PSOE-Municipal Bulletin Denuncia

The Xàbia Socialists denounce the distribution of the municipal magazine MésXàbia to the Electoral Board.

April 20th

Official English version Press Release by PSOE

The Xàbia Socialists (PSOE) have decided to appeal to the regional Electoral Board about the distribution by the Xàbia municipal government of the journal MésXàbia, in municipal premises and elsewhere, in addition to it appearing on the Town Hall website.

"The magazine is written using public money to show the achievements of the government team (BLOC-Centristas)," said José Chulvi, PSOE candidate for mayor of the town. He also said that the colour used is the same as the BLOC-Centristas use for their election campaign.

Article 50 of the Basic Law on General Elections (LOREG) states that once the elections have been called it is forbidden for any event to be organized or financed, directly or indirectly, by public authorities that contain references to accomplishments or achievements, or use images or expressions matching or similar to those used in their own campaigns by any of the competing political parties in the elections.

The Socialists are therefore demanding "that the Board agrees to order the recall of municipal newsletters already distributed and that if there is any repetition of the infringement of the principles contained in the LOREG and contrary to instructions to this effect issued by the Central Electoral Board the corresponding penalty will be imposed on Xàbia Town Council in accordance with the provisions of Article 153 of the LOREG. "

"In the interests of transparency and given the fraudulent use of public money in favour of the BLOC-Centristas we have decided to seek redress from the Electoral Board," stated Chulvi, adding that "such attitudes are a reflection of the kind of politicians currently governing us. " "One of our commitments is that public money from the taxes of the residents of Xàbia is administered in a transparent way, it is completely unreasonable for them to attempt to deceive our citizens using subterfuge or cheating as they have done," he concluded.

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