November 2009 News Headlines

Spain unveils sweeping economic strategy

November 28th
Spain's government on Friday approved a sweeping reform package designed to reduce its recession-hit economy's reliance on the construction sector and usher in a more sustainable growth model. The reforms include measures to streamline bureaucracy, improve education and encourage companies to have a more international focus as well as tax breaks for firms that innovate and the promotion of investment in the renewable energy sector and high-tech industries. To promote the goals of the strategy the government approved the creation of a new 20-billion-euro (30-billion-dollar) investment fund that is funded partially by the state and partially by Spanish banks. See: AFP report. However The Economist notes that reforms on labour laws are not included: "Spain’s two-tier labour system is inefficient as well as unfair. Half the workers are on permanent contracts that make them extremely hard (and costly) to fire. Most of the rest scrape by in a netherworld of short-term contracts, bouts of unemployment and the black market." For the Economist's comments see: Spain's economic troubles - Unsustainable More on this from the Times: Spain turns down the Air Conditioning and Wall Street Journal: Spain's chronic illness

Sale of Discounted Stock in the Old Town

November 26th
25 shops in the Old Town will be displaying heavily discounted goods in the streets over the weekend of December 5th and 6th in the second winter season Sale. There will also be a school chess competition, and speed painting competition. Shops open at 10.00am.

Parenting courses launched

November 26th
Thirty parents of infants will attend a series of parenting workshops to be held in the Social Centre and led by the town's educational psychologist, Reme Berenguer. The meetings will be on Thursdays, from 3.15 till 4.15. Another course covering parents of teenagers is planned.

Valencia budget silent on Arenal promenade

November 26th
The regional PP has announced that the Valencia Government budget includes provision for a library in the Port, the restoration of a landfill (without mentioning Ramblars by name) and completion of the low cost social housing next to the Montaner park. But there is no mention of other projects such as the Arenal promenade. XAD El PP asegura...

Climate change report inclement for Spain

November 24
Spain is one of the European countries at risk of suffering the greatest damage as a result of climate change over the next 70
years, according to a new European Commission report. The report postulates that if the climate that scientists are predicting for the year 2080 were a reality today, Southern Europe, including Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Portugal, would see tourism revenues drop by €5 billion, as well as a 25-percent decline in agricultural production. The report also suggests that the European Union as a whole would suffer from GDP losses of in between €20 billion and €65 billion, depending on the exact nature of temperature rises. Increases of between 2.5ºC and 5.4ºC are predicted. Climate change will not affect all areas equally, according to the study, which calculated climate change’s impact in the areas of agriculture, river levels, coastal systems and tourism. While most of Europe would suffer, Scandinavia and the Baltic nations would see a slight rise in quality of life. EL PAÍS, Madrid In this context, new calculations estimate that sea levels will rise by 2 metres over the next 100 years Climate Change Quickens... - what future for the Arenal ?

Town hall improves lookout points


November 26th
The Town Hall is improving Xàbia's "miradores" scenic look-out points, the latest being those of the Cabo de la Nao and Ambolo. The latter inlcudes improved and safe access to one of the fishing areas, the Pesquera Sòl del Barranc. Renovated steps and wooden hand rails enable a descent of around 90m.

Abandoned boat found in la Barraca

November 26th
An abandoned boat in la Barraca cove was reported on Monday morning by a bystander. It looks as though this boat may have been part of a drugs run which was intercepted on Sunday night by police in Santa Pola. Ironically the boat was not detected by the high tech thermal surveillance system installed on the Cabo de San Antonio. From Las Provincias: Un vecino alerta....

Xàbia hosts regional meeting of developers and architects


November 25th
A two day workshop on urban development of the Mediterrannean region will be hosted in Jávea from Friday 27th under the umbrella of the "Fundación Foro Jávea de Vecindad y Casa Mediterráneo". The aim of the meeting between renowned architects and town planners from different Mediterranean countries is to highlight the consequences of urban development in the region over the past few decades. Experiences will be compared and conclusions drawn up to create a reference point at a time when urban development is undergoing a steep downturn. From XAD Encuentro entre...

