October 2010 News Headlines

Xàbia to offer 14 million Euros to buy the Underground Car Parks

and will be at its limit of indebtedness to do so

October 29th
The mayor has announced his intention to offer ECISA the equivalent of 14 million Euros to purchase the two underground car parks. ECISA had wanted over 20 million, but based on the Contractor's work certificates the Town Hall has calculated that 14 million is the true value. The Contractor has yet to agree. To make the purchase, Xàbia will have to take out a bank loan of 12 million Euros, which would bring the town to its legal limit of indebtedness. The two million short-fall would be made up of 9 plots of municipal land in the Capsades/Rafalet area, which were to have been used for social housing.

The Mayor hopes that once the car parks are in municipal hands, the people would be less antagonistic towards them especially if the parking tariffs are lower. The Portal del Clot car park could be used for long term rental, while the one beneath the Plaza de la Constitución would be the main public car park.

ECISA has done well out of work for Xàbia. As well as constructing the car parks it refurbished the Old Town ring road and built the new Town Hall buildings (yet to be occupied) for 22 million. Recently it also landed a contract to build the new Social Centre in the Port for €831,900. From XAD Xabia lleg... and Las Provincias: Xàbia claudica y... For the saga of the underground car parks see: Underground Car Park on this Wiki.

Thirty 19C Tombs revealed in San Juan Ermita

October 28th
Staff of the Soler Blasco Museum have excavated the interior of the San Juan Ermita (Old town old cemetery) to reveal thirty 19C graves. The cemetery was built around 1817 and initially the chapel was used as a mortuary chapel. The graves are of 19 adults and 11 children (From XAD: Las excavaciones....

Xàbia must pay over 2 million compensation

Oct 26th
The Supreme court has ruled that Xàbia must pay a promotor more than 2 million Euros in compensation for land in Urb "La Corona" which was declassified, i.e. made non-urbanisable. The origin of the problem is the creation of the Montgó Natural Park in 1989. A history involving regional and municipal legislation has ended with the town having to pay €2,067,587. Since the town hall is heavily in debt, it is looking for municipal land to exchange in lieu of the compensation. From XAD: Xàbia deberar....

Environmental management courses for Club Nautico and Port workers

Oc 27th
This month Javea Club Nautico and Port workers have received a basic course on Environmental Management, taught by Mercedes Varela, Professor in Marine Biology, Coastal Ecology Institute Campello. The course consists of classes, training and practicals which are also being carried out in Denia, Calpe and Les Bassetes, between 21 October and 11 November. This course is part of the FOR-MAR project , Training for the Conservation of Coastal and Marine Environment, and is done through Empleaverde Program (2007-2013), managed by the Biodiversity Foundation and funded by the European Social Fund. From XADEl Club Nautico...

Tenders now open for garden waste management contract

Oct 25th
The town hall has invted tenders for the reception and management of garden waste from individuals, the town hall, and authorised gardeners deposited at Ramblars. The waste is to be crushed and compacted before being transferred to a plant for re-use. The estimate is for €6.10per m3 treated and removed from the landfill. It is estimated that about 72.100m3 is generated annually, so the annual total would be € 439,810 plus VAT. The contract tender is for two years, extendable to two more. This action regularises a service which has been pending since Ramblars was closed as a landfill 5 years ago. It is possible that once this service is underway, the burning of garden refuse (permission currently available to householders during the winter months) will be prohibited. From XAD: Xabia licita....

Save money by using less energy

Oct 25th
This was the simple message of the Agenda21 special day on Home energy efficiency "Jornada de Eficiencia Energética en el Hogar" held on Saturday 23rd Oct in Xabia's Music conservatory. A fascinating exhibition set up by regional companies was on public display outside. This included electric cars and Sedgways (test drive available), innovative llightweight Lego-like building blocks (styrostone), pellet-burning stoves, vacuum tubes which harness solar power, and different solar energy systems. Staff of the companies concerned were on hand to answer questions from the general public (in many languages).

Lectures from guest speakers covered a wide range of subjects including the energy certification of new properties. An energy efficient house will command a better market price and old houses are eligible for removation grants (e.g. 75% off consultation fees).

