Padron - new rules proposed

Government plans new rules for municipal rolls

A new reform currently being drafted by the government would oblige everyone,including illegal immigrants, to register on municipal rolls, as well as guaranteeing their right to be registered. The planned measures, announced yesterday by secretary of state for territorial cooperation, Gaspar Zarrías,could be in place by 2011.

Also to be included in the draft, according to Zarrías, is a maximum number of inhabitants per residence, a rule that would attempt to avoid fraudulent registrations. The subject of municipal rolls has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, after Catalan municipality Vic announced that it would no longer permit immigrants without proper residency papers to register, thus precluding them from access to services such as healthcare. The council has since backed down on its plans, after it was warned by a state legal service that they were illegal.

“Register everyone” The mayor of Madrid suburb Getafe and the president of the Executive Commission of the Federation of Spanish Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), who met with
Zarrías yesterday, made clear that “we have to register absolutely everyone” on municipal rolls, saying that councils who fail to do so “are not complying with the law.”
From El Pais - International Edition - January 27th 2009

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