastal footpath which which goes from Cala Blanca up towards Cap Prim and Portitxol has been definitively and once and for all declared a public footpath. Previously, a property owner had claimed the path as belonging to their land, and built walls, fences and all kinds of barriers to prevent people walking there. The barriers have now been removed and the path is being renovated, made safe and widened to 2 metres. From Press Release and XAD:Los tribunales...

Xàbia's Unemployment hits 2211

March 14th
The number of people listed as unemployed in Xàbia has reached 2211 - which gives the town the third worse figures in the Marina Alta, behind only Denia (5373) and Calpe (2212). In the region as a whole there are 17,902 unemployed - up 134 as compared to January. From XAD: Xàbia vuelve....

New Heritage Tourist Routes

March 14th
The Department of Tourism has completely revamped Xàbia's guided tours which starts the season under a new concept. The idea is to put each area into context, thus there will be a tour to see the Roman remains near the Parador at the Arenal and the Roman "Sèquia de la Nòria" used to channel sea water to the Saladar salt pan. Old Town Tours will focus specifically on the Medieval, or instead on the wealth related to the raisin trade. The windmills and monastery of La Plana and the lighthouse now also feature in guided tours. The idea is to show Xàbia's rich heritage, which adds value to its natural resources, climate, food and cultural program which intensifies during the summer. To keep people interested and visiting the town, the options for tourists need to be continually renovated. From Press Release and XAD: Las Nuevas rutas....

Denia becomes a full member of the FAO Mountain Partnership

March 8th
Denia Town Council has received an official welcome as a full member in the Mountain Partnership of the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO). "we are the only municipality in the European Community which belongs to this coalition", which brings together about 180 volunteer associations and partners (governments, civil society, intergovernmental bodies and the private sector). The aim is to raise the standard of living of people and protect mountain ecosystems through partnerships and joint initiatives at the global, national and regional levels. Denia commemorated International Mountain day in December as part of their Agenda21 initiative. From Las Provincias

Xàbia left out in the cold over arrangements for surveillance of the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve

March 8th
The Cabo de San Antonio marine Reserve is an important ecological and environmental resource, and like the adjoining Montgó Natural Park it borders both Xàbia and Denia municipalities. it's use has for many years been controlled by patrols involving both towns in association with the local police , Montgó Natural Park and regional Government. This year, the Valencia Government announced cuts and the removal of surveillance for the reserve. Xàbia asked for the Governing Board of the Montgó natural Park to discuss a collaborative solution, and Mayor Chulvi was surprised to learn that the regional Government has side-stepped both the Montgó Park board, and Xàbia town hall, and gone ahead to make arrangements with Denia. In this agreement, the Regional Government will provide a patrol boat, crew and half the fuel, while Denia will provide a skipper and the other half of the fuel. The estimated cost of fuel will be 3000-4000 Euros. From Press Release and Las Provincias....

Local development Agency and Creama move to the Citizen's Attention Office

March 8th
The Local development Agency and Creama have moved their offices from the rented building at Calle Roques to the Citizen's Attention Office above the Portal del Clot car park. The telelhone number remains the same:96579 3604. This will save the Town hall some €1800 per month in rental payments for the Calle Roques Office. From XAD:El Creama....

Ecopark extends opening hours over the Easter holidays

March 8th
Between March 6th and 4th April, Xàbia's ecopark will be open from 9.00 am til 1.30pm (as usual) and from 4.00pm until 8.00pm in the afternoons. This is to accomodate visitors and people with holiday homes who might be visiting the town over the Fallas and Easter season. From XAD:El Ecoparque....

Talk for foreign residents on the new requirement to declare overseas assets

March 6th
Xàbia's Help desk is organising a talk for all interested foreign residents to address the new regulation requiring all foreign residents to declare their assets outside Spain. Councillor Oscar Anton will be accompanied by two assessors, one Spanish and one British, who will explain the policy change, approved last year. Anton explained that this statement is merely informative and does not oblige tax payment, and that their main motivation is to detect cases of people who pay no tax in Spain or in their home countries. The meeting will be on Friday March 22 at the Casa de Cultura at 6.00pm and those interested should book their place via an e mail to gro.aibaxja|pleh#gro.aibaxja|pleh or at the counter for the Department in the Office of Citizen Attention since places are limited. From Press Release.

Comboi project opens entrepreneurs' shared office space

March 6th
Xàbia's Comboi project to assist young entrepreneurs has opened its shared office space in calle Arquitecto Urteaga with four start-up businesses. There is space for more, the monthly cost for each entrepreneur is €150 which includes rent, electricity, water, internet, furniture, cleaning and insurance, advice from a business plan expert and a professional in marketing and on-line communications. There will soon be an agenda for training activities which will be open to the general public. From XAD: Espai comboi.....

Xàbia in boundary dispute with Denia

March 6th
Xàbia has submitted comments to the Denia draft General Town Plan complaining about a long standing discrepancy in the municipal boundaries between Denia, Jávea and Teulada. This is particularly marked in the area around the Benitzaina area, where there is a farmhouse identified as being of cultural importance. The errors have been put down to Denia's use of old, poor quality maps. The errors were actually corrected in legally 1994, but Denia has yet to comply- From XAD: Xàbia alega....

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