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Documents and Reports

The Aarlborg Charter - (1994)(PDF document) The charter signed by town halls to initiate the Agenda21 process.

The Lisbon Action Plan (1996) (PDF document)
The Second European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns (Lisbon, October 1996), which attracted over 1000 participants, gave further momentum to the campaign. It resulted in the Lisbon Action Plan, which translates the principles of the Aalborg Charter into concrete steps, not least the charter's emphasis on Local Agenda 21, setting out specific ways of pursuing the process described in this document. Both the Aalborg Charter and the Lisbon Action Plan provide a basic framework for supporting local and regional authorities in their quest for sustainable development.

Hence, the Lisbon Action Plan provides useful guidance for local actors when undertaking their Local Agenda 21 process.

The Seville Declaration (1999) (PDF Document)
Statement of the ‘Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Sustainable Cities and Towns’, Seville, Spain, 21-23 January 1999 (Third regional conference within the framework of the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign representing the Mediterranean Basin.)

Local Authorities' Inintiatives in support of Agenda21 Chapter 28 from the Rio Earth Summit conference. This bit is directly relevant to us locally.

Links to informative websites

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