May 2011 News Headlines

Xabia on the Telly

May 31st
Xàbia will feature in a TV programme going out on La Sexta2 tonight (at 6.15 pm) in the series "Carreteras Secundarias " (Secondary roads). The documentary, recorded in Xàbia, covers the Port and its fish auction, the Old Town and its covered market, and the bay from the sea. Sergio of La Perla Restaurant also explains how to make a paella. Our own Guiomar acts as guide for the two TV journalists. For those who miss the programme, it will be available on the web via the La Sexta web site from the following day. From XAD (Ed's note: the programme turned out like a promotion to attract the "A list" to Jávea. Not a single foreign tourist in sight ! I found the Castellano subtitles were very useful, unfortunately there are no subtitles on the on-line version) Here's a link to the on-line video: La Sexta programme on Jávea

Xàbia champions

May 31st
Last week, Xàbia athelete Ignacio Cardona was proclaimed Valencian champion in vertical running He completed a 4.5km, 800m ascent in 34mins 50 seconds - way ahead of the second placed (1 hour six mins) Ignacio (known as Nasio) is already a top class international vertical runner. Meanwhile the girls basketball team won the provincial championships. From XAD La sexta 2...

Indonesia joins International Festival

May 27th
The Xàbia International Festival is in its 16th year, and continues to grow. This year it will be joined by a group from Indonesia. The festival will be held over the weekend of 16th to 18th June. The organisers have asked the incoming administration to discuss with them the provision of more logistical support to enhance the festival . e.g. setting the dates earlier, and organising portable toilets and security to cater for the 25,000 visitors who come to the festival daily. From Las Provincias: Indonesia se suma.....

Road renewal works up for tender

The regional Department of Infrastructure has tendered the Xàbia road renovation plan. This is budgeted at 2.36 million euros and is to repair roads which have been damaged. Works will be carried out in the areas of Balcon al Mar, Montgó, Portitxol, main highway, Old Town, Puerto I, Puerto II and the Arenal. From Las Provincias: El Consell...

Xàbia awarded three blue flags

May 26th
The Comunidad Valenciana has been awarded 116 blue flags this year - 104 for its beaches and 12 for its ports. This is 8 more than last year. In Xàbia the Blue Flag beaches are La Grava (in the Port), the Arenal and Granadella. The Blue Flag is an international award given annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to beaches and marinas as an identifying symbol of high environmental quality, good services and security for users. For more about the FEE criteria see: FEE - About the Blue Flag From XAD: Xàbia obtiene...

Summaland music festival to hit Jávea

May 25th
The Summaland festival of music and dance, which attracted some 50,000 people during its two seasons in in Barcelona - is being hosted by Jávea on July 29th and 30th. The music features Asere and the "Ministry of Sound" from UK. The festival will be located on the car park area next to Avenida Tamarits (opposite the Chinese Bazar and Hong Fu Wok restaurant. Tickets are on sale from June 6th: See Summaland website (Ed's note: How are they going to fit so many people in that small space ? I have a feeling there may be quite a few denuncias about the decibels. The site chosen is a built up area. Chiringuitos have to operate a minimum of 50m from dwellings and keep their noise level down to 45 decibels at night 55 deb during the day..See: there special dispensation for this type of event ? )
Additional info is that there will be a macro site of 6,000 square metres with seating for 15,000 people, the music starts at 20.30 and goes on until 4.00am. There will, apparently, be no cost to the Town except the provision of local police and Red Cross. From Las Provincias: Xàbia entra en la ruta...

Diving Fiesta in Moraira

May 25th
Ampolla Beach and Yacht Club are hosting a "Diving Fiesta" on 28th and 29th May. The planned activities will start on Saturday from 10am at L'Ampolla beach and include: sea baptisms (30 €) and snorkeling excursions (15 €). Meanwhile, the Yacht Club is organising dives to the "Cova de les Rates", Punta de Moraira and "Pessebret" at 9:30 h, 12h and 16h, for 20 € including all equipment. Also, after 19h there will be a night dive for 30 €. On Saturday, from 2.00pm there will be a beach barbecue. In addition, over the two days there will be audiovisual presentations, an exhibition and sale of items related to diving, marine biology information a point of sale for dive tickets.
From XAD: Fiesta de buceo...

