Port Promenade Meeting June 27th 2011

Press release in English - June 21st 2011

Xàbia Town Hall to meet local groups and business people from the Marina Española zone

20th June 2011

The Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, has called a briefing meeting with the local groups and business people related to the Avenida de la Marina Española area for an exchange of views. The meeting is scheduled for next Monday at 10am in the main building of the Town Hall. Representatives from the local residents, from the Port business association and the restauranteurs directly affected, have been invited plus a spokesman from the people who supported Saturday's protest. During this meeting, the local authorities, in addition to providing information to clarify the situation,will listen to suggestions and proposals which are put forward, provided they are within the law and do not harm the general public.

Following the rally organized by the restauranteurs, whose furniture was removed from the public area, in compliance with the Coastal Laws, the mayor wishes to clarify that the occupation of the coastline "is out-with the authority of the Town Hall”, "which has no authority to approve or disapprove of the the terraces on the sea-front of the walkway”. Also, Chulvi added, the area of the Marina Española, which is the Town Hall's responsibility has "reached its optimum usage”.

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