September 2010 News Headlines

Xàbia police have a quiet summer

September 29
Xàbia local police have reported that this summer was quiet without major incident. They received 3060 notifications, of which 477 were complaints about noise. They noted that this year there was a considerable reduction in the number of robberies and also a fall in the incidence of delinquency.
From: Un verano tranquillo....

Denia Hospital emergency just like Christmas day

September 30
The Spanish National strike resulted in emergency hospital attendance in Denia as low as Christmas day. At noon only three patients had needed to be attended to. Although the unions claimed that 25% of Area 12 had supported the strike, records indicate that the only 2.32 % of the morning shift had stayed away and only 0.57% of the afternoon shift. Surgery functioned at 100% as well as outpatients for people who had an appointment. The out patients surgery (UCSI) also worked normally.From: Las Provinvias: Las Urgencias....

A tapas tasting record

September 30
A record of around 40,000 tapas were consumed over the two days of the fouth annual "Tapeo" of Xàbia last weekend. Because other towns have picked up on the idea, Jávea must keep on improving its offering. This year the festival was run under the banner of the old town businesses association's: "Xàbia Histórico Centro Comercial" and included music, activities for all tastes and for children. The 14 establishments who participated are: La Rebotica, L’Embruix, Lizarrán, Tasca Tonis, Bar Mercat, La Tasqueta del Mercat, Bar Montgó, Ricky y Alba, Bar Jose, Temptacions, Tasca el Salaito, Panaderia Pilar, Vinos y Viandas, and pub La Llum. From Press Release.

More than half of Spaniards in their thirties are still not financially independent.

28 September
Two articles in the English edition of "El Pais" today focus on youth unemployment in Spain. Here are some of the main statistics: one in every three unemployed people in Spain are under 30. There are 1.5 million jobless aged between 16 and 29, of of whom 361,000 are still looking for their first job. The youth unemployment rate is almost double the total unemployment rate. The data leaves no room for doubt: better education leads to lower unemployment. The unemployment rate is 38% for people aged between 24 and 29 who only completed obligatory schooling compared to 16.6 per cent for those with higher education (9.4 per cent in the case of people with doctorates). Despite this statistical advantage, nearly three out of every 10 graduates work in a job for which they feel over qualified and the economic incentive to have a career,- the salary a advantage over someone without this training - is lower than the OECD average. The problem according to labour experts, is the lack of a genuine connection between the courses that are studied and the actual needs of the market. Article in Spanish on: En tipos de contractos.... and Sin Ayuda de mis padres.....

Javea installs a new sewerage network in Frechinal

28th September
Javea Town hall has started works to repair the sewerage network in Frechinal. While these works continue there will be diversions for traffic along the southern ring road (Avinguda Palmela). Vehicles heading towards the port will be able to travel as normal. Vehicles coming from the opposite direction will be diverted around the back of the lorry park to join the main road near the clinic which does the driving tests. These works, which costs approximately €124,000 are funded by the state fund for employment and sustainability. From XAD: Xàbia instala....

Residents risk their lives while throwing rubbish

28th September
A resident of Javea has pointed out how dangerous is is to throw rubbish in a container which has been cited near the crossroads of Juan Carlos I and Calle Calderon. The container protrudes into the thoroughfare so that cars have to swing out into the middle of the road where there is a solid white line. This of itself is dangerous and especially so when people go to the container to throw away rubbish. In addition this location was identified as being one of the points with the most traffic and pedestrians in the town according to a study on urban mobility carried out by a consultant (IDOM). From XAD: Vecinos de Xàbia....

Tourist occupancy hits 88% in August

Sept 28th
Xabia´s figures for registered tourist occupancy this summer are broadly similar to last year. The number of French tourists was up at 37% of foreign visitors, while UK visitors were down, but still comprised 45% (German: 7% and Dutch 2%). Valencians topped the list of domestic tourists at 37% closely followed by visitors from Madrid at 34%
From XAD: La ocupación turística....

