Nueva Javea Plan for the Arenal

Nueva Javea proposes an ambitious plan for the Arenal

September 30th
The basis of this plan is a radical increase in pedestrian zones from the current 13,000m2 to 31,000m2 by getting rid of the parking zones between the shops and bars on the Arenal front line. There will be palnts and fountains and the restaurants will have more space for their terraces.

The area which is currently a service lane at the back of the restaurants will become a collonade of uniform design. Cars will be shunted away from the sea. Parking will be available near the new developments Arenal3 and 3a, which also include some 180 underground parking spaces for public use. Parking in the Avenida Libertad will be limited and fee paying, and it would no longer be the main Arenal road. There would be a new parking facility at the Avenida de Paris (already used for parking).

The Montañar 1 (Parador to the Port) will be mostly pedestrian, with a single lane for vehicles and promenade. A park would be developed near the sea for a few hundred metres along the coast from the Parador (currently used for parking by both cars and camper-vans). The park would join the beach via a footbridge which passes over the mouth of the Canal de la Fontana at the tip of the Arenal point.

The canal de la Fontana would be extended to create a marina for small boats, at the head of which be a conference centre.
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Current parking areas (light brown) will be converted to pedestrian zones. Handcraft stalls will be moved to the ends of the the promenade (dark brown)

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