The importance of home insulation was also discussed. 25% of heat loss is through the windows, and the worst type of window frame is a metal one. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of wall and roof insulation were highlighted. Good insulation can save an average household some 480 Euros a year, and amortise the installation costs in 8 years. Underfloor heating was considered to be the most efficient, since warm feet means a warm body and a floor temperature of only 24 degrees is sufficient. The importance of appropriate energy conservation systems, rather than individual components was stressed. Biomass stoves, using waste vegetable material (almond shells, olive pits etc) were described as well as the potential of the tree Paulowia elongata as a biomass crop - said to be the world's fastest growing hardwood. See Wiki
From Xad: Ahorra mucho...
See (Institute of Energy savings and diversification - IDEA website for information in English.

Xàbia opens its first Outdoor Exercise Park

Oct 23rd
An exercise park for use by all has been set up on the Avenida Ausías March, not far from the Sport's Centre and in an area where people cycle and go for strolls. The park has seven pieces of exercise equipment, valued at €5000 provided by the Ministry of the Environment. From Press release.

Spanish tourist arrivals post fifth monthly increase

MADRID — The number of foreign tourists arriving in Spain rose in September for the fifth straight month on a year-on-year basis, buoyed by double-digit growth in the number of German visitors, government data showed Friday. The country received 5.2 million foreign tourists last month, a 4.2 percent increase over the same time in 2009 with Britain and Germany accounting for nearly half of all visitors, the tourism ministry said in a statement. But while the number of arrivals from Britain fell by 0.3 percent to 1.46 million, the number of visitors from Germany, whose economy has bounced back impressively from recession, rose by 11.4 percent to 1.03 million. For more see: Tourism up in September

Cost Cutting means Xàbia Post Office to close at midday each day

October 19th
In a bid to save money, the Ministry of Public Works has announced that some post offices will be closed in the afternoons as from the beginning of 2011. These offices include Torrevieja, Crevillent, Altea and Javea. From XAD: -Los Recortes....

Work begins on stabilising the Caleta Landslide

Oct 16th
The regional Department of Infrastructure and Transport has started work on the stabilisation of the Caleta cliff in the Port at a cost of 1.4 million Euros. To begin with, the loose material will be removed and then, as from November 8th, a two teir, anchored retaining wall will be constructed, using a technique similar to that used to stabilise the nearby slope after a previous landslip in 2007. The job is expected to take 6 months to complete and will be paid for from regional funds. Thus far, the Regional Government has spent 2.2 million Euros on stabilising various parts of this slope. From XAD Comienzan las Obras.... For background to this story, and details of the works to be done see: Caleta Landslide

Palm weevils all over the town

October 16th
The rains and high winds experienced over the past weekend have shown that the red palm weevil plague is far from under control. Javea is an area difficult to control, with its large scattered houses, many of which are seasonal residences. The last storm resulted in many broken branches of Canary date palms, revealing that they were infested with red palm weevils which destroy the tree from the inside. The problem is much greater than previously thought. The Town Hall will soon be circulating more information about weevil control. In the meantime if you see signs of a Canary palm being infected (sickly drooping yellow leaves, When the affected leaves are shed, and they fall quite readily, the open cavities at the base, made by the larvae in their last stage of development, can be observed). Please contact the Town Hall. For practical information (in English) on controlling the pest see: http://www.ciudadverde.net/picudoEN.html.

Elche mayor their Strategic Plan - time for a plan for Javea \ Xàbia ??

October 15th
The Xàbia PSOE initiated its “Forum for Change” with a talk and discussion hosted by the Mayor of Elche, Alejandro Soler, on the topic of the Futurelx (Future Elche) Strategic Plan, which is enabling the city to face the future with socio-economic guarantees. This interesting meeting was attended by more than a hundred citizens, and representatives of all political parties, with the exception of the Xàbia Town Hall government team. In the presentation, the Socialist candidate for mayor, José Chulvi, expressed his conviction that "from this we have to act and create to build the future" and to achieve this goal Xàbia must develop its own strategic plan to define the action points on approaches municipal politics should focus. He commented, "It is clear that we have to focus on tourism and the services sector", since "quality services for tourists will also have a positive impact for Xàbia’s residents and citizens." For a detailed description of how Elche applied a strategic plan in the face of change see: Elche Strategic Plan

Renewable Energy Saving Ideas for the Home

A special day of talks and exhibitions for all Javea residents.


