Questionnaire brainstorm1

These are the issues raised at the World Café. They are a literal transcription of the cards and notes. We have not changed or added anything else.
From these results can be made contributions, suggestions or changes which you consider appropriate.

We will send out successive drafts of the questionnaire each time we see that it is important for a review. We agree that this process will last until March 18 to approve the final questionnaire on 22nd.

We are already working on the questionnaire. To this end, we propose (suggest) some guidelines:

  • Clarity of questions
  • Merge those who have connections
  • Bring together a number of questions that reflect the concerns raised, trying at the same time to ensure the total number is not excessive.
  • Formulate questions that seek greater clarity and precision in the responses of political parties.
  • Suggest any other pattern that is reasonable and agreed upon.

Economy table:

Questions written on the cards:

What is needed
Utilization of irrigation water
New technologies

Retaining young talent
New economic engine
new work
training needs
Small Business Support
Identify, create, enhance brand Jávea
How to monetize Fiestas

Harnessing real estate
Budget Efficiency
Government efficiency

Community SPIRIT
How to improve communication between citizens
How to make economic use of multiculturalism
Promoting cooperation among citizens

What do you think will be the main economic engines in Xàbia over the next 10 years?
What support plans are there for small businesses?
What are / should be the hallmarks of the XABIA brand
What should be the role of local builders in the Xàbia economy?
How to monetize the Fiestas ?
How to improve efficiency in managing the budget?
What kind of infrastructure do we need we need to create value?
How can we keep young people in Javea?
How to harness the social and cultural diversity to generate more revenue in the municipality?
Are you going to do a financial plan?
How do you think public assets can be made profitable?
How do you plan to streamline public administration?
How do you plan to make productive investments?
Do you undertake to implement and enforce the Strategic Plan? (Tourism?)
How to improve the primary sectors of our town?
What is your proposal to save energy through renewables?
How will you promote employment related to out of season recreation?
How do you think garden waste should be managed?
How will you complete the last phase of the treatment plant to use water for irrigation? Promote agriculture
How to develop a coordinated and sustainable plan for extensive farming?

Environment table

1 Xàbia does not recycle (enough)!
What will your government do about it?
How will you measure improvement? (indicators)
How will you deal with the holidaymakers?

2 Measures to reduce Town Hall waste

What will the council do to reduce to reduce energy consumption?
What concrete measures will the government use to audit its energy use and efficiency?

Solutions to water losses. Amjasa Management

How would you enhance other types of tourism not based on the beach?
What is your position on a proposed expansion of the port?
Solar energy in municipal buildings (including desalination plant)
Education plans civic / environmental


How to increase intercultural social networks?
Investment in sports facilities: How much and when?
Investment in socio-cultural facilities?
Measures to reduce school failure and improve educational facilities
What alternatives are there to existing work?
How to culturally revitalize the Old Town?
How to promote / support association?

How to increase the demand for cultural tourism ?
Promoting awareness of local history
Where is the cultural center for retirees, pensioners home?
Catering school to professionalize tourism

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