Mayor Salary Press Release

Press Release

The Mayor of Javea Renounces Salary and Other Retributions

Javea, Friday, 5 August 2011

The mayor of Javea, José Chulvi, will not earn a single euro for his leadership of the town council. Chulvi explained that before the Secretary he has waivered his salary of 50,000 euros as well as other entitlements to which he and other councillors (without set salaries) are entitled, which can total up to 1,700 euros per month. He has also announced that he would not receive payment for attending board meetings of AMJASA, the public water company.

The mayor indicated that, as he had promised, he has given up his municipal salary after accepting a salary as a representative (Diputado) in the Province of Alicante. In this sense, Chulvi assured that his work with the Diputación de Alicante would not affect his dedication to the Ayuntamiento at Javea but, on the contrary, it will, “form part of my work for Javea, since I will know first hand about issues that are being considered there, which would be a great benefit to the municipality,” he stated.

More importantly, the fact that the Mayor will be able to draw a salary from the Diputacion will suppose substantial savings for the Town Hall, especially at a time when, “politicians should lead by example when it comes to implementing austerity measures,” Chulvi added.
The relinquishment of a municipal salary by José Chulvi further reduces costs to the Ayuntamiento, which had already announced annual reductions of 150,000 euros. These will now rise to 200,000 euros a year and some 800,000 euros over the period of four years, the term of office for the current incumbents.

However, since the 50,000 euros salary is already in the current budget, the mayor will determine where this cash will be spent through a credit modification. Chulvi has proposed that it be used for scholarships and support for promising students and athletes, educational plans, business and social projects that would generate jobs in Jávea. “I want the people to feel that being a resident of Javea has its benefits,” he stated. To find the best way to invest his salary, Chulvi will be contacting people in education, sport and business.

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