60% turnout gives PSOE a majority for the first time in over 20 years

May 25th
Xàbia is different. Bucking the national trend, where the socialist PSOE lost around 10 points to the centre right PP, the socialists in Xàbia actually gained seats. This is largely ascribed to the high regard people have of their leader, José Chulvi. Negotiations with other parties to form a governing coalition are still on-going. Chulví has stated publicly that he will sit down, listen and talk with all the parties who are committeed to change, (E-government, economic management and auditing, citizen participation, etc.), and that the allocation of council seats will be made depending on how the personal skills of each can be useful for the work to be performed. From XAD: Chulvi se plantea...
The Javeaamigos site gives more detailed information about the election results:

…Election Results - PSOE by a very short head (nose)…..PP stables not far behind….NJ fades….

May 22
Councillors: PSOE 6, PP 5, XD 3, Bloc-C 3, NJ 2, CPJ 2
Now … for the horse-trading……
Details on:

Do-It-Yourself Election results

May 20th
Here's a link to an Election simulation based on a modified d'Hont system - Go there and play with the number of votes!
The D'Hont Law favours the most popular parties (the more council members they have, the fewer the votes needed for the next) with the idea of ​​strong government,
Thus a few votes mean a lot to the leading parties.


  • Xábia al Día has estimated the number of spoilt votes.
  • Each party must (by law) get 5% of the votes to enter into the reckoning.
  • Last time 9,785 people voted (From 15.301 registered voters), which represented a 63.95% turnout
  • The simulation starts off with 1000 votes for each party
  • You adjust the turnout …and the result… by allocating votes to each party

Grassroots protests call for participatory democracy

May 20th
Protests in major cities throughout Spain, organised via Internet social media, brought huge numbers of protesters out into the streets last Sunday; some 20,000 people came out in Madrid alone. The movement, called Democracia Real Ya, or Real Democracy Now is calling for participatory democracy: ""We're talking about participatory democracy at the local level, about participatory budgets and referendums," says Gándara. "We want politicians to be managers of citizen demands," adds Aguirre. "We don't want to remove the politicians - we want them to come down to street level." For full story in English see: El Pais - We don't want to remove

Eight whales sighted off Cabo de San Antonio


May 20th
The Cabo de San Antonio is once again a great place for spotting whales. At 9 am on Tuesday, several boats observed three fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) swimming southward. The whales passed close to the markers that indicate the borders of the Marine Reserve. Only half an hour later, the crew of the Montgo Natural Park survellance boat, observed another group of five whales between 16 and 20 metres long. From Las Provincias: Avistan ocho ballenas.....

Photography group launches with an exhibition

May 17th
A new group of photography enthusiasts called "Agrupació Fotogràfica Xàbia" launched itself with an exhibition in the Casa del Cable entitled "Impressions". The group which is open to amateur and professional photo enthusiasts alike, meets on Mondays in the Social Centre between 8.00pm and 10.00pm. The exhibition will be open until June 12th. It comprises 50 photos taken by group members. For more see their website:

Contrasting Urban Development models submitted to Agenda21 by the various political parties

May 17th
The urban models proposed by Xàbia political parties in response to the Agenda 21 questionnaire have notable differences and in some cases contradictory land use patterns. A summary of the planning models presented by the five political groups which responded to the questionnaire is given in Urban development - contrasting policies. Readers might like to compare the proposed policies with generally accepted characteristics of a sustainable community. See: Sustainable Urban development