October 14th
Spend some part of Saturday 23 October to pick up ideas, listen to the experts in the morning and even ask those questions that you have long been wanting to have answered. Or perhaps come along to participate in the the afternoon discussion groups. Presentations will be made in a mixed bag of castellano and English.
What’s more, it’s all free (with coffee) for those that sign in, even on the day itself. The day, devoted to how households can cut down energy bills through conserving energy and also through the use of renewables, will take place at the new Music Conservatoire (next to the Social Centre building) overlooking the Constitution Square that is used for the weekly market. There are also exhibition stands where local suppliers will display what they can offer, and give details on options and pricing. The idea for this renewable energy special day came from Agenda 21 in Javea. Support this initiative and find out for yourself how your household could benefit.
Detailed programmes for the day (in Castellano) can be downloaded from Here. A big effort is being made to make sure key parts are in English and Power Point presentations will be partially subtitled in English. (from press release)

High winds and storm surge cause damage

Oct 13th
Winds gusting up to 82km per hour caused 400 trees to fall on Tuesday night and fallen branches caused numerous power cuts. The storm surge which battered the coast from Monday onwards eroded the beaches and the sea wall at the Arenal. However the amount of rainfall in the Port was a manageable 114litres/m2 and there was no significant flooding. The Town Hall sent out a task force of 40 personnel to clear fallen trees and tidy up the mess. Info from XAD: La borrasca...

Rare sightings of humpback whales off Xàbia coast


Oct 12th
During September, two humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) were sighted within a kilometre of the Cabo de San Antonio, Xàbia, actively swimming south. This species of whale, which reaches 15 metres in length has been seen only 15 times in the Mediterranean over the past two hundred years. Also during July and September six individual fin or rorqual whales (Balaenoptera physalus) were seen off the Cabo de San Antonio. These endangered whales are migratory and reach a length of 27 metres. It seems likely that the fin whales use coastal corridor to return to their breeding grounds in the Atlantic after summering and feeding in the Gulf of Lion and Ligurian sea. From Las Provincias Avistados ejemplares...

Volunteers successfully rehabilitate La Plana windmill over 13 weekends

October 12th
A group of volunteers working through the Xabia Viva Association have successfully rehabilitated La Plana Windmill no 8, which was in danger of collapse. Their work has taken 13 weekends, with materials and insurance costs covered by the Town Hall. An exhibition on the project will be set up in collaboration with the Cirne Cultural Foundation. From Las Provincias: Xabia Viva recupera....

Xabia goes off to conquer twinned Thiviers


October 6th
The Moors got as far north as Poitiers on October 10th, 732 - and they are trying to invade France again, this time in the form of Xàbia's Moros y Cristianos. 150 representatives of Xàbia will leave for France on Thursday evening to visit Thiviers, the town with which Javea has been twinned since the 1970's. During their trip they will visit the medieval cities of Carcasonne and Terrassonne, share Xàbia's Moros y Cristianos fiesta through parades along the streets of Thiviers and Brantome and stay with French counterparts. The coach trip will return to Xàbia on Tuesday October 12th. The people comprising the party are from the Junta Central de Moros y Cristianos, La Romàntica del Saladar and la Colla dels Xirimitabs. The trip is organised by Xàbia's Amics de Thiviers and Los Amis de Jávea (from Press release). Oct 9th: Looks the Moors won the battle this time. see Picasa slideshow on Xabia la Día shucks, the Christians were victorious on October 10th just as they were in 732, ..Moros y Cristianos en Brantome...