Cycle Lane network to connect three Urban Centres

Sept 24th
Xàbia has begun work on 6 km of cycle tracks which will connect the Arenal, Port and Old Town. These new tracks will add to the 2 km which currently runs along the Avenida Augusta (and is not connected to anything at either end). They will cost 352,000 Euros funded by the National fund for Employment and Sustainability. The project is in response to a increasing need on the part of the population and proposals put forward by the local Agenda21. There will be traffic diversions onto the Avenida Augusta while works are done along Montañar. These will include repairs to the damaged pavement there. From Press release.

Tapas Tasting in the Old Town

22 September
The 4th Xàbia Old Town Tapas Tasting will take place in the Old Town this weekend. This year 14 businesses will collaborate to offer a range of tapas, pinchos, wines and cocktails for €1.25 a pop, with music and entertainments. Come to the Convent square on Saturday 25 the from 11h to 4.00pm , or in the evening from 6pm, and on Sunday morning from 11h to 4.00pm.
From Press release

Benidorm Clinic strikes deal with Dutch Insurance companies

Sept 19th
Benidorm Clinic is collaborating with Dutch Health insurance companies Univé, and VGZ IZA TRIAS to reduce hospital waiting lists in Holland. Thise agreement may benefit the 200,000 Dutch residents of the province of Alicante and those coming as tourists. Some specialities in Holland have waiting lists of up to 8 months, and these could be relieved by patients having treatment in Benidorm. The clinic will follow dutch health protocols and have staff specially trained to manage dutch patients. They already employ medical staff of dutch origin. The Benidorm Clinic was built in 1968 and acquired by current shareholders in 1986. It won the award for Best Private Clinic of Spain. Univé and VGZ IZA TRIAS are two groups of insurers that were merged on January 1, 2007. They have become one of the largest groups with a portfolio equivalent to a quarter of the total total Dutch population, five million clients. From XAD: HCB desarrolla.....

AMJASA's losses portend higher water bills


Sept 15th
AMJASA, Xàbia's municipally owned water company continues to leak money, despite an injection of cash from the State Government's Plan E development fund. Over a period of month and a half in the spring, it tried to save money by turning off the desalination plant for a few hours each day. There is no information on how much money was saved by cutting electricity bills, but it is known that this experiment meant they had to change around 100 reverse osmosis membranes, leaving only 9 month's supply in stock. It is also estimated that some 2 million Euros worth of urgent repairs to the water distribution network are necessary. It seems that higher water bills are on the cards, though don't expect anyone to recommend this until after the elections next May. See: Las Provincias: - Los Parones... and XAD: Las pérdidas...

A new approach to Xàbia's future development


Sept 14th
The Consultative document of Xàbia's General Town Plan (PGOU) predicts a population of 53,000 by 2030 (up from 31 600 today). Key points were presented to the public at a special meeting of the Agenda21 forum on Monday night. Firstly they described the current situation, resulting from the 1990 PGOU (which foresaw a population of 153,000 by around now). Urban land had increased by 20%. Of the land then classified as buildable, 30% was now urban, 17% was being developed and 53% was yet to be developed. The non-urbanisable land had increased slightly due to legislation to protect the Montgó Natural Park. Green zones were small islands in the middle of urbanisations. The guidelines for the new PGOU took a different approach where green corridors connect major natural areas in the municipality, urbanisable land is reduced and emphasis is placed on Xàbia's natural environment and landscape. Also development must conform to criteria supporting these guidelines and additional land was ear-marked for public facilities and infrastructure. This approach (Alternative 1) was in accordance with the Valencia Government's new Land management strategy All the documents, including the presentation, can be downloaded from The Town Hall's website Note: Previous versions of these documents, posted on the Nueva Javea website are out of date. See also XAD: La exposición sobre....
For compilation of background information on the General Plan see General Plan on this Wiki.

Complaints about neglected playground

Sept 9th
Nueva Javea has collected complaints from residents about the run-down state of the popular playground situated near the river and Avenida Augusta. The area is overgrown with weeds, has benches which cannot be used, dangerously broken down climbing frames and street lights which do not work. The Town Hall budget for Municipal Parks and Gardens is €946,391. There have also been complaints that the branches and garden rubbish resulting from pruning municipal green zones in urbanisations have been left uncollected. (Ed: for several months over the summer - constituting a fire hazard) From XAD: NJ denuncia el estado... Note: The Town Hall later clarified that this Park is not the responsibility of the Council, but that of the developer. This failed to answer questions about public safety however.

