November 2013 News Headlines

Police evict TV staff in Valencia after closure of station

Nov 30th
Liquidators escorted by police evicted staff from a public TV station (Valencian language station Canal 9 / RTVV) in Valencia, after an order to shut it down. They moved in after staff at the loss-making station defied the closure order by the regional government and continued broadcasting. Valencia's government took the decision to close RTVV after losing a court battle over staff cuts. For more and video see: BBC News Europe

Agenda21 Meeting to elect representatives on Town Hall committees

Nov 28th
There will be a meeting at 8.00pm on Tuesday December 3rd to elect Agenda21 representatives to sit on the various Town Hall consultative committees (Urban development and environment, Culture, Tourism, etc.) . All welcome.

More money for Xàbia's Parks and Gardens and Tourism

Nov 28th
Xàbia's 2014 budget includes an increase of 26.75% for Parks and Gardens and 28.85% for Tourism. This is because the town has recently received numerous urbanisations and their associated green spaces, also it is important to improve urban aesthetics in a tourist town like Xàbia. From Las Provincias: Xàbia ...

12 new storm-water drain inlets for Avda Fontana

Nov 28th
Currently the Avda Fontana (Arenal) has only nine grilled drains to take surface water away into the storm-water drainage system. The Arenal is always flooding, so to improve the situation, the Town Hall works department will be installing a further 21 grated water inlets, 100 x 50cm at a cost of €19,000 from Las provincias....

Meeting to promote Regional seed Bank


Nov 28th
The "Xàbia Viva" association, in collaboration with the Town Hall is organising a day of interchange at the RiuRau Arnuda (above the Plaza de la Constitución) on 1st December. The aim of the meeting is the promotion of a regional seed bank of local varieties of fruit and vegetables. There will be talks starting at 9.00am and the opportunity for growers to swap plant seeds. From XAD: Xàbia Viva .....

On the job training with Amjasa for ten unemployed would be plumbers

Nov 26th
Xàbia and Amjasa have received €888,253 from the Ministry of finance and European Social Fund to organise a training course for employability in the water sector. There will be places for ten unemployed Jávea people - aged above 25, as well as people over 45 who have family responsibilities. They will work with Amjasa's company crews from Monday-Thursday, as apprentices to Amjasa's 10 plumbers, and receive theoretical training on Fridays. The contracts will last a year and candidates will receive a monthly salary of 940 Euros. The trainees will be involved in Amjasa's extensive projects for renewing the water supply network.The Town Hall also has ideas for Hospitality training. From XAD: Amjasa y el and Las Provincias: Xàbia ofrece...

Xàbia 2014 budget €37 million with a million for infrastructure investment

Nov 25th
Xàbia's Finance Committee has approved the town's budget for 2014 which will amount to €37 million and include at least 1 million for investments (maintenance of roads and services etc.), plus another 800,000 conditional on the sale of municipal land. The tax for minor building works will be temporarily abolished, so as to encourage house refurbishments and improvements. Also business and bars which pay the "pavement tax" early can get a 60% discount. The period of payment to providers is being reviewed - at an average of 45 days it still needs to be reduced. Despite the crisis and "catastrazo" the Town Hall has been able to reduce the municipal debt, which stood at €45 million when the present administration took over, and should be down to €26 million at the end of 2014. This trend means that the town hall coffers are paying less in interest to banks each year. From XAD Xàbia suprimirá.... and Las Provincias: Xàbia eleva....

Amjasa donates pump to volunteer firefighting brigade

Nov 21st
The municipal water company AMJASA has delivered a new water pump to the Bomberos Voluntarios de Balcón al Mar, the volunteer fire service was first on the scene of the fire in La Guardia at the beginning of October. The new pump is more powerful than their previous apparatus and will allow up to eight hoses to be attached to it. It will also serve to help pump out flooded areas, another level of assistance that the volunteers have provided.For full story see: Javeamigos

Fifteenth Century graffiti in old municipal building received attention of Valencian restorers

Nov 22nd
In September 2013, the press reported the poor state of the repair of the Casa de Candelaria - an old town house owned by the Town Hall. Works are being undertaken to ensure it doesn't collapse and recently, some grafiti - charcoal drawings of sailing boats and human figures was discovered. This seems to be dated from the 15th century and has now received the interest of the Valencian Institute of Restoration and Conservation. Hopefully these drawings will be preserved with some interesting interior arches when the building is restored. From XAD: Los grafitis...

Xàbia Restaurant gets a Michelin Star

Nov 22nd
The Bon Amb Restaurant, on the Camí Cabanes/ Benitatxell road roundabout, has been awarded a star in the Michelin international guide to restaurants. The Michelin inspectors visit restaurants "under cover" and the Bon Amb had no idea they had been inspected, or indeed awarded a star. The restaurant is run by Alberto Ferruz and Pablo Catalá and it uses 80% local produce. The press release of the Michelin guide refers to Bon Amb "as an updated traditional cuisine with creative touches." from XAD: Bon Amb lleva...

