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Nudie Beach gets a Face-lift


The Ambolo beach (near the Cabo de la Nao) was closed on September 2006 due to danger of rock-slides. Previously it had been a beautiful rocky cove, accessible only by footpath, and frequented by nudists. The provincial authority in charge of the coast "Costas" has recently refurbished this cove and added 200 metres of beach using gravel from the Rio Girona. The beach reaches an old jetty, abandoned for decades. In order to truck in the gravel a dirt track was created, and this will be converted into a footpath for public access.

Thus one of the most beautiful and secluded bays of Jávea, with a new face, will now be accessible to more people, and its character changed forever.

(original article In Levante June 5th 2008)
Las obras en Ambolo permiten ganar 200 metros lineales de playa

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