Public works programme 2014

April 16th 2014
From José Chulvi Facebook

Xàbia Town Hall announces plans to continue the road asphalting programme, improve Avenida Augusta and open the calle Vicenza to the sea.

A new social employment plan worth over 200,000 euros has been announced by the Mayor.

Mayor Jose Chulvi , and the Councillor for Finance , Oscar Anton, have finalized the new public works programme to be financed from the surplus generated from the 2013 accounts. Of the 4.2 million euros saved, 3 million euros, together with 683,000 euros generated by the Municipal Land Heritage and another 334,000 euros from the 2014 budget will provide the finance for the projects and will be discussed with the town’s other political groups this week, then submitted for final approval at April’s Plenary council meeting.

The head of municipal finance explained that the range of the proposed projects fall into the category of ‘financially sustainable ‘in accordance with the requirements established by the ministerial order of the Central Government.

Oscar Anton commented that the largest portion of the budget (1.2 million euros) is intended for asphalting works, and will focus on streets in a deteriorated condition and omitted from the last asphalting campaign. Other investments will provide for the urban development and landscaping of the central part of Avenida Augusta (695,000 euros) , the expropriation of a farm in ruins in Primer Montañar known as Villa Sarita (500,000 euros ) together with its demolition and subsequent development of calle Vicenza to open it up towards the sea ( 293,000 euros).

Among the works to be financed is the construction of a sewage treatment plant in La Guardia (180,000 euros), landscaping the plot which was the site of the former Guardia Civil barracks in Almirante Bastarreche (123,000 euros) , the repairs to the roof and dome of the Calvari ermita (132,000 euros) , repairing the porch of the Post Office building ( 27,500 euros) or the drafting of a study and repair project for the Triana bridge (50,000 euros), whose structural problems restrict heavy traffic. Maintenance of the Punt Civic del Arenal, new sewerage connections, repairing pavements in the Port, a new phase of excavations in the Cova del barranc Migdia , replacement of pavement at l’escoleta nursery, the repair of the Punt Verd garbage collection sites, improvements to parks and installing batteries to save on the electricity bill for the sports hall, car parks or the Vicente Tena school.

With regard to employment, the Treasury department will provide 40,000 euros to cover social security charges for students engaged in various training programmes organized by the Town Hall. The mayor has reserved 210,000 euros for a new edition of the social employment scheme, which will provide temporary work for 30 long term unemployed people. He pointed out that it is a similar programme to last year’s, when they worked with the Environmental Department’s Staff on the cleaning of forest areas and rural roads.

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