Xàbia/Jávea Port

The Port of Xàbia / Javea was built in 1957.

The first proposal for Port Expansion was presented by the private company Gestora Dársena Sur SL (known previously as Fesánchez S.L.) on 18th October 1999. It was rejected unanimously by Xàbia Town Council on 13/12/1999, and also rejected by the Ministry of Public Works for environmental reasons.

13 May 2003 - Town council unanimously rejects port expansion proposal submitted by Marina Punta del Este S.L.

25th March 2004 - Town council rejects modified port expansion proposal submitted by Marina Punta del Este S.L.

18 July 2007 - Town council unanimously against any Port expansion

2nd July 2008 - Town Council rejects proposal for Port expansion submitted by Valencia Ministry of Works.

August 2008 - Port project in legal tangles - A legal opinion dated April 10th concerning Marina Punta del Este revealed in the press.

July 2010 - A late amendment to the Consultative Document for the new General Town Plan (PGOU), de-classified Cristo del Mar as a main thoroughfare in the Port, a move which would (if approved by the Valencia Government) effectively scupper plans for Port expansion.

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Headline 2012

Xàbia Port Expansion ditched ?

Valencia wants to re-organise existing harbour

Feb 5th 2012

It seems that the proposal for enlarging the port of Javea has been torn up and now the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment is working on a project to reorganize the current harbour. The demands of the Town Hall, and the Club Nautico (whose concession expires in 2017) have been taken into account and Valencia is now looking at optimising the space in the Port harbour and improving use of the Canal de la Fontana and adjacent municipal land for small boats. From XAD: Conselleria quiere....

Headlines 2014

New proposals for Xàbia Port development

April 7th 2014
The Valencian Givernemnt has put forward new proposals for the development of the Port. In contrast to previous plans, this involves re-organisation of the existing port area and not port expansion. The project is budgeted at €8 million with a minimum annual fee for Valencia of €50,000. There will be concessions for the ramp, crane, public moorings and current mooring at the Levante jetty. The Town Hall has 30 days to file its feedback and would be calling a public meeting to explain details and see what might have been overlooked. From XAD: El Consell.... For details see: Port Proposal 2014 For the history of proposals concerning the port see: port

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