News headlines July 2008

Concete Mixers Pouring In?

News Flash 31 July 2008
Word is about that it's not just the Old Town Residents and Business Community that will be mounting a protest this evening about the disruptions and loss of commerce arising from the ongoing works in their area.
The Plataforma for the Defence of Javea's Coastal Waters and Environment have learnt that the Javea Constructors will be adding their weight, if not actual concrete, to the protest and will be calling for, yes you've guessed it,
- more building to be allowed in Javea.
- the port expansion scheme to be agreed.
The 'Environmental' Plataforma are calling for those that support their protectionist stance to turn out and turn up early before this evening's 9 pm Pleno to make sure that the concete lobby is kept at bay.
While acknowledging the Old Town works have been very disruptive, the Environment Group fear that the building lobby will be using that justified protest as an opportunity to further their rather more controversial cause.

Another Opportunity for the Concrete Mixers?

July 31 2008
Many municipalities, including Javea, have just signed up to a Generalitat initiative to paliate the current distress in the construction sector.The proposal is for towns to allocate far more land for subsidised housing (VPOs) and encourage building land not yet programmed to be allocated for that purpose.
One can expect perhaps to see the 'demand' for subsidised housing to dramatically increase as a justification for yet more building, while current housing schemes stand empty or uncompleted?
(from Información)

Lack of personnel forces la Pedrera Hospital in Dénia to cancel 10,000 appointments

July 30th 2008
The lack of foresight and lack of investment by the Ministry of Health have caused the Pedrera Hospital, Denia to collapse with insufficient manpower to meet the needs of the more than 188,567 inhabitants of the Marina Alta and summer tourists. There used to be five opthalmologists and since June there has been only one. This summer, they have had to cancel between 10,000 and 12,000 appointments and planned operations due to lack of personnel. Full article in Las Provincias (We'll get round to translating the important facts and figures for this Wiki in due course)

Old Towners protest about the Works on Thursday 31st July

29th July
Residents of the Old Town are organising a march against the perceived mis-management of the works in the Old Town on Thursday 31st July at 9.00pm. They will congregate in La Placa de la Convent and head towards the Town Hall, where the monthly Council Meeting will be held. There they will use the opportunity to read a statement of protest. See Las Provincias El comercio de Xàbia....

Samaritans speaking English are at hand

29th July
Costa Blanca Samaritans have announced the launch of a free, English-language telephone service that will provide support for people experiencing emotional difficulties, and who might be suicidal. Based on the 50 years experience of the U.K. Samaritan organisation, highly trained volunteers will listen to what you have to say, allowing issues to be explored confidentially and without judgement. They are starting small, Monday to Wednesdays from 7 to 10p.m. The important number to call is 902 88 35 35 “You talk, we listen”

Just Whose Plot is it?

28th July
It is not only the weather that is hotting up and jellyfish that can sting the unwary!
The FEMP ( the Federation of Spanish Municipal Authorities) is becoming involved in further steps, through evolving a code of best practice, that will encourage far more full, as opposed to token, compliance with regulations that require local councillors to declare their interests. This should bring more light to bear on suspicions of shady dealings in respect of land classification and development, particularly when a new Town Plan (PGOU) is being considered (as here in Javea). It appears that three cities and their 87 councillors have now come squeaky clean (Seville, Oviedo and Gijón). That just leaves another 8,000 municipalities and some 66,000 councillors where action is needed to deliver 'transparency'. How long will it be before someone starts this clean ball rolling in on the Costa Blanca? Javea, perhaps? (Thanks to AUN for this report)

Spanish government blows a gasket over oil-consumption profligacy

With Spain in the throes of its worst-ever economic crisis since the 1993 recession and suffering badly from the surge in oil prices oil, the government is trying to wean the country off its heavy reliance on imported fuel. Industry, Tourism and Trade Minister Miguel Sebastián is drawing up an energy-efficiency plan for the period 2008-2011 which aims to reduce imports of crude by 44 million barrels a year, which would wipe around €5 billion off the country’s energy import bill. Click here for more

Stung again!

26th July
Jellyfish returned to sting bathers off the Arenal (60 cases in an hour) and Grava (10 cases) beaches. In Denia massive stings were attributed to small transparent cuboid medusae (not so common hereabouts) which are difficult to see. Source Las Provincias: Jellyfish return to Las Marinas

Jávea Wild boars move house

25th July
The wild boar (jabalí) in Jávea have moved home from the mountains into agricultural land where they are becoming a pest. They seem to be fond of tomatoes, melons and irrigated land, and dig happily in orange and olive orchards. Hunters have permits to lie in wait and ambush the marauding pigs, however no luck yet (pigs have a great sense of small and sensitive hearing).Source Las Provincias:Massive presence of wild pigs in Jávea... Comment: This is reminiscent of the situation with elephants in Africa and bears in the States. Human activity reduces their natural habitats and creates easy pickings nearby.

Smoke signals or Smouldering over the port?

Following the vote earlier this month by the Javea Town Hall to reject the plans from Valencia to expand Javea’s harbour it seems that representatives of those local parties that abstained from voting were invited to continue to discuss options in Valencia. Those parties that voted against any expansion were excluded, but got to hear about it subsequently.
It is reported that matters concerning access to the port area were discussed but other than that, nothing concrete!
(from Levante 18 July ’08)

Wi –Fi for Javea Hotspots

The town Hall announced today (18 July ’08) that it is arranging for parts of the Old Town to be covered by a free Wi- Fi service, something that will also provide coverage from the Puerto to the Arenal.

Property Woes

There are more reports of construction companies coming under the cosh, with the word recession creeping more frequently into analyses of the current economic situation. Predictions mount of further pain ahead, for construction companies, their shareholders and banks, together with those property owners with variable rate mortgages or who may need to sell. (from El Pais 16.07.08)

More Grava Indignation

The summer art exhibition on the promenade above the Grava beach by the harbour in Javea has provoked more reaction than usual. Panels created by local sculptor Toni Miro have been deemed by some to be depicting scenes more pornographic than erotic. ‘Not the sort of thing to which young children should be exposed’ has been one comment. ( from Levante 16.07.08) Miro defends his art in Las provincias: Quien hable de pornografia....

A Good Read for a Lot of Bulls

The Generalitat has published guidelines on how Bull runs to the sea should be conducted. It has been directed, for those organizing such matter, to those in Comunidad resorts, including Javea, where bull running to the sea edge ‘Bous al Mar’ is conducted as part of local fiestas. The report aims to ensure safety for all, including the bulls, emphasizing that those under 16 should not participate (children, not bulls). (from Las Provincias 9.07.08)

Pipes burst on the Arenal

The water pipes around the Arenal came under too much pressure on Wednesday (9th July), the main burst and caused temporary flooding.Then the same happened in the Avenida Augusta.Luckily the Amjasa team were quickly on hand and able to stem the loss of expensively desalinated water. A spokesman warned that increased demand in the summer holiday tended to increase the risk of similar happenings.

Nearing the Main Opening Time

This month should see the opening of the main road through the Old Town of Javea. Although a few days later than scheduled, the main road past the Correos and down the hill should be open once again to traffic by the 25th of this month (July).

Tango and the Fontana

The Tango beach- the tiny one in the corner beyond the outer breakwater- is due to be recovered from its current diminuitive state. Meanwhile, the works that have been underway to sort out the damage to the Fontana Canal, caused by the October '07 floods, were given the seal of approval by officials this week.

Plea from the Javea's Plataforma Civica to Brussels

The Plataforma Civica of Javea have written to urge Brussels to protect Javea's Puerto from any plans for expansion. See: Vecinos de Xàbia reclaman....

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