Shop windows in empty commercial premises


Javea designers create false shop windows in empty commercial units in the Old Town

This is the start of a pioneering project to stimulate the opening of new business in the area

Javea. Thursday, 14 December 2011.

The Business Association of Xàbia Histórica has joined forces with the town Hall's Department of Economic Development to launch an innovative campaign to attract prospective investors who might want to open their business in the empty shop units in the Old Town. The first phase of this project is to decorate the ground floor windows of a dozen premises available for rent, with the aid of local design and interior decoration businesses such as Albi Mobles, Botella Oficinas, Anja Hoffman Project Management & Interiors, David Segarra,Bertomeu Grau Interiorismo Textil, Odone Interiorismo, Ice Blue Interiorismo, Tarraula Interiorismo y Decoración, Interiors, Elena &Co, Jaume Pastor, Tintorera and Jessica Bataille - The Lifestyle Company. Although some have already been completed, these fake shop windows will be displayed from Monday 19th December in the hope that they will provide an added attraction for Christmas in the Old Town, whilst also promoting the work of a number of local designers. This pioneer idea ultimately hopes to reduce the negative impact of the empty premises be and attract potential businesses to invest in Javea.
Pedro Almendros, technical advisor to the project, said that the project would continue throughout 2012 as the association populates a database with all the available information on the commercial properties, such as price and other details of the unit, and these details would soon be available online through a specially-commissioned website.

The project will also employ a specialist who will be devoted to negotiating with companies interested in franchising, as well as businesses looking for investment gaps to consider Javea as a possible investment location. This project has analysed the existing range of shops to identify weaknesses and ensure that new businesses complement the existing ones.

Juan Luis Cardona, Councillor for Economic Development in Javea, said that he was impressed by this project, which he considered to be, "very innovation and unique and which could improve the commercial potential of Xàbia Histórica." He also highlighted the wonderful collaboration between the Town Hall, the business association, the local designers and the owners of the empty commercial units who have all made it possible to carry on with the initiative. He added that the project is only the beginning of a Town Hall campaign to stimulate businesses growth in the town centre. For his part, commercial advisor Carlos Jover has already predicted that he will be stepping up the consultations to business people through the offices of Economic Development and the Portal del Clot one-stop shop.

Sisco Valles, representing the business association, has invited all the residents of Javea to enjoy the activities that his members have laid on for the festive period and to admire the stunning window displays that have been installed in otherwise empty commercial units.

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