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This from Las Provincias 20 June 2008

The 2008 Budget for Javea has finally been revealed.

According to Las Provincias, projected expenditure amounts to 35 million Euros


1. Services 14 million
2. Personnel 13 million
3. Agreements with associations and consortia 1.8 million
4. Investments 2.5 million
5. A small amount for alarms for public buildings and the third payment for public works
6. 1.2 millions to pay off some of the town's 25 million Euro debt


1. Direct taxes (including house Rates) 18 million
2. Indirect taxes 1.1 million
3. License charges / other levies 6 million
4. From the State 0.75 million
5. Small subsidy from Ministry of Culture for the Casa de Cultura and Museum 100,000
…and to top up the shortfall
6. Sale of land and municipal buildings: 2.2 million

Nueva Javea gave its support on condition that an immediate 120,000 euros was released for tidying up the Arenal including improvements in lighting, landscaping, infrastructure, cleanliness, traffic, and greater security and signs. This was agreed. The budget was approved by the Council. PP voted against and noted that last year the fiestas budget was 877,000 and they actually spent 1.8 million.

Budget documents (in castellano) will soon be available for download from the Town Hall's website on:
Xabia Ayuntamiento- downloads

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