Restoration of San Bertomeu

The Restoration of San Bertomeu will enable the roof and bell tower to be visited

(From Noticias Javea - Wednesday March 1st 2006)

The restoration of the church of Sant Bertomeu, a national artistic monument since 1931 (now a "Bien de Interes Cultural"), is now a thing of hope. The project which will be financed by Fundación Caja Madrid is already seen as a cultural work without precedent in Xàbia.

The details of the project have not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, the banking organization already puts forward on its Web Page that besides repairing the roof and bell tower, they will renovate the facades of this church which is of isabelino gothic style.


The Fundación Caja Madrid will contribute 1.4 million euros of the almost the 2.4 required to promote the works which will be under the direction of the Dirección General de Patrimonio.

In addition, the restoration of Sant Bertomeu will enable this church to remain an obligatory place to visit for the many tourists who go to Xàbia. In fact, the project envisages the beginning of a museográfico program and cultural visits that include routes to the roof and bell tower.

From the terraces of the church, magnificent views of all the old town and the municipality of Xàbia can be seen. At present however, people cannot go up to the roof.

Erosion of the Tosca

The restoration of the facades is quite urgent since the covers, gargoyles and "matacanes" have undergone much erosion. The church is constructed with saddles of tosca and this sandy stone is irretreivably damaged with the passage of time.

Therefore the works are very ambitious and far exceed the most urgent objective which is to repair the roof and bell tower and to prevent the leaks that the church now suffers whenever it rains heavily.

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