A ban on tabletop oil pourers, as government tries to boost exports

Nov 22nd
The era of the traditional olive oil dispensers regularly seen on restaurant tables across Spain has come to an end. Beginning in January, the country's more than 350,000 bars, restaurants and catering establishments will have to serve the "liquid gold" in non-refillable, tamper-proof bottles or capsules. For full story see: El Pais in English

Montgó Park budget halved

In 2012, the budget for managing the Montgó Natural Park was 799,000 Euros, with €249,000 being spent on conservation and maintenance. In 2013, the budget was cut to 465,000 with only 65,000 for conservation and maintenance. The only expenditures not to feel deep cuts was the plan to watch out for forest fires at €191,000 and the elimination of invasive species at €25,000 From XAD: El presupuesto...

Launch of Flexible municipal tax payments

Nov 19th
Xabia's innovative system for flexible payments of municipal taxes has been launched. Xabia residents are encouraged to go to the simulator on the Town Hall's website: armed with their NIF/NIE and last year's bills. Having completed the on-line form, to print it out and take it to the Citizen's Attention Office (Portal del Clot) or the Economic office (Calle Mayor) to validate the payments schedule. Staff there can also help to configure the payment plan for people whoare not net savvy. People who pay all their taxes in January will receive a 4% discount. There four different payment options. From Press Release.

Dog pound raided for fighting dogs

Nov 19th
Xàbia's municipal dog pound, run in collaboration with APASA , has been raided three times in recent weeks -probably the raiders are after dogs to use in illegal dogfights. Their recent target seems to be is a particular rottweiler, which is aggressive towards people (it had been tethered continually in its earlier life , but is ok with other dogs). This time, no dogs were taken, though they were moved to different cages. A mastiff and an alsatian cross were taken in earlier raids. These dogs, though docile, would have been used as sparring partners for fighting dogs - and most likely killed. The pound is trying to improve its security measures. From Diarioinformatico..

Cleaning up the Montgó

Nov 18th
Xàbia's Department of the Environment is cleaning up scrub from gulleys in the public area of the Montgó to enhance drainage and fire prevention. They arec also bringing to light old agricultural constructions in the area, such as bancales (terraces) which are an integral part of the traditional landscape. From Press Releas.

Montgó Natural Park plans a promotional fair

Nov 18th
The governing body of the Montgó Natural park is planning a fair to bring together the traditions and handicrafts of all the municipalities in its area. This will be held on December 15 in Gata de Gorgos. From XAD: El Montgó..

IBAN numbers and SWIFT codes will be essential for all payments and receipts from February 2014

Nov 18th
To make any financial transactions involving bank account numbers, an IBAN number will be necessary from February onwards. This includes payments made to or to be received from accounts within the same country – no longer just from abroad. Expatriates should note: Anyone who has money regularly paid into their bank accounts in the form of wages, invoices settled by clients, standing orders from an account or savings plan in the UK, or a pension will have to let the sender know what their IBAN code is. The Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, is contacting all State pensioners asking them to confirm their full account numbers and IBAN codes. For full story see: ThinkSpain.

Table of Contents

End of season increase in unemployed

Nov 18th
October saw an increase of 124 unemployed in Xàbia and a total of 2062, although there were 444 new job contracts. Most of the unemployed (1353) are in the service sector while 418 are in construction. 81 8n industry and 32 in agriculture. 178 people have newly signed on as unemployed. From XAD: La finalización...

Gourmet Seafood event - 'Xàbia al Plat Mariner' from 23rd November

Nov 14
The 'Asociación de Restauradores de Xàbia (ARX)' has presented details of its second 'Xàbia al Plat Mariner' gastronomy event which aims to promote local seafood cuisine. The event kicks off on Saturday 23rd November. For full details see Javeamigos

Workshop on alternative fruit crops

Nov 14th
Xàbia Town Hall in collaboration with CREAMA is organising a training workshop on agriculture and "new" fruit crops. Experienced agricultural engineers from the region will be looking at cultivating avocado, persimmon (caqui) - especially the bright red variety, pomegranate and new citrus and grape varieties. The workshop will take place in the evenings from Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd from 18.00 - 21.00 hours. From XAD: El Ayuntamiento.... (Eds Note: These fruits are all being successfully grown and marketed in the wider region, as noted in a number of press articles reported in this Wiki)

Citrus crops hindered by warm weather

Nov 12
The absence of rain and high temperatures have slowed the citrus harvest in the region this year. In addition to the increase in production costs due to an extended pest season, demand from the main European markets has been weak. This is because "they usually associate the purchase of citrus fruits with lower temperatures and a need to consume them to avoid health problems like colds" - and the weather has been mild. There has also been a delay in the development and maturation of the fruit, which requires hours of cold to develop colour and the right level of sweetness. From Las Provincias...

Hunters want to shoot wild boar in the Montgó Natural Park

Nov 12
Last Saturday evening, an elderly lady was unfortunate enough to write off her car in a collision with a herd of wild boar on the Ondara/La Xara road. Two of the animals were killed. This has focused attention on the apparent population explosion of wild boar in the region which is attributed to the pressure of urban development, abandonment of the environment, forest fires etc. Boar are omnivorous and adaptable and have been seen rummaging in rubbish bins as well as foraging in crop fields. Hunters can currently obtain licenses to hunt "gancho" style, i.e. in groups with a maximum of 15 guns and 30 dogs, but would like to use beating over periods of several hours and unlimited numbers of dogs and guns. They note that 80% of the Montgó Natural Park is off limits to hunting, and declare that there is a "plague" of wild boar which needs to be dealt with. From Las Provincias: La Plaga....