Row over police productivity bonuses

May 17th
Members of the local police force are annoyed at the arbitrary distribution of productivity bonuses. Previously these were based on the vague criteria of "congratulations, complaints and objectives". There are 93 police officers and €164,000 available for bonuses. However the money was divvied up among only a few, with some officers receiving €800 per month, while others only €3. Needless to say there was much bad feeling in the ranks. New criteria for allocating bonuses was finally recently passed by the Town Council, but not without controversy, since the Bloc reversed its position and voted against the changes. However the measures were passed when the PP voted with the opposition. The new criteria are: work attendance (35%), personal performance (15%), the degree of resolution of services and tasks (15%), the degree of citizen satisfaction with an agent's work (10%), improvement in training (15%), propriety in relations with colleagues (5%), interest in the personal image and neatness of dress (5%). From XAD: El sindicato...

Politicians answer Agenda21 questionnaire but don't know the meaning of basic concepts

May 16th
Answers to the questionnaire put together by members of the local Agenda 21 forum have finally been received from some of the political groups. The aim of the questions was to clarify policies on a number of aspects related to social, economic and environmental sustainability. The responses reveal a lot about the perception which each party has on citizen participation. They also reveal that some parties do not understand some of the basic concepts such as "Interpersonal Networks", "Strategic Plan" "ventanilla única" (One Stop Window). In total, five parties answered the questionnaire: Bloc-Centristas, Nueva Jávea, PSPV-PSOE, Xàbia Democrática and PP. For a full analysis of the parties approaches to Citizen Participation in English see: Politicians answer....

Fedexma questionnaire reveals different visions of a future Jávea

May 15th
Answers to the questionnaire prepared by Fedexma for completion by the political parties revealed that all are unanimous in supporting the development of a Strategic Plan for the development of Javea. However they differ in the their vision of the town model which should be pursued. The CPJ and Xàbia Democrática, say the priority should be dispersed, extended development. Both XD and PSOE think that the Strategic Plan should determine the model. Nueva Javea is committed to a sea-side residential model, enhancing the attractiveness of a coastal town. While Bloc wants the model to be based on natural resources, landscape and energy efficiency. Finally, the PP proposes a Local Action Plan to develop a Strategic Plan to boost employment and prosperity. For a summary of the answers see: FEDEXMA questionnaire

Getting fishermen hooked on plastic


A European Commission initiative offers financial incentives to shipping fleets to go in search of the millions of containers littering the continent's seas.

The world's oceans and seas provide fewer and fewer fish each year, which in turn reduces the employment capacity of the fishing sector. At the same time, the inexorable growth in human population has deposited a vast swathe of plastic waste on the surface of the seas, causing innumerable environmental concerns. It is a double conundrum for which the European Union fisheries commissioner, Maria Damanaki, believes a solution is evident: fishing for plastic. "It has many benefits," she says. "There will be results in terms of decontamination and fishermen will be able to work during periods when they are unable to fish." For full article See El Pais in English: Getting fishermen...

Agenda21 Questionnaires received from five political parties

May 13th
Five questionnaires quizzing the political parties about their plans for the future development of Jávea were returned. One of them (from the PP) arrived after the deadline, but it was agreed to accept and publish the fifth questionnaire with the others with the proviso that it would be headed with a note stating that the document had been received late, but the Agenda21 foro had agreed to publish it with the others so that the widest range of political opinions was made known. Agenda21 consultants will be writing some short press releases objectively highlighting issues where the parties differed in their approaches, and hint at policies which were unsustainable without naming names. The releases will be sufficiently mysterious to encourage readers to find out more. Readers will be asked to take such policies into consideration when deciding who to vote for. The Only English version of the Answers was received from Xàbia Democrática. For more see:

Table of Contents

Montgó Natural Park presents its plan for Public use.

May 13th
Thje Montgó Natural park is one of the most popular natural parks in Alicante province, with 400,000 visits per year. The governing body has just drawn up a plan for its future public use which has just been adopted by the Ministry of the Environment. The measures to be undertaken include
hiking and environmental education workshops with organized groups, improving the signage of roads and public facilities (playgrounds, shelters, etc.), explaining geological features, improving safety along the path to the Cova Tallada and dissemination of instructions and safety practices about the paths of the park. From . XAD: El parque Natural.....

