Plan to promote Economic and Social Development

August 1012

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The Plan to Promote Economic and Social development in Xàbia is a document containing 254 actions, within 12 strategic projects, whose main theme is to create a town where quality is paramount.

In summary: Xàbia wants to be a town where the priority is the quality of life of people: neighbours, residents, tourists, entrepreneurs, businessmen, young and old. To do this, investment continually to improve resources, infrastructure and services must be made.

The Plan is an urban management tool that enables support for local development through its 254 actions . This number is open to further contributions via various forums of citizen participation which will continue to meet, both to assess the monitoring of the plan by the administration and to check the effectiveness of development projects.

Politicians must work in harmony with citizens and the Town should create a favorable environment for business creation and hence employment. They must implement new plans and ensure the proper execution of those that are already underway.

Xàbia must transform its resources into active progress to make economic and social returns. Resources that are human, thanks to the great diversity of population - Natural , with large protected areas - Land , because of its location and landscape - Economic, from the primary service sector as well as educational. The participation of citizens is essential, to contribute their ideas, needs and desires, and their support and collaboration.

Visitors fall in love with Xàbia and it is important for the javienses to convey feelings for people who come to visit.


Quality of life, quality of environment, quality for those who live here and for those who come. The town must invest in quality urban development to create an economically and socially sustainable environment and create a harmonious lifestyle.

This concept has been the backbone of the 12 strategic projects , which in turn are based on the key attributes of the town: natural, beautiful, quiet, open to other cultures, dynamic , creative, educated, caring, participatory, clean and safe.

The Twelve projects have also taken guidelines such as Territorial Strategy of the Valencian Community and the regional policy and the European Union into account. These require sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

XàbiaActiva: makes a commitment to sport and leisure activities related to sport, building the environment for the practice of many disciplines and realted infrastructures in the town. Sport is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle and is a very important potential economic asset that also contributes to the reduction in the seasonality of tourism.

AgroXàbia: this is one of the strongest economic sectors in the country, and also contributes to environmental sustainability and conservation of the landscape. In Xàbia, organic farming and a traditional settings may also serve to enhance food quality, especially local restaurants, and can also encourage young people to be engaged in agriculture.

BiciXàbia: Xàbia can follow the example of other towns that are banking on the bike, creating activities and a model town around this healthy and sustainable transport, a symbol of communities where quality of life is paramount.

XàbiaComerç: The importance of local urban trade is emphasised. This in Javea has a very diverse fabric that favors innovation and creativity, as demonstrated through actions already carried out mainly in the Old Town (tapas days, shopping nights, balconies and corners competition) and can inspire the other urban centres to boost trade.

XàbiaCrea: Javea is a town with a huge cultural and creative potential. Not only are there music festivals and activities representing all art forms, but it also has great potential to have an economy that is based on the creative industry; from art, crafts and music, to fashion, graphic design, architecture and even the creation of software. Also, the municipality must focus on creating spaces for the development of artistic expression, for example, the renovation of the Central Cinema.

eGovernXàbia: The public administration has to position itself as a reference point in the municipality through the use of new technologies and participatory tools to improve quality in service, simplifying procedures, improving the relationship with citizens, but also to contribute to the development of entrepreneurial initiatives and encourage participation. This is imperative not only for Europe but because it achieves a more sustainable town, which facilitates the social, economic and even environmental development. The creation of the "One Stop Shop", forums of participation for the creation of the Strategic Plan and early implementation of a virtual municipal office in just over a year measn Xàbia has taken the lead among the Spanish municipalities where there is an implementation of e-government.

XàbiaEspaiobert: Modern towns are understood as bring meeting spaces for personal exchange, which is essential for social cohesion and integration, but also for the quality of life. This action aims to add value to urban spaces, heritage values ​​and the many outdoor activities that take place throughout the year to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and democratic coexistence.

GastroXàbia: Food is vital to the identity of an region. Philosophies such as "slow food" are synonymous with quality of life and are a major tourist attraction. Some of the objectives of this project are to enhance the image of the cuisine, promote standards of excellence through local products, and make Xàbia a place to go for its cuisine. This is already being done through initiatives such as tapas tasting and the gastronomy of ARX, but can be complemented with actions such as "Arte para comer en Xàbia" and the creation of more gastronomic events.

XàbiaMar: The quality of our seascape reflects the quality of our waters and of its products. The promotion of local fisheries and sustainable marine tourism are two imporatant ways of seasonally adjusted tourism.

RenovaXàbia: Xàbia has a particularly beautiful urban environment and landscape. This can also be an important asset to our economy if they are improved. Some of the proposed actions are the rehabilitation of facades, improved housing, promoting the integration of landscape in urban plans, improved public transport and a commitment to quality certificates.

VisitXàbia: increasingly, digital media are the basis for promoting tourism. It is imperative that Javea has a marketing plan online and takes advantage of all technological means available to improve the user experience.

VoluntarisXàbia: the public has an increasing social awareness and voluntary cooperation is a fundamental part of good social cohesion, thus creating an environment that ensures the quality of life for all its citizens. The Town should facilitate and encourage voluntary initiatives by citizens and promote coordination among the various cultural, social and sporting entities.

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