Proposal - bus stop in convent square

Many suggestions are being made as to what could be done to improve Javea but may I make a plea for something which would cost very little but would make a huge difference to the elderly and infirm.I have raised this matter before at various meetings but it is brushed aside as not being possible.

All I ask is for the existing bus service to stop in Convent Square to provide easier access to the salud. Before the “upgrading” of the pueblo it was the start and finish point for the circular service but now apparently there is “no room” for the bus to stop.Surely all that is needed is to create sufficient space for the bus to pull in on the left. A bus shelter would be nice but one cannot expect miracles.

I would like to challenge councillors to escort an elderly, infirm or handicapped member of their own family on the bus from the arenal or port areas and then walk from the stop on the edge of town all the way past the post office through Constitution Square - down hill you may say, so not too bad - and then UPHILL for the return journey. The only alternative is the long walk to the end of the Jesus Pobre road, negotiating the olive tree roundabout, to the bus stop by Silversol. Bear in mind that this is in all weathers – torrential rain and exhausting heat.

In the “old days” there was also a bus stop half way along the Arenal and the bus shelter is still there but, again, only two stops – the Parador and Mas y Mas. It really is a miserable service.

One could argue that Javea is failing to provide adequate facilities for handicapped persons. Providing special bays for parking does not help those who do not have access to a car and whose only mode of transport is the meagre bus service which runs half hourly in the summer but only once an hour in the winter.

Val Rampton

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Bus stop at the Placeta del Convento

All I ask is that there is a bus stop in Convent Square. This will provide easier access to the Insalud. Before the “upgrading” of the pueblo the Convent Square was the beginning and end of the circular bus service. Now they say there is “no room” for the bus to stop. Surely all that is needed is to create sufficient space for the bus to stop on the left. A bus shelter would be nice. This would make a huge difference to the elderly and infirm wishing to visit the Health Centre in the Old Town.

Javea is not providing adequate facilities for handicapped people who do not have a car.**


Parada de autobús en la Placeta del Convento

Lo único que pido es que hay una parada de autobús en la Plaza Convento . Esto proporcionará un acceso más fácil al Insalud . Antes de la " modernización " del pueblo, la plaza Convento fue el comienzo y el final del servicio de autobuses circular. Ahora dicen que "no hay espacio" para que el autobús se detenga. Sin duda, todo lo que se necesita es crear un espacio suficiente para que el autobús se detenga a la izquierda. Una parada de autobús estaría bien. Esto haría una gran diferencia en los ancianos y los enfermos que deseen visitar el centro de salud en el casco antiguo .

Javea no proporciona instalaciones adecuadas para personas discapacitadas que no tienen un coche.**
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