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Information in English in Xábia Museum

August 8th

Visitors to the Museum of Xàbia in the old town can now read descriptions of the museum exhibits in English, thanks to a collaboration between museum staff and a group of volunteer translators. The English translations of the main texts describe the history of Xàbia from its earliest times, around 20,000 BC, until the present day, giving the volunteers the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the town as they worked. The English language versions can be found on laminated sheets, illustrated with drawings, in holders alongside the display cases.

Around 15 English speaking volunteer translators have taken part in the project so far, with local archaeologist Josep Castelló Mari solving many a translation ‘headache’, with his expert knowledge of archaeological and architectural terminology in Castillian, Valencian and English. The volunteer translators work together via a “wiki” internet site which enables translators to work at home online and to help each other with suggestions. The work has had enormous benefits for both sides. Maggie Morgan, one of the volunteer translators and co-editor of the project, said ” it’s a privilege to help open up the history of Xàbia to a wider audience and also to be working alongside the museum staff and sharing their enthusiasm for their town”. Museum director Joaquim Bolufer thanked the volunteers, “the work of these dedicated volunteers will enable a much wider audience to appreciate the treasures of our town”.

The group, which also includes the Councillor for Culture Empar Desemparats Bolufer, is currently looking for French and German volunteers to help make the history of the town more accessible to speakers of those languages too.

The collaboration has prompted the formation of the Amics del Museo de Xàbia, an association of Friends of the Xàbia Museum. For a small annual fee anyone will be able to join the Association, which will be formally launched in the Autumn. Members will be invited to special events in the museum, as well as on excursions to sites of archaeological interest and other museums in the area. An inaugural meeting will be held in October, when ideas for future events will be welcomed; in the meantime anyone who would like to be kept informed can send their name to moc.liamg|aibaxuma#moc.liamg|aibaxuma or register their interest in the museum itself.


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