Plan Confianza Asphalt project

Roads to be resurfaced under the Plan Confianza Grant 2011 - Project value: €1.68 million

October 2011
Company: Padelsa

Note: Project value reported as 2.5 million in December 2011

Balcon al Mar:
George Frederic Handel, Gustav Mahler, Carl Nielssen, Silvestre Revueltas, Johannes Brams, Edward Grieg, Claudio Monteverdi, Cap Negre, Franz Haydin, Nicola Paganini, Giacomo Puccini, Pierre Boulez, Francisco Araja, Loius Amstrong, Frederic Chopin

Leo, Auriga, Fenix, Rutilus, La Ermita, Vedat, Montemayor, Cuenca, La india

El Portitxol:
Nesprer, Flor de la Neu

Viario Principal:
Avenida del Pla y Travessera de les Cansalades

Centro Historico:
Teuleria, Sto Domingo, Nou, Virgen del Popul, San Cristobal, Mare de deu d'Agost, Virgen de los desamparados, Virgen de la Soledad, Jesus Nazareno, San Joaquín, Virgen de la Merced, Sandoval, Guerrillero Groc Sala, Guerrillero Campaner, Damián Giner, Molí, Moli de la Safranera, Azorín, Los naranjos, del Rio, Portelles, Arquitecto Urteaga, Jesus Montaner, Juan Ramón Jimenez, Blasco Ibañez, Alameda, Maestro Alonso, Vicente Boix, Historiador Escolano, Thiviers, Historiador Palau, Guillermo Tarrega, Juan Gil Albert.

Puerto 1:
Fray Jaime Ibañez, La Caleta, Barques, Juan Sebastián Elcano, Almirante Bastarreche, Pescadors, Magallanes, Capitán Soler, Bartolome Ros, Churruca, Isaac Peral, Azagador, Jaume I, Andres Lambert, Sertorio, Sevilla, Virgen del Loreto, Triana, Toni Llidó, Cristo del Mar.

Avenida Ultramar and Corfú


Infrastructure Department launches road renewal plan for Javea The Regional Government announces the opening of a tendering phase for Javea business wanting to work on the Arenal project

Javea. Thursday, 22 December 2011.

The Regional Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment has begun a road renewal plan for Javea that has been included in the Plan Confianza. The project, which will cost some 2.5 million euros and has a deadline for completion of five months, will look to improve road surfaces in different areas of the municipality, including the Old Town, and the Port, as well as urbanisations on the Montgó, Balcon al Mar and Portitxol. The work will range from spot repairs to complete surfacing in places where none exists with the aim of improving urban quality and aesthetics as well as comfort for drivers and pedestrians.

Mayor José Chulvi said that the plan meets an important need for a municipality that covers some 68 square kilometres by improving the safety conditions in sections that are currently badly damaged and that require urgent action. On behalf of the Council, Chulvi thanked the regional department's "excellent treatment, care and harmony" in preparing the project, as well as another of paramount importance to Jávea, which is the renovation of the Arenal promenade.

Vicente Dómine, director general of Public Works, Housing and Urban Projects confirmed that proposed tenders from companies interested in carrying out work for the Arenal project will be opened on Monday 9th January and that he hoped that, “work would start soon afterwards.” Victoriano Sánchez, Regional Secretary for Infrastructure, added that work should start in the first quarter of 2012 and would result in "something that we will all feel proud". Sánchez defined Javea as a "landmark town" of the Valencia region and one of its foremost tourist attractions.” The senior regional official stressed that, “Javea deserves the Arenal promenade to be a flagship for tourism.”

In attendance at the official launch of the works were Juan de Dios Navarro, the new Consell delegate to Alicante, as well as local councillors Paco Torres, Oscar Anton, Pere Sapena, Doris Courcelles, Juan Luis Cardona, Juan Jose Castello, Rosa Cardona and Toni Sebastia.


The road renewal plan launches with the pavement of 15 streets in Balcon al Mar

The project is divided into eight implementation phases

Javea. Wednesday, 11 January 2012.

This week has seen the start of the first phase of the road renewal plan in Javea, funded by the Regional Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment. The first area to be affected by the works is Balcon al Mar, an urbanisations in the Cabo de la Nao where hundreds of families reside. The badly damaged streets in this urbanisation were in urgent need of repair and they are now the first to be resurfaced.

The Mayor of Javea, Jose Chulvi and the Councillor for Public Works, Paco Torres, supervised the works on Wednesday and took note of the first 15 streets in this urbanisation to be surfaced: George Frederic Handel, Gustav Mahler, Carl Nielsen, Silvestre Revueltas, Johannes Brahms, Frederic Chopin, Edward Grieg, Claudio Monteverdi, Cap Negre, Franz Joseph Hayden, Nicolo Paganini, Giacomo Puccini, Pierre Boulez, Francisco Araja and Louis Armstrong.

The works in this area will last for about a month and will cause intermittent roadblocks to allow the materials to dry properly. The Town Council is requesting the understanding of the residents affected by the works, reminding them that their patience will be rewarded with an improvement to the overall surroundings of their homes.

The Mayor also stated that the plan is divided into eight phases, so in addition to Balcon al Mar, the road surfaces will be renewed in parts of the Montgo, the Portitxol, the Old Town, the Port, Arenal and on main roads. It will not be necessary to resurface the streets in all the areas, since the works range from spot repairs or patching, to completely rebuilding the road surface in places where none exists, with the aim of improving the presence and safety of the roads for drivers and pedestrians.

The road improvement plan in Javea has a total budget of 2.5 million euros, with a five-month deadline. It is included in the Plan Confianza of the Generalitat (Valencian Regional Government).

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