Opposition complains about wasted money

November 24th
The opposition Socialists have criticised the Town Hall for spending 390,000 Euros to move the Services offices to temporary accomodation above the Portal del Clot Car Park. The room they are now using was designed to be the Town Hall cafeteria, and the Services department will soon be finally move to the new Town Hall building nearby. Rent for the previous offices had been 14,000 per year. The socialists also voted against the appointment of a lawyer, at tax payers expense, to defend the honour of the Municipal Architect, who had been denounced by hunger striker, Antonio Serrano (see below) From XAD 390 mil Euros....and Las Provincias

Desperate and Demolished Hunger striker gives up


November 24th
Antionio Serrano, feeling dizzy and unwell after five days without food in the sun for the day and cold of the night, gave up his hunger strike and was taken to hospital. His beach-side protest bore placards of support from other residents who had suffered perceived urbanisation injustices.

Two members of the Dolphin SCUBA Club missing in the Red Sea

November 20th
Two members of Xàbia's Dolphin SCUBA Club went missing in the Red Sea after their craft, the Coral Princess sank some 7km from the shore. The two missing persons, both from Valencia, frequently dive with the Xàbia Club. From XAD: Buceadores del Club....

Table of Contents

Citizen Participation projects to be supported with 19,000 Euros


November 20th
Xàbia's Agenda21 meeting on Thursday agreed how to allocate 19,000 Euros available for Citizen Participation projects in the coming year: 4000 Euros for environmental projects run by "Para Una Xàbia Sostenible" - the association set up to manage the town's highly successful Jute bag project. This group is looking into methods of reducing energy and water consumption; 5000 Euros to continue renovating the children's play area in Javea Park (lighting and improved skateboard ramps); 1000 Euros for a "Slow Food" Seminar and workshop. 2000 for another photo competition and 3000 to print books of winning photos from the two competitions; and 4000 for an independent study of flood risk of the Saladar area. In addition, the extension of cycle tracks, costing some € 300,000 could be undertaken through the new State investment money for sustainable development, together with the establishment of urban "huertos" (allotments).

Planning against flooding

November 20th
The Ministry of the Environment is to commission the drawing up of a master plan for flood defenses. The successful tenderer will undertake a detailed study of geomorphological, rainfall, hydraulic and hydrological factors and identify corrective measures to prevent flood damage. There will be a detailed aerial survey, mapping and the collection of field data. The contract will cost 1.6 million €. From XAD: La CHJ elaborará...

Demolished and Desperate goes on hunger strike


November 19th
The developer Antonio Serrano, who recently had his house demolished, who subsequently denounced the Town Architect for an illegal building and later complained of death threats.. (See "Tit for Tat stories below") has now gone on hunger strike on the promenade at Arenal beach. He says he'll stay there until the Mayor steps down and the Municipal architect is sacked. A press statement on this matter is due on Friday. From XAD: Un vecino...

Spanish biotechnology should focus on food and plant sectors to be more competitive

Spain and Latin American countries have an opportunity to take the lead in two small biotechnology sectors. Researchers from the University of Valencia (UV), working together with the IDICHUS Foundation, have studied the productive fabric of the Spanish biotechnology industry. Their conclusion is that Spain's food and plant sectors have more clout than those in English-speaking countries. For more see: Press release on : Eureka Alert

Xàbia to mark "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women"

November 19th
Wednesday, November 25th marks the UN's "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women". Two events marking this day will be held in Xàbia. The first will be a perfromance of the play "Passos Lleuggers" by Dacia Mariani, and Italian author (See Wikipedia). The work includes eight stories told in the first person by women from around the world who have been subject to gender violence. The Councillor for Culture notes that of the total deaths resulting from domestic violence in Spain some 67.3% are Spanish nationals, while 32.7% are foreigners. Most cases being in people aged between 31 and 40. A manual about gender violence can be downloaded from the Town Hall Website. The second event on Wednesday is a session of readings, videos, photos and books organised by the Xàbia Women's Reading Circle in the Casa del Poble (Convent plaza, Old Man's Roundabout) at 7.30 pm ; entrance 3 Euros. Refreshments. (Apparently proceedings will be in English and Castellano). On Thursday 26th at 4.00pm in the Soler Blasco Museum, there will be a workshop for professionals on domestic violence. (From XAD and press releases)

