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Promoting year-round Tourism in the Marina Alta

Extracted from Las Provincias, 22nd June 2008 and the website.

30 companies from Denia, Xàbia, Calpe, Benissa and Teulada-Moraira have come together in the formation of the Estación Náutica Marina Alta (Marina Alta Coastal Resort). This group's tourist products mainly relate to the sea, but they also offer accommodation and off season activities.

The products are geared to people of all ages and abilities and are available all year round. Packages are aimed at singles, couples and families. All associated companies comply with the legal requirements for their operations.

The national body, the Asociación Española de Estaciones Náuticas (the Spanish Association of Coastal Resorts) has launched an ambitious campaign to get clients. Since 2006 there has been a website covering all 25 partner resorts: See: . This is being translated into English, German and French. The site shows 4,597 of the tourist products of 1,186 associated companies, which employ 11,000 people. Products include non-marine activities such as absailing, kite gliding, hiking, mountain biking and climbing, golf, quads and paint-ball.

The association has official support of Tourespaña ( and 45 municipalities are cooperating in its activities.

Two promoters are publicizing the group in UK and Germany, and delegations have recently opened in Portugal and Belgium

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