Questionnaire for Political Parties 2011

Download the Questionnaire and answers from FIVE of the political parties from here: Note: this is in Castellano

The questionnaires were delivered in digital format via email by gro.aibaxja|12lacola#gro.aibaxja|12lacola. It was not envisaged that the political representatives will give the answers in person. Rules were: Agenda21 will post the completed questionnaires on their web media, and will inform the participants and the press. All questionnaires submitted within the stipulated time will be posted immediately in alphabetical order. The deadline is April 27 at 22:00. Questionnaires received after the deadline will not be posted.

(Deadline later extended to May 5th, then the PP questionnaire came 11 hours late, but was accepted with the proviso that it would be headed with a note stating that the document had been received late, but the Agenda21 foro had agreed to publish it with the others so that the widest range of political opinions was made known.)

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