Sea Swimming competition

Press Release
August 19th 2011

The Sports Department, in collaboration with the Cub Nautico of Javea, has also decided to bring back the long distance open-water swim meet, which was first celebrated in 2005 and has not been repeated since then. The competition returns on Sunday 11 September with renewed aspirations, since it has turned into the toughest open-water swimming competition in the area, covering 4.5 km of coastline. According to the Department, the swimmers are expected to take off from La Caleta at 8.30 am and swim along a path parallel to the buoy line, over a distance of 4500 metres before they reach the Grava Beach.

Registration will cost 10 euros for federated swimmers and 12 euros for the non-federated. The inscription fee includes insurance, a swimming cap sponsored by Gunitec, supplies and commemorative T-shirt. The organization will ensure the safety of participants with auxiliary watercraft, as well as the presence of Red Cross. Furthermore, a cloakroom service will be offered. Inscriptions can be made from today until September 9 through the website, where the technical details of the competition are available. The competition will also include a second category consisting of a less srenuous 400- metre swim along the Grava Beach.

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