Socialists elect Jose Chulvi as their candidate for Xàbia Mayor

Oct 6th
Councillor Jose Chulvi was unanimously elected as mayoral candidate for Javea's socialist party, PSOE for the forthcoming municipal elections. He has been on the council for four years both as part of the governing coalition and in the opposition. The party is launching an initiative to discuss the future of javea in the form of a Forum for Change. This will consist of a series of conferences. 14 October Alejandro Soler, the Mayor of Elche will give a lecture on the importance of a city having a strategic plan. On 5 November Vicent Soler, Professor of Economics (University of Valencia) will present "The local economy in a context of crisis." On 18 November, it will be the turn of José Maria Angel, the Mayor of L'Eliana (Valencia) who will speak on sustainability projects. On 16 December Ana Barceló, the Mayoress of Sax (Alicante) will discuss issues related to social services. From Press Release and Las Provincias El PSPV.. The conferences will be held at 8.00 pm in the Casa de Cultura in Jávea. They will be in Spanish but it is planned to continue with further conferences in the New Year. The first of which will be in English.

Juan Planelles steps down as president of Xàbia old town business association

October 4th
Juan Planelles has presented his resignation as President of the old town business association. He hands over the position to Sico Valles. After a very successful tenure as president Juan has stepped down because of his professional obligations as well as his political interests in view of the forthcoming municipal elections. He currently serves as councillor for the opposition Nueva Javea party.

New Spanish language course for EU residents

Oct 3rd
A new, intermediate course on castilian Spanish is being run in the municipal library on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is the fifth such course organized by the International Relations department of Xàbia. 25 students will have the opportunity of improving their Spanish free of charge thanks to the Alicante government.

Xàbia's "Race for Life" on October 24th


October 2nd
Each year a "Race for Life" is held in Xàbia to raise money and awareness to help cancer charities in the Valencian community. This year the event will be held on October 24th, and it has been set up as an official charity "Carrera por la Vida Xabia" The 5 kilometre race starts from the L’Ancora Tennis club in Avenida Paris, Javea, at approximately 11.00 hrs. The day will be hosted by Spectrum FM Radio, presented by Adam King, starting at 10.30hrs with a fun warm up session. Registration forms will be available at L'Ancora Playa bar on 1st October or can be downloaded from our website: http://hstrial-carreraporlav.homestead.com/carrera2010.html. Registration forms should be completed and returned to L’Ancora Playa Bar, together with the registration fee (€10) before 17th October. Latecomers can still register on the day of the race, but please make sure you do so before 10.15hrs. All competitors should be at L’Ancora Playa bar at least 45 minutes before the start of the race. For more see: Carrer por la Vida website

Xàbia to refuse to pay ECISA compensation for the car parks

Oct 2nd
On Thursday October 7th, the Town Council will hold an extra-ordinary Council meeting in which they will reject demands for the payment of 22 million Euros compensation to ECISA - the company which both built and manages the town's two underground car parks. This decision follows legal advice received by the Town Hall. For background to the entire saga see: Underground car park on this Wiki. 22 million seems to be an exorbitant sum for a facility which is estimated to have cost 12 million, and when the imbalance calculated by the Town Hall is less than 2 million. Fom XAD: El Ayuntamiento se niega....

Storm drains and improved water supply for the Arenal

…but expect traffic disruption

Oct 1st
Two infrastructure projects, funded by the State Employment and Sustainability fund, start off this October. The first is an improvement to the water supply network along the parking area near the Tabac; changing old 60mm pipes to 90mm and installing three fire hydrants. The second is a network of storm drains to improve deficiencies in the current system which leads to the Canal de la Fontana and to connect drains up to the new collector which has its outfall at Scallops. The second project will be carried out in four phases and will incur some disruption to traffic flow, so expect diversions in the Arenal area over coming weeks. From Press release: Modifications to the bus route can be downloaded via the following link: http://www.ajxabia.com/sites/default/files/BusArenal.pdf

How well are Xàbia's windmills protected ?

Oct 1st
Xàbia's emblematic windmills (some of which are currently being renovated by "XàbiaViva" - an association of volunteer enthusiasts), are classified as " BIL" (Bien de Relevancia Local - Landmarks of Local value). In June, a request to increase their protection to the level of "BIC" (Bien de Interés Cultural - Landmarks of Cultural value) was sent to the regional Ministry of Culture, because this would open channels to additional regional funding. Initial comments from the Ministry suggested that BIL status was considered sufficient protection. However no official response had been received by the end of September From XAD: La Generalitat no cree... and El Ayuntamiento....

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