Spain's recession drags on with few signs of growth

November 19th
Spain's recession stretched into its fifth quarter in the July-to-September period, final gross domestic product data showed on Wednesday, as the economy showed few signs of returning to sustainable growth. See for more.

1000 Pieces of Tosca recovered from the old Cemetery


November 18th
More than 1000 pieces of tosca stone, each worth about €18, have been recovered from the demolition of the old cemetery. They are now stored in a compound near the Canal de la Fontana. Damaged stones of lesser value have been dumped in another field and municipal workers are checking through them to see if they have any value. Reports that some human bones were found among this rubble are being investigated. From XAD: El Ayuntamiento ha....

Javea Soccer team struggles to survive while the Javea Bulls demolish Torrevieja 45-12

November 15th
Javea Soccer team is in dire financial straits and has recently undergone a complete change of management. It has now reduced the ticket price for non members to five Euros to try and encourage more fans. Meanwhile the new Javea Bulls Rugby Union team is doing well. The line up has been boosted by experienced Brit players from Denia and Safor Rugby Clubs. See Javea Rugby Club

Xàbia Day care centre receives charitable donations

November 15th
On Friday November 13th the Roundabout Charity shop donated11,500 Euros, and the Javea Computer Club donated 740 Euros to the new Day Care Centre for Alzheimers and other incapacitated dependents. This is housed in the refurbished Convent de Agustinas (Old Man's Roundabout), and run by the nuns of the Congregation of Marta and Mary. It will be inaugurated on December 17th. For more and information on how to sign up, see: Day Care Centre

Town hall engages a Lawyer to recover ownership of Church

13th November
A lawyer will examine the documents relating to the ownership of the San Bartolomeu fortified church to see if there is any way that ownership can be returned from the Archbishop of Valencia to the Town. One avenue for hope is that article 207 of the law enables suspension of the registration for two years during which time an action to claim property rights can be lodged. There is a precedent in the case of Alberic where a chapel and its grounds have been recovered. Over the last 20 years Xàbia has lost the Monastery of la Plana and Convent to the Church. The Town will at last document all its assets to register them if necessary and prevent further losses.
From XAD: Un letrado...

New Valenciano course kicks off

November 12
A new course "del Voluntariat pel Valencià" has begun. This includes one on one conversation sessions with native Valencian speakers and opportunities to learn more about regional culture. On 21st November participants will be going on a trip to Valencia to see the Sorolla Exhibition "Visión de España", as well as the exhibition of Iberian jewelery which includes the original Xàbia treasure. They will also see the archaeological exhibition of l'Almoïna. Within the group are people of many nationalities including German, UK, Italian, French, Dutch, Guatemalan Swiss and Belgian. Anyone interested in joining should sign on at the Casa de Cultura or e-mail gro.aibaxja|arutluc#gro.aibaxja|arutluc (from press release)

Spain’s wind turbines supply half of the national power grid

November 10th
Spain was celebrating its commitment to renewable energy yesterday after wind turbines dotted across the country produced more than half of all its electricity for the first time. High winds across Spain on Sunday meant that for over five hours, over 53 per cent of the country’s power came from wind energy. The towering white wind turbines which loom over Castilla-La Mancha — home to Cervantes’s hero Don Quixote — and which dominate other parts of Spain, set a new record in wind energy production. For more from the Times see: Spain's Wind Turbines.....