Eco-reefs to help fish reproduction in Xàbia


May 9th
The Pedreguer-based NGO, "4peace" has made some ceramic-based blocks designed to act as artificial reefs to encourage fish-breeding. The blocks, made from old porcelain, bricks, glass, stone and concrete have been used in Moraira, but in Xàbia, they have waited on the dockside for months pending the completion of paperwork. From Las Provincias: Una ONG.... (Eds note: It might be an idea to use the rusting, abandoned wreck which is currently sitting on the Port slipway (see below) as an artificial reef, to promote fish reproduction, for research and as a dive site for scuba divers. This was an idea which came up at Agenda21 in 2006….)

Run down and abandoned - the Central Ciné and the Port


May 9th
Over the past few days, Las Provincias has carried two articles about run-down public facilities in Jávea. The first concerned the Central Cinema building - near the Museum in the Old Town. This 350 seater has been abandoned since it was bought for 55 million pesetas in 2000 and it is now run down, with a roof which has fallen in. It is used as a municipal warehouse. Every electoral campaign, parties have pledged to do something with the Ciné, and this year is no exception, with proposals from the PP, Xàbia Democrática and Nueva Jávea. El Central.... The second article concerned the sorry state of the Port, especially the public areas which are managed by the Ports division of the regional Ministry of Infrastructure. The Levante breakwater is full of dirt and graffiti, the slipway blocked with concrete blocks, driftwood and a rusting wreck, there are no longer any nightwatchmen and fishermen have reported several thefts. In addition the Port has no rubbish bins and poor lighting. It also lacks a crane for lifting small boats for repairs. Denuncian..

The pain in Spain stays mainly with the jobless

May 8th
Unemployment hit a new record high of 4,910,200 last week. A round 1 million unemployed receive no state benefits and in 1.38 million Spanish families, no one has paid work. In the first quarter of 2011, 256,500 people joined the dole queues – 5,000 more than in the same period last year. There is no sign of a quick end to the recession. For more see The Independent: The pain in Spain....

Election 2011 - Runners, Riders and racing tips


May 8th
Do you need some help deciding who to vote for at the municipal elections? The on-line magazine, Xàbia al Día has prepared an Election Special in Castellano. English versions of some of the articles have been prepared for this Wiki - and will also appear in "The Grapevine" next week. Click on the links below to get a sneak preview of the articles. Note: A free, printed edition of the XAD Election Special will be available around town as of Monday

Runners and Riders

The next Jávea municipal election is a nine-horse race. There are the major parties, PP to the right and PSOE to the left; the nationalist Bloc-Centristas, the independents: Xàbia Democrática, Nueva Jávea and Ciudadanos por Jávea, as well as fringe Esquerra Republicana, Junts per Xàbia and the newly formed Unión Ciudadana por la Democracia. Through the analysis presented, Editor and psychologist, Guiomar Ramirez Montesinos tries to give a comprehensive but accessible view of the political reality of Jávea. She has tried to be as objective as possible, but the reader must create his own informed opinion, reading the manifestos of each candidate and trying to get up close to the would be mayors at the various rallies.

Who's who in the party lists

A list of the top candidates on each party list, the names they are commonly known by (nick-name, abbreviation, etc..) and their profession or most prominent social position. Only those who are likely to be elected are shown.

Autistic Administration

An analysis of what went wrong with the Monfort administration.

Xabia Democrática commits to Internet Management

May 5th
Xàbia Democrática proposes an "Open Town Hall", a new management model that gives the public access to the Town Hall via the internet. This is part of an ambitious plan to modernize and reorganize the administration. It includes free software that allows an administration to manage peoples' complaints and suggestions and keep track of them using a tracking code. This system could be used, especially for everyday problems, maintenance, cleanliness and safety. The consultations would be private and confidential, and the process would finalise with an email sent to the user, informing him that his problem had been solved. Xàbia Democrática has launched a simulation version of this service. People can make complaints or suggestions via email ue.acitarcomedaibax|sajeuq#ue.acitarcomedaibax|sajeuq or ue.acitarcomedaibax|saicneregus#ue.acitarcomedaibax|saicneregus, Or From XAD: Xàbia Democrática....

