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The shaggy dog story of the Port Expansion issue 2008

  • In April 2008, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Valencia Government submitted a proposal for the expansion of Xàbia port.

See: Ministry Proposal for Port Expansion

  • Soon after, a public meeting was convened in the Cinema in the Port, at which the BLOC party of the governing coalition explained its opposition to the scheme. Meanwhile both the Socialist PSOE and conservative Partido Popular expressed their support for the proposal, but with caveats. The sole CJD councillor expressed unreserved support. Nueva Javea's comment were equivocal.
  • On May 14th the Agenda21 peoples' forum rejected the proposal.

See: Agenda21 unanimously rejects Port expansion

  • On June 3rd the Agenda21 Peoples' forum agreed the text of an open letter to be sent to government departments, NGOs and Brussels.

See: Agenda21 open letter on the Port Issue

  • On June 24th 2008 Levante reported that the director general of Ports, Carlos Eleno, said that unless there is evidence by July 1st that Xàbia rejects Port expansion, the Conselleria will go ahead with the plan. Nueva Jávea was expected to table a motion to reject the project at the next Xàbia Council Meeting.

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  • Come June 26th and the Council meeting, there was no motion. Rescheduling of the meeting (from the evening to 1.00pm) to enable everyone to watch Spain beat Russia in the European cup (3-0) meant that late questions and motions could not be introduced. However (according to Levante again) the Mayor said that he had not received any formal notification of any deadline.
  • On June 27th it was announced that there would be a special Council meeting on July 2nd at 9.00pm at which a motion will be put forward that the Municipality rejects any expansion of the Port and instead looks at redeveloping the current harbour area and expanding facilities at the Canal de la Fontana, including a dry dock, and to urge the Government to declare the entire Xàbia coastline as a "Protected Landscape" The Motion included a chronological account of repeated proposals for marina and port development.

See Motion on Port Expansion.

  • On July 2nd The Motion to reject the Port expansion proposal was approved by 11 votes for, and none against.

See Javea Rejects plan to expand the Port

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