Xàbia's 27 million Euro debt


Sept 10th
At the end of 2009, Xàbia's municipal debt stood at 27.65 million Euros, equivalent to 77% of the Town's revenues. Most of this financial burden is due to the works for the Old Town ring roads and underground car parks (8 and 9 million Euros in 2007 and 2008). The debt means that Xàbia might not be able to receive the credit amnesty conceded by the central government to municipalities for infrastructure works. (though there seems to heve been a late change in policy see: Typically Spanish, September 9th . The Town Hall has already cut capital investment for 2010, most of an allocation of 3.2 million being earmarked to pay compensation to some land owners following three years of litigation. The financial liabilties now amount to 3.65 million Euros annually, a figure which has increased considerably over the past 4 years (see diagram) From XAD: La Deuda....

Port residents complain about tables on the sea front


Sept 8th
Residents have asked that the restaurant tables which spill over the Marina Española promenade in the Port should be controlled, since they block public access to the sea front and strollers find themselves dodging waiters criss crossing the walkway. They also complain about lorries delivering in the calle Triana, which backs on the restaurants, and the cooking smells. Neither the Town Hall nor Costas is assuming responsibility for doing anything, so the residents have complained to the ombudsman. from XAD:Vecinos....

Control of Canal de la Fontana in confusion

Sept 8th
Three months ago the association of users of the Canal de la Fontana (AEXAMAR) asked the regional Department of Infrastucture permission to regulate use of the Canal. This was to avoid dangerous situations and conflicts. To date they have had no reply. In the meantime there has been chaos in the canal with people mooring undocumented boats, leaving half sunken wrecks to "keep their place", buying and selling moorings illegally and allowing junk to accumulate on the bed of the canal. In a similar vein, the three boat hire companies which use the space between the bridge and the mouth of the canal (which belongs to the Ministry of the Environment) say they have been charged by the regional Government for mooring there, even though the Town Hall is supposed to be responsible. See XAD: Aexamar pide....

Special Meeting on the new General Town Plan on Monday Sept 13th

Sept 8th
On Monday 13th September there will be a special meeting at the Casa de Cultura in the Old Town to discuss the Consultative document of Xàbia's proposed new General Town Plan. 8.00pm.
Note: Nueva Javea posted all the documentation relating to this "Consultative Document" on their website. There are around 200 files…but these were superseded by the meeting. See also background information on this Wiki

Free Eye checkups for the over sixties

Sept 6th
Xabia Town Hall, in collaboration with the Fundación Jorge Alió is organising free eye checkups for the over sixties on 9th, 10th and 13th September. The mobile unit for glaucoma tests will be stationed in the Church square in the Old Town on Thursday and Friday. Over sixty-fives can take advantage of more thorough tests carried out in the Centro Social (next to the market square) . In Monday 13th, the testing units move to the Port (Avenida Jaume I) and the Port health centre. Consulting times are10 am to 3.00pm

The Tour of Spain passes through Xàbia on Sunday September 5th


Sept 1st
The 9th stage of the cycling Tour of Spain (Calpe to Alcoy) passes through Xàbia on Sunday 5th. The Peloton is expected to arrive between 12 noon and 1 pm, entering from Benitachell, past the Golf Course, onto the Avenida de Gata and Avda de Ondara, going up by Angèl Domenech (Los Jurados) by the Antoni Llido school and then up to Dénia via La Plana. Anyone wanting to see a bit more excitement might like to go to Ondara town centre where the intermediate sprint will take place between 1.30 and 1.45. Security will be tight at both localities. The race then hits the mountains and the cols of Rates, Guadalest, and Tudons.
For more details see theVuelta de España website which includes a map.

Volunteer divers clean up the sea floor

September 1st
Sixteen volunteers from the Club Nautico and the Pelican Dive Club met yesterday on a three hour campaign to to clean up the sea floor of Javea bay and raise awareness about the need to maintain a clean coastline. Before they had hardly started they had picked up bottles, cans, sunglasses, nets and a towel. This annual cleanup checks out popular mooring places such as Cala Sardinera and Cala Tango. From Las Provincias: 16 voluntarios.....

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