Second debate for Would be Mayors - 11th May

May 5th
The entrepreneurs association, XàbiaIdea has organised a debate between the mayoral candidates for Wednesday, 11th May at 8.00pm in the Parador. The theme will be the local economy, and will involve dialogue between candidates. There will also be questions from the floor. Everyone is invited to attend, and there will be a dinner at the Parador after the event, open to everyone. For more info and reservations contact moc.liamg|aediaibax#moc.liamg|aediaibax. From XAD: XàbiaIdea....

Breakfast talk about Web 3.0

May 5th
One of the biggest problems we face today is information overload, a problem that is heightened by the enormous size of the Web which provides access to millions of resources, regardless of their physical location and language. According to some Internet experts, Web 3.0 will allow the user to sit back and let the Internet do all of the work for them. Rather than having search engines gear towards your keywords, the search engines will gear towards the user. Date: May 12, 2011 from 10 to 12 hours Venue: Hotel El Rodat (Javea) Registration: Free, seating limited to 45 people. Speaker: Dolors Reig, social psychologist and senior editor of the blog THE SHELL From Xàbia Idea Website:

Bloc Centristas present their Candidates - May 5th

May 4th
The Bloc Centristas will be presenting their candidates tomorrow (Thursday) at 8.00pm , at the electoral haedquarters by the Plaza Marina Alta (Next to the Post Office) . Afterwards everyone will have some "coques". All welcome (From Press Release)

Rodat Chef selected for culinary competition

May 4th
Ivan Gru, and young chef from the El Rodat hotel has been selected as a finalist in the first "Premios Plato'10 de Alicante" cooking competition. He will compete with three other finalists for the Best New Chef award. The results of the competition organised by the "Asociación de Hostelería de la Provincia de Alicante" will be announced on May 8th. (From XAD: Ivan Grau...

Agriculture in the Marina Alta falls by a half over the past two years

May 3rd
According to the Valencia Association of Farmers (AVA), regional agriculture is in rapid decline. This is partly due to the unprofitability of oranges and grapes (a farmer receives the same amount of money for 13 kilos of oranges as a shopper in the Netherlands pays for one orange). There are few young people coming into the industry (average farmer age is around 60); land was abandoned during the era of speculation for housing development; and farms in this area are very small, less than a hectare. In contrast, in Andalucia, the minimum farm size is 20 hectares, which allows for more efficient mechanisation. From Las Provincias: La agricultura de la.....

Nueva Jávea Questionnaire reveals Public concerns

May 3rd
Since last year, Nueva Javea has carried out a street survey in which they asked 1000 people what their needs and suggestions are, with the aim of including these concerns in their political manifesto. The survey was carried out in Castilian, Valencian, English, German and Dutch. Among the most recurrent themes are those related to dog mess on the pavement, the neglect of the Arenal promenade and high IBI. Smoke from agricultural burning is considered a nuisance as is the inability of some categories of people to obtain public health services.From XAD: NJ pregunta...

A PP survey reckons they will win the elections

May 1st
The electoral committee of the Xàbia PP has released a press statement reporting that a telephone survey of 200 randomly chosen over 18 year-olds, covering all the urban centres of Xàbia will give the PP 8 to 9 councillors at the next election ..and hence victory. The actual questions have not been published, but the majority of the respondents are reported to have indicated that "the PP is the political alternative which generates the highest preference among the citizens of Xàbia to win the post of mayor" Six out of ten of the people surveyed said they would go to vote, and that among them, the PP is the preferred choice to win the post of mayor. The survey was done by a professional company, and reports 95.5% confidence level plus or minus 7% From Press release . (Eds note: you could drive a bus through the holes in this survey !)

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