PSOE-Change is possible

A Change is possible, the Change is coming closer.

Press Statement form PSPV, Xàbia

Feb 18th 2010

This is the message, which the Socialists are going to communicate to the people of Xàbia. To bring about this change, the PSOE candidates in Xàbia have already been working for some time on the proposals we have for the future of our people. Further proposals will be developed during forthcoming meetings that we have planned with various groups of citizens.

The Socialists want to give hope and optimism to the citizens of Xàbia, that change is possible … and now is the time. A change that will be positive and evident from the first moments of the new legislature. We will change spending priorities to meet the needs of people and we will change the way of governing, making decisions through participation, dialogue and cooperation.

A change based on accessibility and real citizen participation.

A change, which will restore the links between politicians, social agencies and citizens.

A change which will energize the revival of the local economy by developing a strategic plan, which you may remember was initiated when the Socialists managed the Tourism department.

A change based on new technologies.

A change, which will improve the relationship between the Town Hall and our citizens.

A change promoting efficiency; the council will be there to resolve the citizen’s problems.

Xàbia needs a change because we can no longer accept urban developments, which appear to have no rational planning, no organization, and without any regard to the wishes of our citizens.

Xàbia needs a change of government so that there will be no repetition of schemes like the botched cycle paths, the senseless financial bailout of the car parks. How can we have spent six years without any progress with the General Plan, a tourist town such as ours cannot be without a clear political commitment to our main industry?

We need a change; we would govern for all citizens and for the entire municipality, and not forgetting the people who live in the urbanizations.

We need a change, because a town with over a thousand children aged under three years of age, needs more local kindergarten places.

For all these reasons and many more, we have united this group of people who make up the socialist candidate list, a group of people with humility, responsibility, seriousness and serenity who wish to pursue a peaceful and positive change in our Town Hall.

This is a list of candidates from Xàbia and for Xàbia, which has no baggage from the past and has the capacity to change the dynamics of government, in the interest of our citizens.

We have many ideas, have spent much time elaborating them, and we are convinced that with the efforts of everyone and listening to our citizens we can make them a reality.

We will continue our way, the way for change, the way for work, listening to people and transforming their requests into political action.

We are pleased to announce that we will continue with the “Forum for Change” hosting the following conferences:

Friday March 4 at 20.00 in the Parador. José Antonio Rodriguez (Mayor of Jun, Granada). Topic: NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND ELECTRONIC ADMINISTRATION.

Thursday, March 24 at 20.00 in the Parador. Antonio Bernabé (Director General of Turespaña) Topic. TOURISM.

Monday April 4 at 20.00 in the Parador. Antonio Martinez (Director of the Staegic Plan for the Town of Elche) Topic. STRATEGIC PLANNING

Ed's note: here is an
Interesting historical comment by "Villa" posted on Xabia al Dia at the foot of the article about this Press Release:

These elections remind me of the first democratic elections in my town. At that time I was a kid and my father was a candidate for the PSOE in a small town The picture was bleak, the town's streets full of mud, hardly any lighting and a mayor who did what he liked at will without taking notice of anyone else. The village priest was the ally of the mayor, and was his secretary. Finally the democratic elections came, my father won with 80% of the votes in his favor. When the Governor sent out the notification that the new Mayor was officially elected with 2 councilors at the Town Hall, there there was nothing left, the former Mayor took up the baton. A few days later a letter from the Governor came and said that the past was the past that we had to start anew without retaliation and with hope. I remember the enthusiasm of my father, who met with the people every Sunday after Mass, all the people decided what was urgent. In the second year, by decision of the people they asked for a credit to asphalt the village and install lighting. All decisions were discussed and voted on freely. Today the former mayor is a man much loved and appreciated by the people, for having been able to unite people and respect their decisions, the voice of a people. PSOE Xábia hope you are capable of something similar and give hope that the people need

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