Sewerage project an Idea

On Tuesday June 30th Xàbia Town Hall Financial Controller, Alberto Rochas, backed by the technician for Services, Jaume Roqueta addressed an Agenda21 special forum in the Casa de Cultrura.

The aim of the meeting was to explain the proposed project for a municipal wide sewerage system and allow members of the public to raise their doubts.
The main points to arise from the meeting were:

  • At this stage the project is not much more than an idea.
  • At this stage they wanted to obtain public opinion and not repeat past mistakes (as had happened with the underground car parks)
  • A European directive meant that sooner or later there would have to be a sewerage system, but any project would not be likely to begin within 5 years. They did not know what the consequenmces of non-compliance would be.
  • Because of Xàbia's hilly terrain, dispersed housing and patchwork of existing sewerage pipes and septic tanks, an integrated network would be technically tricky and no-one knew of another similar municipality which could be used as a reference.
  • Even accurately costing the project would be difficult, but it would be in the region of "more than 70 million"
  • It would be necessary to obtain grant funding for at least 50% of this, otherwise the cost to households would be too burdensome. The Town hall would approach regional and national sources of grant funding. The Mayor asserted that they would only proceed if this funding were available.
  • How the households would pay their share also needed to be ascertained
  • The Federation of Residents noted that the EU directive allowed for dispersed sewerage treatment through alternative means, if connection to a mains sewer proved too expensive. Quote: "Where the establishment of a collecting system is not justified either because it would produce no environmental benefit or because it would involve excessive cost, individual systems or other appropriate systems which achieve the same level of environmental protection shall be used."
  • The Federation of residents also recommended that an international consulting enginnering firm should be invited to do a feasibility study and make recommendations.

For an overview of this issue see: Xabia Sewerage

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