News - Stink on the beach

This from Levante June 23rd 2008:
Illegal discharge from a boat near the Grava Beach alarms the coast guard

Stink on the Beach

On Saturday afternoon a slick of faecal matter was spotted off the beach of Benissero (Primer Muntanyar) and then the La Grava beach. The red cross rib went out to investigate and found a slick of some 8 square metres (less than originally thought). However they informed the sea rescue people and by 7.00pm the Municipal authorities were informed (Protección Civil, Capitanía Marítima, boat ministry). The danger was assessed to be too small to necessitate evacuating the beach.

Bathers reported that it contained faecal matter, toilet paper, salvaslips and oil and had an unpleasant odour.

The greasy nature of the slick indicated that it had been discharged illegally from a boat. This kind of illegal discharge apparently becomes more common with the arrival of summer and as more boats venture seawards. A suggestion that the slick originated from the new Arenal rainwater runoff drains was denied by the Councillor for the Environment. People were asked to denounce these types of discharges to the authorities.

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