Phone bills and Recycling July 2011

Press Release July 2011

Javea Town Hall Reduces Annual Mobile Phone Bills by Half

Javea Town Council Collects Revenues from Recycling Scheme

Javea. 25 July 2011. The Javea Town Board has awarded a new contract that will considerably reduce the mobile telephone bills. According to Councillor for New Technologies Cesc Camprubi, the Town Hall had been spending 54,000 euros annually for a package that included calls both between the Town Hall mobile phones and land lines. After renegotiating the terms with the same company, the price was reduced to half. A flat rate subscription of 20,778 euros has been signed for the next two years - a total saving of 48,000 euro. The Councillor highlighted that this reflects the new government’s determination to award contracts efficiently.

The Town Board also informed of the revenues collected from the selective recycling scheme. Mayor José Chulvi announced that apart from the regular payments received from the company in charge of scheme, the Town Hall of Javea received a 55,511 euro bonus in reward for its recycling “efficiency”, which stands above the average. Likewise, the same company (Ecoembalajes) has already paid the Local Administration another 46,948 euros from waste treatments during in the first quarter

The executive also decided to renew the cooperation agreement with the local chapter of the Valencian Farmers Association (AVA) that will receive a subsidy of 2,700 euros from the Town Hall. Also decided was the maximum number of stalls allowed during 2012 in the weekly Thursday market, capped at 139; or the 93,675 euros that the municipality will pay to the Provincial Fire-fighters Consortium for the first semester. The Town Board has also authorised the granting of various licenses: four Major and four Minor Building Permits, and four First Occupancy Licenses.

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