New MOT vehicle inspection station to open in Ondara in December

November 9th
A new ITV (MOT) station will be opening in Ondara in December. It is located just off the Ondara / Benidoleig / Pamis roundabout and will be run by ATECSA, under a concession from the Department of Industry. From XAD La ITV Marina Alta.....

Gata photographers clean up Xabia Photo competition

November 10th
The winners of the "Spirit of Sustainable Xàbia" photo competition were announced in the Soler Blasco Museum on Saturday. There were 16 participants and the two winnners were photo enthusiasts from Gata. The pictures will be on display in the Casa de Tena in early February and be lodged in the town's photographic resource library. First prize- Best collection 300 € - Pablo Mulet Ivars; Second prize: Best collection - 200 € Miguel Ángel Serra i Galdón; Third prize best compulsory photo: 100 € - Miguel Ángel Serra i Galdón; and special prize: Best photo: 300 € Miguel Ángel Serra i Galdón. The winning pictures were of high quality and both winners have won regional photography competitions in the past.

No more Tit for Tat…or else

November 10th
The Xàbia promoter who denounced the Municipal Architect for building an allegedly illegal villa in Granadella has complained to the Guardia Civil about an anonymous phone call death threat. Apparently the caller spoke in Valencian and told him to withdraw his denuncia, or it would be the worse for him, if he didn't , he'd be dead. From Levante: Amenazan al promotor....

Valencia Government cuts Port expansion project from 2010 Budget


November 6th
The Valencia Department of Infrastructure has deleted the entries in the 2010 budget for Xàbia Port expansion, Gata road dual carriageway, Canal de la Fontana and canalisation of the Frechinal gully. There is still support for culture and the fishing industry and indirect support through public companies. From XAD Infraestructuras borra.....

Avda Ramon Llidó to close to traffic during school hours.

November 5th
The newly re-built Avda Ramon Llido will remain closed during school hours for reasons of child safety. This is because there are school facilities on both sides of the road and children are constantly having to cross from one facility to the other. The road will be open to traffic after 5.00pm and on non-teaching days. From XAD La renovada...

Landscapes of War and Refugees


November 5th
Exhibitions entitled : "Paisajes de Guerra" (Landscapes of War) and "Refugiados" (Refugees) will be on display in the Casa de Tena on the Old Town until November 22nd. Information panels are in Castellano, Valencian and English. They include information on events during the civil war in Xàbia. There are also items such as diaries, pamphlets, pistols and newspapers of the time, and tickets were issued by the Town Hall in the absence of legal tender. To complement the exhibition, a TV documentary will be shown on the lower floor. The "Refugees" exhibition includes images of the tragedy of exile, which affected thousands of children who were evacuated from Madrid in 1936. Some of them were brought to Xàbia. A few remained and developed their lives in the municipality. Opening times: Tuesday to Friday from 10h to 13h and 17h to 20h, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10h to 13h.

Come to Ecobuild 2010

November 4th
The Alicante Chamber of Commerce is inviting local construction and renewable energy businesses to attend the Ecobuild International fair in the UK in March . Ecobuild is the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment. New European regulations make sustainable building techniques mandatory. Local businesses can sign up via the Chamber of Commerce web site.

Tit for Tat

November 4th
The owner of the property in Cansalades which was recently demolished by court order (See demolition story below) happens to be a developer. He is now exacting a type of revenge by has denouncing the Xàbia Town Architect for building a villa on the protected land of Granadella bay. The property is question was previously a hunter's lodge. Whether or not this denuncia sticks depends upon whether the renovation works done on the lodge are considered to be large or small. The house is already the subject of a possible urban infringement. An external assessor will be asked to judge, since the town's urban department dare not say anything for fear of being accused of favouritism. See nice picture of the property in XAD

Xàbia Counselling service to expand its remit

November 2nd
Until recently the counselling service of Xàbia concentrated on schools, but now it has expanded its free service to include the population at large. They offer therapy for individuals with personal crises, emotional and communication difficultie; specialised care for adolescents; group intervention and support groups. There are two psychologists and an educationalist. From XAD El gabinete....

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