Solar Thermal Power Plants

March 10th 2009

(Source: Datamonitor) trackingGrupo Ibereolica has signed an agreement with Inveravante, which has taken a 50% stake in two solar photovoltaic project companies from Grupo Ibereolica for the construction and operation of two concentrating solar power plants in Seville and Badajoz cities of Spain.

The plants which will commence construction immediately and cost around E600 million have all permits and authorizations, utilize the parabolic trough technology and produce 50MW of electricity each.

Both the plants are also prepared for future upgrading to salt storage and biomass hybridization in order to increase production significantly during the night. Additionally, the agreement contemplates for Inveravante to replicate the same mechanism on two additional plants.

The company has said that the plants also provide an important creation of employment in normally depressed areas creating value where it is needed, employing at least 1,000 workers during construction, and 50 during operation.

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