The warmest autumn on record


Nov 10th
It's official - this autumn (October and early November) has been the warmest in the Comunidad Valenciana since records began. This is according to an article in Sunday's Las Provincias, reporting information from national Met office (AEMET). Rainfall is also some 90% below average. Ice cream sellers and the Tourist industry are happy, while fruit growers are miserable since the extended summer has seen a longer pest season and damage to fruit crops. Clothing retailers are having to discount winter lines since no-one is buying while the weather remains warm.

The invisible empire

Nov 10th
The Spanish police say that in last year's Operation Emperor, a series of companies run by a chinese man from an industrial estate in the north of the capital was found to be importing around 1,500 containers of goods a year. Between 10 percent and 20 percent of the real value of the contents was declared, and the rest generated earnings in the black economy of hundreds of millions of euros each year. At a warehouse at Valencia's container terminal, the country's largest, it is easy to see why so many imports from China escape the attention of the authorities. Rita, the Tax Office's supercomputer, detects inconsistencies in the container owner's tax declaration. Unofficial sources say that less than 10 percent of the containers entering and leaving the port of Valencia are physically checked. The risk analysis carried out by Rita is a vital tool in controlling goods entering Spain because the enormous amount of trade makes it impossible to check containers without bringing the port to a standstill. The usual trick is to falsify the amount, the value, and the nature of the goods inside a container so as to save on import duties and sales tax. For full story see: El País in English

Time to swing the wrecking ball on Spain's vacant homes?

Nov 10th
Estimates of the number of unsold houses range between the government's figure of 675,000 and the 815,000 calculated by savings bank CatalunyaCaixa. To this figure also needs to be added the close to half-a-million homes that are still under construction, according to both the government and the real estate sector. "There are places where homes are worthless, either because of their poor construction, or their location, and are simply a burden on the taxpayer," says Gonzalo Bernardos, a lecturer in economics at the University of Barcelona. In March, Sareb (authority managing taoxic assets) approved a business plan setting aside 103 million euros for demolition. For full story see: El Pais in English

Two ex-mayors of Xàbia to appear in Alicante Court

Nov 10th
Two ex mayors of Xàbia, Juan Moragues and Eduardo Monfort have been called to appear before the Alicante provincial court to answer charges dating back some 16 years. The case in point concerns alleged irregularities in town planning as well as forgery in relation to the development of the "Rodat" Aparthotel. Councillors serving on the governing team at the time are also implicated. Unfortunately for the accused, one of the properties affected by the building of the hotel is the brother of Valencia mayor, Rita Barberá, and he and another neighbour denounced the development. from Diarioinformación

Mystery of the "broken" sewerage pipe solved

Nov 10th
A survey commissioned by Xàbia Town Hall has revealed that the sewerage outfall pipe - reported to have been broken - was not broken, but partially dismantled. It had had a diffusor which is used when untreated sewage is discharged at sea. Since the sewage has been treated it was necessary and it also got clogged with sand. Therefore it had been removed and left as a leftover, or waste. Nervertheless, the Mayor has called for a meeting with the regional authority responsible. From: Diarioiformacíon

Youth Vote wins in choosing Participatory budget proposals

Nov 7th
Xàbia's Casa de Cultura was overflowing at Wednesday's meeting to vote on projects for funding by the town's 2014 Participatory budget. Each person present could make three votes; marking three points for their most favoured project, two for the next and one for the third. Printed sheets listing all the shortlisted projects were used for the anonymous voting. These were collected and the votes analysed there and then. A large turnout of young people waited expectantly and there was a big cheer when the winning proposal was announced: a "Rocodromo" climbing wall to be built on the outside of the Trinquete court; second was the roofing and lighting of the Arnauda Riu Rau, and third the re-asphalting of Avda Juan Carlos. Also falling within budget were Anti-jellyfish nets, a football ground at the Arenal and re-equiping climbing pitches at the Ambolo and Sta Lucia Climbing school. 7th was converting one of the windmills into a living museum, but this €170,000 project breaks the €500,000 budget ceiling, so the young people may also benefit from a multipurpose sports area, ranked at 8 with a modest budget of €8000. For full info on the number of votes cast for each project see: below (click on the image to enlarge). Ed's report.


Flexible municipal tax payments

Nov 1st
In its October plenary session, Xàbia Town Hall agreed to launch a system whereby people can customise their schedule of local taxe payments to suit their personal circumstances. Payments can be scheduled in monthly, quarterly or single payments. People who pay early will get a discount of up to 4%, and the surcharge for paying outside the previous statutory period has been removed. This local system is a pioneer in Spain. There will now be a public information campaign and a simulator is being prepared for the Municipal website so that people can compare different payment options. From Press Release.

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