Montanar Project Revived ?

Hope that the Montañar Project may be revived

The mayor and councilman Rafa Bas meet with the provincial head of the Costas
November 13th 2008
Yesterday's meeting between the Mayor of Xàbia, Eduardo Monfort, councillor Rafael Bas and the provincial head of Costas, Vincent Martinez, resulted in commitments of great significance for the municipality Xàbia.

One was to revive the project of the "Muntanya 1 linear park" soon as possible. This is a proposal that municipal officials have described as "ambitious and necessary to restore and improve the most emblematic part of the coast line of Xàbia". Monfort also revealed that he spoke about the possibility of adapting and improving the coastal strip and ecological zone which runs from Muntanya II to Cala Blanca. Although this issue is at a very early stage, according to the Town Hall.

Now, after several meetings between representatives of the Municipality and Ministry of Environment, the idea of reviving the ambitious Montañar project looks like it might become a reality. The ministerial department of the Costas has undertaken to formalize the proposal and adapt and update it. So much so that the mayor and the council have agreed with the head of the provincial department to meet again next week in the delegation of Alicante to analyze and examine in depth the outline plan that "best suits the needs of Jávea " according to the mayor.

Also, among the most urgent actions, the council told the head of the provincial Costas of the need to regenerate beaches that have been most damaged by the storms, especially the Tango Cove, where the sea has virtually swallowed up the beach. With this objective, the department has already undertaken significant actions, such as on the beach of Ambolo, and now it has made a commitment to restore the beach known as the "Pope".
Another subject of the draft agreement made during the meeting was the recuperation of the house known as "del Ministró", located in a privileged enclave at the tip of the Arenal and including an archaeological site. After negotiations resumed with the Ministry of Environment and fruitful talks held by the mayor with the family, Monfort has revealed that there is a very good predisposition on the part of the heirs of minister Mariano Navarro Rubio to give this building to Xàbia in order to make it a public space for cultural and social purposes.
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Nueva Javea Plan for the Arenal

September 2008
(includes proposal for Montañar)
Nueva Javea plan for the Arenal

Proposal to make Montañar one way…

June 2012
Another idea is to make the Montañar sea side road one way, enabling the creation of parking spaces next to the bike path and a pedestrian walkway from the Port to the Parador. From Las Provincias...Las Provincias:

Plan for walkway between the Port and Arenal

Sept 18th 2013
Xàbia Town Hall has submitted a plan to Costas (Ministry of the Environment) to develop a wooden walkway, five metres wide and two km long between the Triana bridge near the Port and the Parador at the Arenal. The walkway would serve two purposes: firstly enable people to stroll all the way along the beach unimpeded by pedestrian crossings and parked cars, and secondly act as a barrier to prevent cars from parking all over the coastal area. Parking would be restricted to a 5.6m strip on the sea-side of the road. The project would cost between €100,000 - 200,000 depending upon the type of walkway built. Additional possibilities are to make the road one-way, at least during the summer, and allow parking next to the bike lane. Attempts to develop rthis stretch of coast - Montanyar 1, go back 80 years. From Las Provincias: Xàbia pide costas...Xàbia pide costas….

Yet another proposal for the Montañar…

Oct 27th 2013
Another proposal put forward to the Town Planning Committee (Consell d'Urbanisme) about parking on Montañar 1, is the banning of all parking on the sea-side of the road between the Port and the Parador. Instead the bike lane would be transferred to the sea-side along with a pedestrian way (5m wide) - while cars would be parked on the landward side, either parallel to the pavement, or in chevrons, through in the latter case the road would have to be made one way. From XAD: El Consell…

Participatory budget proposal 2014

Mayor Chulvi announces competition for ideas for the Montañar sea-front

June 23rd 2016
Seeing the success of the competition by Benitatxell for choosing the design of a new municipal building, Xàbia's mayor Chulvi has announced a competition for ideas to develop the sea-front along the Montañar. From: Xabia al Dia Xàbia al Dia.

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