Seminar on Over 50s - 2012


A seminar in Javea will analyze the challenges and opportunities of an aging population

The seminar on Saturday 12 May will address intergenerational solidarity and active old age

Javea. Friday, 27th April 2012.

The Javea Town Hall announced the Intergenerational Solidarity day on Saturday 12 May, in collaboration with the consultancy firm "Habitat 50plus".
The morning seminar in celebration of the "European Day of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity" will be held at the Hotel El Rodat and attendance is free of charge, though places are limited.

According to explanations by one of the promoters of the meeting, Anja Hoffmann, our country is experiencing a demographic shift in which the elderly are becoming predominant, a sector that demands new initiatives from government, business and society to respond to their needs for integration, coexistence and social welfare. And, as stressed by Hoffmann, the over 50s generation is now very active, involved and wanting autonomy and independence.
For this reason, responding to their needs should not only be seen as a challenge, but also as an opportunity for the local economy. This Councillor for Economic Development Councilman, Juan Luis Cardona, shares this perspective and has encouraged businesses to attend this seminar and open their eyes to the new business opportunities that may arise from catering to the needs of older generations residing in Javea, many with high purchasing power and demanding specific services.

Meanwhile, the Councillor of Social Services and Senior Citizens, Tere Bisquert, has emphasized the social aspect of the activity, which aims to enrich the collaboration between different generations. She also defended the philosophy of healthy and active ageing, which allows older people to continue being independent until far older ages.

Finally, the mayor of Javea, Jose Chulvi, has defended the importance of holding activities in Javea aimed at improving communication and collaboration between different generations, especially since there are so many seniors residing in Javea, both born here and abroad. Many of these senior citizens have had very interesting and important careers and can share some very interesting experiences with the younger generations. Chulvi considers this sector of the population to be "an asset" and has stressed the need for them to participate actively in society.

The seminar is set to begin at 10.00 am and finish at 1.30 pm. It will include a presentation by the Institute of Ageing and Social Services (Imserso); another on the Challenges and Opportunities of Demographic Change by Anja Hoffmann and Ulrike Wehr (Habitat 50 Plus Consultants); a third presentation on Happy Ageing by Leonardo Martinez Suarez, manager of Technology Centre Extremadura (CETIEX); and the final presentation by the Councillor for Education, Empar Bolufer, who will explain the European project for schools in Javea, Generations @.

The Departments of Economic Development, Social Services and Education have collaborated in the organisation of this seminar.

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