State investment Projects

December 29th 2008
and January 9th 2009

The image below shows the list of infrastructure projects submitted for funding by the National Government as part of the Spanish economic stimulus package. One fifth of the money goes to the Arenal. The projects are expected to create 174 job positions over 2009. Contracts will be awarded by a tendering committee. The proposal for a nursery school in the Port was removed from the list as this is considered to be the responsibility of the Generalitat. The money was instead redirected to the redevelopment of the Plaza Guillermo Pons and the area of Coma and carrer Calvari.

The list of projects also includes the creation of a public park in Avenida de Palmela a new Green recycling point in the Pla area and forestry projects in protected areas.

The projects also include the relocation of a little know 19th Century riurau de Arnauda, which is currently located in a proposed building site in Avenida Juan Carlos I. This will be restored and moved to the Parque de Pinosol.

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This list was approved by the Town Council on December 22nd 2008.
alumbrado= lighting
glorieta = roundabout
reurbanizacion = redevelopment

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