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Reserving a Parking Space in the Muncipal CarParks now Possible on the Town Hall Website.

Jávea. Wednesday, August 24, 2011. TheAyuntamiento de Javea website ( has added a new option to their online catalogue of administrative procedures, permitting users to reserve parking spaces in either of the two Municipal Car Parks managed by the Services Department.

According to Doris Courcelles, who heads this department, in the procedures section (trámites) of the virtual office, users can download the pre-application form to reserve the spaces available, both in the Plaza de la Constitucon and the Portal del Clot. After downloading and filling out the forms, they must be stamped by your bank to domicile the monthly payments. On the website, next to the tramitación (administrative procedure) you can click on a link to see the different types of rates available.

Other reverse-charge arrangements (autoliquidaciones) available on the Town Hall website are the registration of new cars or foreign cars from European Union countries, as well as payments of capital gains from the increased value of urban land (a farm, an apartment, a parking space, a shop, etc.) resulting from a transfer of ownership.

Direct links for downloading the forms to reserve parking spaces in both parking facilities here:

Double-click on thumbnail below to download PDF of table of underground parking fees.

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