Questionnaire for politicians - First Draft
English version of the first draft of a questionnaire to be delivered to all political parties before the elections. Questions supplied by participants of Agenda21 Xàbia.

1. What does your party mean by governance or good governance? Do you plan to apply its principles if you have the responsibilities of government? What concrete and realistic measures will you take to improve the perception, legitimacy and representativeness of local politics. ?

2.. What, in your opinion, is the function and purpose of the Javea Local Agenda 21, as an element of local governance? What specific measures are envisaged to strengthen, enhance and achieve that role?

3. Do you consider it necessary to develop a Strategic Town Plan? What fundamental aspects should it contain? Would you include the management of the Town Council in it? How?

4. Municipal environmental management: Can it be improved ? Does it cross over with other departments? Are there sufficient human and technical resources? What new bye-laws do you deem are necessary to approve during the next term?

5. On what basic principles does your party propose for a model of Javea Town, in the administrative, economic, social and environmental areas. Is it based on sustainable growth or sustainable development?

6. How will the General Town Plan facilitate, or not, this town model. What will you do to reconcile this aspect . Is it sustainable?

7.In your opinion, what will be the main economic engines of Javea over the next 10 years? What will you do to further them?

8. Do you consider the urban model which has been used so far to be sustainable? What model do you propose? What should be the role of local builders in Xàbia's economy?

9.. What concrete, realistic and sustainable measures, do you think the Town Council should take to improve the current employment situation in Xàbia in the short to medium term?

10. As regards agriculture as an economic sector, and manager of the landscape. What future do you foresee? What assessment do you make of the sector. What effective and viable proposals are planned?

11. What infrastructures, in order of priority, do you consider necessary in the current social, economic and environmental situation, will generate value to the town?

12.What specific measures for energy saving and to encourage clean energy can you see at Town Hall and domestic levels.

13. What specific measures will be taken to improve integrated waste management? Reduce, reuse, recycling and disposal of uncontrolled landfills.

14. On the theme of water. What concrete steps will be taken for its integrated management?. Taste, control of leaks, reduced consumption, use for agricultural purposes ….

15. What is your position on a proposed expansion of the port? What specific steps would you take to defend your position? What implications does this position have on sustainability?

16.In the current social, economic and multicultural situation, do you consider it necessary to promote interpersonal networks between citizens? How would you promote them?

17. What is your opinion on municipal socio-cultural management? Have you thought about specific proposals and how they will be carried out? Roads, maintenance, etc.

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