Ministry proposal for port expansion

Ministry proposal for redevelopment and expansion of Xàbia Port

This text adapted from article in Xabia al Dia: Conselleria propone un proyecto para el puerto deportivo de Xàbia. All errors mine ! (Chris B-J)

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has just submitted a project proposal for redevelopment and expansion of the port of Xàbia. The project aims to increase the port basin to more than 60.000m2, opening the arm of the eastern breakwater and closing it at the point where it is now.

The "Draft comprehensive redevelopment of the port of Javea and its environment" would include, as well as a private Marina adjacent to the eastern breakwater, several public spaces designed to integrate the port with its urban area.


Left: as it is now; Right: Proposed expansion

The western wharf will become an exclusively public zone and the current fish market an esplanade for pedestrians. The current car park opposite the fish market would become a two storey parking lot with a plaza on top. (private concession: 300 places, plus a further 260 parking places on the eastern breakwater for the Marina)


Left: as it is now; Right: Artists's impression

The public space would be at the level of the Calle Caleta and would give access to a path of 1.500m along the base of the mountain to the Cala del Pope, and would continue to the tip of the eastern breakwater.

According to Ministry, the number of moorings owned by the Generalitat would increase from 245 to 272. (However, a user says that they currently already have over 270 berths).

Land and water would be devoted to the fisheries sector. The fish market would occupy what is now the dry dock. Theoretically the fishermen would see their water area increase by 2.000m2, and would have 22m more dock space. They would also gain parking space being allocated about 1.200m2 extra land.

The Club Nautico, whose concession expires in 2017, gains some 1200m2 in water and moorings but will be the most affected by the project, since apart from losing its current location overlooking the fishing dock, its land area would be reduced by 200m2. While this does not seem a big difference in metres, its length will effectively be halved. Also, users of the Club would have to pay for parking in the two storey car park. The area which is currently that occupied by the Club would become a municipal area in which the council could do what it wanted.

In essence the Port would become a private Marina with 60.000m2 area of water, 28.000m2 of this being berths, with shops, workshops and service areas.

A port with 1,600 berths

According to Ministry, the Club Nautico has 450 moorings-although according to sources from the Club, there are 380. With the proposed expansion of the Port, the Club will have more berths and the Marina would have double the number of moorings.

If we tot this lot up, we could be talking about a port of Xàbia which could accommodate more than 1,600 boats.

The project also proposes improving access

The Ministry is not blind to the problem of port-access through the Port's urban centre. It proposed that the street of Cristo del Mar and its link with Admiral Basterreche is two-way, and that the first part of this road (in front of the hotel and the current plaza of the same name) becomes pedestrian.

Houses in the area surrounding the church would have egress from the top into Fray Jaime Ibanez and Cristo del Mar. Of course they would eliminate parking in the area, presumably for the benefit of the concessionaire of the new car parks, very much in the style of what has happened in the Old Town


Plan of proposed access to Port

It is suggested that various municipal groups should discuss the proposals, their pros and cons, and come to some sort of position. It is also likely that there will be a public meeting to explain the possible redevelopment and expansion of the port. The Ministry has promised that Xàbia will not not be required to execute a project that has not first had the agreement of all parties involved.

Director General will come the Javea on 12th May to hear the official comments.

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